Informational Guide

Types Of Fishing Explained

There are many different types of fishing that you can choose to use that will make fishing a lot of fun along the way. Find out more in this guide!

by Andrew

Informational Guide

Types Of Fishing Explained

There are many different types of fishing that you can choose to use that will make fishing a lot of fun along the way. Find out more in this guide!

by Andrew

by Andrew

Fishing is a national pastime. Many adults look back fondly on their youth when they went with a beloved family member on the weekends, and many still use this as a way to relax and calm down when life gets stressful. Fishing allows for time with nature, opens up a world of travel, and is a great way to make memories with those you are closest to.  

There are different types of fishing that you can choose to use that will make fishing a lot of fun along the way. Some are best suited for beginners, while others are better for those with more experience. When you are ready to go on a big fishing trip and learn about the different types of fishing, take a closer look at some of this great guide below! 

Fishing is one of the best pastimes that people in America can enjoy for a variety of reasons. First, anyone can do it. If you have never gone out fishing, just borrow a rod or reel from a friend and find a local lake nearby. You may not be able to catch the biggest fish ever, but you can still enjoy the fun of fishing with this simple setup. There are also many great ways for professional anglers to get out there and have fun too.  

Fishing is great for all ages. Whether you are a child going out for the first time or an adult who needs some time to relax in the peace and quiet, fishing can fit all groups. Even the elderly will get a smile on the lake when surrounded by others enjoying this too. 

Fishing is also inexpensive. While there are some more expensive rods and reels available, and you can spend a small fortune on all the fishing accessories, this is not a requirement. For a few dollars, you can get everything you need to enjoy a fun time fishing, alone or with others.  

Different Types Of Fishing (Methods & Techniques Explained)

Different Types Of Fishing – Explained & Compared 

There are many types of fishing that you can choose to try out, making fishing even more enjoyable than before. Some of the most common types of fishing that you can use include: 

1. Angling 

This is fishing with a hook, also known as an angle, line, and rod. The angler will need to add bait on the hook, and then there may be a sinker hooked on to add some weight. This is the traditional method of fishing that most people will consider when they go out to the lake.  


2. Bait Fishing 

This can be called still fishing too. It is the most basic type and is often done by the shore. You will just need to find your local fishing spot and call it good. This is a great method to help catch perch, bluegills, bass, carp, and catfish. Worms are a common type of bait, but crayfish and maggots are good for this too.  

Bait Fishing

3. Trolling 

For those who have a boat, trolling can be a good way to catch fish. Rather than taking the time to cast a line, you will draw that fishing line behind the boat in the hopes that the fish will take the bait. This is often done with a motorboat, though a rowboat will do the work here too.  


4. Fly Fishing 

This type of fishing is going to be more specialized but can still be a lot of fun. It will ask the angler to use some artificial flies as the lures and a special fly rod to get things going. These will be hand-made in most situations and there are different types of shapes that you can use.  

Fly Fishing

5. Bottom Fishing 

This will try to catch all of the big fish that are hiding at the bottom of the lake or the river. The angler will add a heavy weight to the rod and have it sink to the bottom. This works from land or by boat, and it will help you catch a certain type of fish that is on the bottom of the water.  

Bottom Fishing

6. Ice fishing 

If you want to continue fishing, even in the cold, then ice fishing is one of the best options to choose. This type of fishing will include a hole in the ice while the water is frozen. Fish are still active under the ice, and there are fewer people out, so you may have a chance to catch some of the big fish you would like.  

Ice Fishing

7. Trapping

This is a type of fishing that will be done with traps. Basket fish traps can be woven with branches, or you can pick out special types of material to help get this done. You can pick out the size of the trap and then choose the right location to place it to make sure you get the best fish for the occasion.  


8. Electrofishing 

This is often the method used by fisheries scientists. This allows them to get a fish to do some research before returning it to the water. Electricity will be used to stun the fish, check out the fish population in that area, and then the fish back into the water, without it getting harmed in the process.  


9. Kite Fishing 

This unique way of fishing could make the whole adventure a little more fun. It will utilize kites to carry your line and its fishhook to the places that are harder to reach for fishing. It is still practiced in many parts of the world and can be a lot of fun to do with the family just to try it out.  

Kite Fishing

10. Spearfishing 

This type of fishing will eliminate the rod and reel and instead use ordinary spears to help get the fish. Other options like tridents, harpoons, spearguns, and arrows are common to use with this as well and can take you back to the days of old while you catch a fish.  


11. Netting 

This method of fishing is going to work with nets to catch the fish. There are different types of nets based on the type of fish that you would like to use. For example, a throw net is just a small and round net that has some weights on the edges. A gillnet is going to be placed vertically in the water and will catch fish when they pass on through. A trawl net is a large and conical net dragged behind a ship.  


12. Noodling 

This is a unique type of fishing found in the south that utilizes the hands. Those who noodle will catch a catfish by sticking their hands right into the hole where the fish lives. It can be a little strange, but a lot of fun for those who try it out, and you may want to wear some protective gear to stay safe while participating.  


Why Should You Go Fishing? 

To some, fishing may seem like a strange way to spend the day, but there are so many benefits to utilizing this as a way to stay busy and enjoy life. To start, fishing allows you to contribute to conservation. By purchasing the right licenses, paying taxes, and getting all the supplies, anglers are funding many of the conservation and wildlife programs that are in the country, allowing everyone to have something to enjoy.  

For some anglers, fishing is a way to destress. Spending time in nature is always a great way to relieve stress, and nothing can do that quite like spending time near the water. If you can turn off the phone and just enjoy the peace, your stress levels will instantly go down.  

Sharing a fishing experience with someone else can help with social bonding. This is why many parents and grandparents will take young kids out fishing early on. Every kid can enjoy catching a big fish and has lots of fond memories of helping their parents reel in the big one.  

Most people will decide to go fishing as a form of recreation, but some will also choose to fish for food. Wild fish are so much better than what you can get at the store and can be good for your heart. Whether you fish for a constant meal or just eat a few fish you catch when you have time, fishing can be great for food or fun.  

Each person will have their own reason for going out fishing, and often it is a combination of the reasons above that will determine why someone will like this sport so much. The peaceful atmosphere, the fun, the thrill of catching fish, and the time spent with family just can't be beaten.  

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Common Fishing type Questions

What is the best type of fishing technique for beginners? 

Spinning reels are often the best for a beginner to use because they are easier and budget-friendly. The beginner will be able to try out a few of the different casting techniques to get this done, but a closed spinning reel will often make this a little bit easier for a beginner.  

Where is fishing the most popular in the United States? 

AnswerIf you are looking for one of the best spots to fish in the United States, the Florida Keys is a good option. This spot is known as Fisherman's Paradise because it has a lot of fish varieties to choose from. These include snook, redfish, and bonefish, which are hard to find in other parts of the country.  

Where are the best shore fishing spots in the USA? 

Florida and Texas have some of the best inshore fishing in the United States. Both the Florida Keys and Miami, Florida, will provide a good spot for this type of fishing. Galveston, TX is the first spot you should stop in the Lone Star state if you would like to get some good fish to eat for supper.  

Which state is the worst for fishing? 

Many people agree that Illinois is the worst state when it comes to fishing. There may be many areas where you are able to fish and several species that show up there, but fishing is harder there. 


Fishing is a great way to spend a day, whether you go alone, with some friends, or with your family. There are so many techniques to use and varieties of fish to call your own. Many like to go to a local spot to spend their day fishing and enjoying all the beauty that nature has to offer, while others are ready to go on an adventure and see the world while fishing.

No matter which method you like the most, fishing is a great way to spend your time.