Informational Guide

Types Of Fishing Nets Explained

Our guide is here to help you understand the different types of fishing nets so you know when you will need each one.

by Andrew

Informational Guide

Types Of Fishing Nets Explained

Our guide is here to help you understand the different types of fishing nets so you know when you will need each one.

by Andrew

by Andrew

A fishing net is one of the best options that you can use to enhance some of your fishing. There are several types of nets to choose from based on the size and type of fish you would like to catch, the right material, and where you plan to go fishing. Understanding the different types of fishing nets will help you make the right decision when it is time to go out and fish.  

With all of the different types of fishing nets available, beginner anglers may be a little confused by what will work the best for them. Our guide is here to help you understand the different fishing nets so you know when you will need each one.  

Many anglers will go out to the water and just use their fishing reel or fishing rod to catch the big fish they would like. They never think about bringing along a fishing net, and for beginners, it may not be necessary to have a fishing net at all. But when you want to have some assistance in bringing in that big fish without touching it and ruining some of the protective coating on the fish, a net can be a good thing to bring along.  

Your fishing reel will do most of the work of bringing the fish in and helping you pull that fish up from the waters. But if you are looking to get a big fish and you want to pull it in for that final little bit, then a fishing net will help. Picking the right net will make this easier.  

Different Types Of Fishing Nets (Named & Explained)

5 Different Types Of Fishing Nets Explained 

Anglers will be able to choose from several different types of fishing nets based on what will work the best for them. It may depend on the amount they want to spend, where they plan to fish, and the type of fish they would like to catch. Some of the most common types of fishing nets that you can choose includes: 

1. Cast Net 

This is a traditional net that one person can operate. It is effective at catching many fish that are medium or small. This net is round in shape and will have a weight attached to all the edges so that it can sink down and trap the fish. You will not want to use this to catch a big fish because they will rip right through it. It takes a bit of time to learn how to cast this type of net, but once you get the hang of it, you will find this is a fun way to catch a lot of fish at once.  

Cast Net

2. Coracle Net 

Coracle nets are going to be a small fishing boat net that you can use. If you plan to go fishing from a small boat, this is the net you should use. It is possible for one or two anglers to use this net, and this one works the best for big fish. They also work for catching fish that you want in smaller rivers as well. This one can be used from the shore too, but is more common for those who are going to do the fishing from the boat.  

Coracle Net

3. Bottom Trawling Net 

This is a type of net that will be dragged along the seafloor to catch the fish that are at the bottom. You will need to have a powerful boat to drag this behind you. These nets will catch a lot of waste from the ground, so you will need to take more time cleaning out the net to get the fish. This is an effective way to catch the big fish that you want.  

Bottom Trawling Net

4. Hand Net 

Anglers can also choose to work with a hand net. These are often known as dip nets, too, and will include a big mesh basket net that will then hang from the hoop. These are the nets that will be used in small ponds and rivers and should not be placed in deep water or in the ocean because they will not be strong enough to handle that. They work the best for some small fish instead.  

Hand Net

5. Landing Net 

Enter your The landing net is another option to use, and it works as a manual net. These are going to be a little smaller in size, and an angler will use it to catch fish from the hook of their reel over to the bucket. These landing nets are commonly used for transferring either small or medium fish and are small enough to allow just one person to use the net on their own. 

Landing Net

How To Determine Which Type Of Net To Use 

An angler will have to take some time to figure out the type of net that will work the best for them. Each net has benefits, but it does depend on the type of fishing you would like to get done. Some of the things to consider when choosing the right fishing net include: 

  • Fishing Net Material 
    The angler will need to consider the type of material the fishing net is made out of. For little fish, the netting is not as important because you do not need as much strength. However, if you would like to have a lot of power to get the big fish, you really need to pay attention to the material and see what will fit the best.  
  • Fishing Net Storage Capacity 
    Consider how big the fish will be that you plan to catch. If the fish is going to be small, then a smaller net is plenty to get the fish you want. If you plan to go out and get the really big fish, though, you will need to make sure the storage capacity of the net is much larger.  
  • Fishing Net Length 
    The length of the fishing net will matter if you plan to use it from a boat. You need the netting to be long enough to catch the fish from the bottom of the water. Consider the depth you wish to reach and then find the netting that will fit there. If you plan to fish from the shore, you may be fine with a shorter net.  
  • Whether Boats Are Available 
    It does not make sense to get a boating net if you will need to fish from the shore. Consider where you plan to catch the fish and use this as your guide to picking out the net. If boats are available for you to use, you can consider those types of nets, but if you are stuck on the shore, you will need to utilize ones that help you catch the fish from there.  

Other Fishing Net Accessories To Consider

A fishing rod and reel along with a good net will be an excellent option to help you get started with all of your fishing adventures. However, there are a few other fishing accessories that you will need to consider when it is time to get some of your fishing done. A few other great fishing accessories to consider include: 

  • Anchors 
    If you would like to keep your net in one place for fish to float on in, then you will need to put an anchor onto it. You will need to choose the right size for the anchor based on the net size and how much weight you would need to hold down.  
  • Buoys 
    Some anglers will leave a net in different places and float between them, checking over time to see whether there are any fish inside. It is hard to know where you leave your net if you do not have it in your hands. These Buoys will be like an anchored float that will show you where your net is so you can find it later.  
  • Buoy Ropes 
    The buoy ropes will help you hold onto the net and still see where it is supposed to go. You can use these to pull the net in when you want to get the net back. This makes it easier to get your nets back.  
  • Plastic Bins for Storage 
    It is a good idea to have some plan for how to store the net. If you do not, the net will get ruined and can rip and tear. A plastic storage bin will help keep the nets organized and safe. You can have a different storage bin for each of the nets you have, making it easier to grab the one you need and ensuring they don't get tangled together.  
  • Anchor Sets 
    For anglers who have more than one type of net, it may be a good idea to have an anchor set. This helps you choose the right anchor you need when putting the net out. You can avoid rips and tears by using an anchor that is too strong because you get a chance to use the one that will fit your net the best.  
  • Needles 
    These are important for anyone who wants to work on the netting for their fish net. They come in a variety of sizes and can be used on different sizes of netting. These needles are flat and will hold onto a lot of twine to make sure that you can hold everything that you need. 
  • Twine 
    It is usually a good idea to keep a little twine on hand in case the net gets broken. This will help you to keep the net in good shape so you do not need to stop fishing just to take the net in.  
fishing net with tackle box

Frequently Asked Fishing Net Questions

Are rubber nets better for fish? 

Rubber nets can be good for fishing and may reduce harm to fish. Unlike some of the nylon nets that will have notes, the rubber net will not remove the protective slime or scales of the fish, which can be best if you plan to catch and then release the fish back later.  

Which netting yarn is commonly used in fishing? 

The net you use will factor into the netting yarn you will find. The three most common types are twisted netting yarn, braided netting yarn, and knotless netting yarn. You will need to determine the type of net and how you plan to use it to pick out the right type of yarn here.  

How are fishing nets measured? 

The netting that you want to use will be measured in different ways. The most common options are size, stretch, bar, or square. You will need to look at which measurement is being used before you purchase a product to ensure that you get the one you want.  

How long do fishing nets last? 

This will depend on how well you take care of the net. With a high-quality net, you can expect to use this for five to ten years without having to get a new one. For less expensive nets that are just for the weekend, or if you leave the net out in the elements all the time, you may need to replace it yearly.  

How much do fishing nets usually cost? 

Anglers can choose the fishing net they want to use, which can vary the cost quite a bit. If they choose a net just to use once or twice, it is possible to find one that will just cost under $20. However, if you want a high-quality net that will last a long time, some nets cost upwards of $200.  

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Adding a net to your fishing accessories is one of the best ways to make sure you can catch some of the fish that you need. This will ensure that you are able to get fish and catch and release them if you choose. With the right net along for the ride, you will have an even better time on the lake or at the ocean with a fun day of fishing ahead.