10 Best Rapala Fillet Knives Reviewed

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We all know the fact it’s the Rapala brand of knives that introduced an entirely new chapter for the world of filleting. These popular knives are renowned for their razor-sharp edges, premium steel, and full-tang design.

You know, when it comes to filleting, you want to make sure that every part of your catch ends up on the plate. If you invest in a poor quality knife, chances are that you’ll end up losing most of the catch. Don’t let that happen. In the following few paragraphs we are going to talk about the 10 most sought-after Rapala knives on the markets currently. Remember, these knives come with different key features.

  • Some are manual others are electric knives
  • Differences in the size of blades also exist
  • The types of handles used also differ on different knives

With all those features at play, it’s important that you get up to speed with a buying guide. So, besides reviewing the top knives, we’ll also expose you to some of the top, key factors to consider.

Rapala Fillet Knife Comparison Table

First things first, we provide you with a detailed comparison sheet showcasing different kinds of Rapala knives. We particularly highlight the ones we think are our ultimate favorites.






Check Price


Rapala6 Soft Grip Fillet / Single Stage Sharpener...

Rapala6 Soft Grip


3.2 ounces


Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala Heavy Duty Electric

7.5 inches

28.48 ounces


Rapala Fish n Fillet Superflex Knife

Rapala Fish n Fillet Superflex

6 inches

2.4 ounces


Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife

Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless

7 inches

28.8 ounces


Rapala NK03039-BRK Fish N Fillet

Rapala NK03039-BRK

7-1/2 inches

4.8 ounces


RapalaPresentation Fillet Gray Laminate Handle 6

RapalaPresentation Fillet Gray

6 inches

6.4 ounces


Rapala EZ Glide Fillet 7 Inch

Rapala EZ Glide

7 inch

3.2 ounces


Rapala Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala Electric

7 1/2 inches

24 ounces


Rapala 4-Inch Bait Knife

Rapala 4-Inch


4 ounces


Rapala Deluxe Falcon Fillt 4 w/shrpnr

Rapala Deluxe Falcon

4 inches

1.6 ounces

10 Best Rapala Fillet Knives ​Reviewed

1. Rapala4 Soft Grip

On Sale
Rapala6 Soft Grip Fillet / Single Stage Sharpener...
165 Reviews
Rapala6 Soft Grip Fillet / Single Stage Sharpener...
  • This Soft Grip Fillet Knife is equipped with...
  • soft-grip molded textured handle
  • giving you maximum control and comfort while...
  • Includes a black sheath that easily fits on...

The reason why we particularly love this filleting knife is that it is equipped with a flexible stainless steel blade. This comes alongside a firm-grip handle complete with a non-slip tang. The handle is particularly our favorite feature here.

It is a soft-grip handle complete with a molded textured handle. This, in our view, is such an important feature as it gives you absolute control over the filleting process. And if you like to travel frequently, the fact that it comes with a sheath makes it a wonderful companion. You simply need to stash it in the sheath that’s provided and fit it anywhere including on your belt. 

What’s more? The unit also comes with a single-stage sharpener. This can come in handy especially when you need to have the best fillet knife extra-sharp even when you’re on the move. Remember, sharpness is quite important for peak performance.

  • Soft grip handle
  • Comes with a tang for extra safety
  • Flexible blade for peak performance
  • Easy-to-carry thanks to its sheath
  • Its bolster isn’t sealed around the blade

2. The Rapala Electric Heavy Duty

On Sale
Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife
376 Reviews
Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife
  • Made of highest quality material
  • Manufacturer: Rapala
  • Rapala heavy duty electric Fillet knife
  • Heavy Duty Motor

Fish filleting may seem like an easy thing to do until you consider the fact that it’s a manual process. If you have a huge workload, you can easily get fatigued if you go the manual way. Luckily, the awesome guys from Rapala have a solution for that.

This is not your ordinary electric filleting knife – it’s a heavy-duty system. It is powered by a heavy-duty motor and comes complete with a 7 ½ inch reciprocating blades. That alone gives it up to 3 times the power of a typical electric fillet knife.

What’s more? Its blade is dishwasher safe. But still with the blade, we’d like to note that we find it quite thick and cumbersome to hold onto.

  • Heavy-duty handle used
  • Sharp and flexible blade
  • Powered by a reliable motor
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Its handle is quite thick and cumbersome to hold for long
  • Its reciprocating blades need to be reattached frequently

3. Rapala Fish n Fillet Highly Flexible

Rapala Fish n Fillet Superflex Knife
256 Reviews
Rapala Fish n Fillet Superflex Knife
  • Incredible extra thin blade allows the...
  • PTFE non-stick coating lets fillets...
  • Razor-sharp handground stainless steel blade...
  • Polished brass ferrule.

If you’re after an affordable Rapala knife, this might just be the best option to settle for. We particularly like the fact that it comes with an ultra-thin and amazingly flexible blade. The blade easily slices through fish ensuring that all the flesh comes out evenly.

Another awesome feature of the knife is that it has a non-stick coating. This ensures that the blade easily penetrates the fish even after a long day of use. And the best part is that there are three blade varieties namely the 4-inch, 6-inch, and 7 ½ inch varieties. So, depending on the kind of fish that you’re targeting, you can always go for a blade that’s as long or as short as you desire.

Another awesome add-on with this seemingly perfect knife is the tooled leather sheath. It’s a long-lasting and durable sheath that’s also meant to add onto the safety of this knife. Small qualms with the, otherwise, perfect knife would be that its handle isn’t as soft. Its tang isn’t as well-made and, therefore, you have to be extra keen when filleting at fast speeds.

  • Ultra-thin blade for added flexibility
  • Non-stick coating for extra efficiency
  • Razor-sharp blade
  • Comes with a high-quality leather sheath
  • Request frequent sharpening yet doesn’t come with a sharpener

4. Rapala Battery-Powered​

Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife
349 Reviews
Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife
  • Ready to match up with any filleting task,...
  • Lithium Ion batteries provide a consistent...
  • Fast change time, a full 80 minute runtime...
  • Low "memory" effect increases the number of...

The good thing with battery power as opposed to direct electric power from the plug is that it can be used even in remote places. Corded fillet knives can only be used within meters of the wall plug and that can be quite limiting.

Luckily, Rapala have this game-changer. It has quite powerful a batter that can operate non-stop for 80 minutes. This battery is also strong enough to guarantee you of consistent speed and power. What’s more? Even as the battery is getting depleted, you won’t notice any reduction in performance.

The best part is that the system recharges quite fast. For a run-time of 80 minutes, you need a paltry 2 hours for a full recharge. We really like the fact that this battery has a low memory effect which also means that it lasts long even when used for a couple of years.

  • Keeps charge for long
  • Easier to use than manual knives
  • Can be used even in remote places
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Its handle is large and significantly heavier than average

5. Rapala Fish n Fillet NK03039-BRK

On Sale
Rapala NK03039-BRK Fish N Fillet
257 Reviews
Rapala NK03039-BRK Fish N Fillet
  • Each Fish 'n Fillet features a full-tang...
  • The genuine leather sheath and single-stage...
  • making it the "go-to" fillet knife in the...

Longing for a Swedish stainless steel blade with just enough power to do the heavy lifting for you? Then this is the kind of knife you need to invest in. Besides the awesome blade, you also get a well-thought-out birch varnished handle. On top of that, you get to access a genuine leather sheath which is meant to provide comfort and guarantees safekeeping of the knife.

Another awesome add-on that comes with this unit is a single-stage sharpener. This seals the deal especially since it’s important to keep the blade as sharp as possible. Considering all the features it comes with, this is probably the best filleting knife under 30. We find it quite affordable and feature-packed. That said, we really don’t like its handle. It feels slippery after several rounds of use. Also, the fact that it’s wooden makes it susceptible to retaining some fish odor in the long-run.

  • Great Swedish stainless steel blade
  • Leather sheath and single-stage sharpener provided
  • We like its extra-sharp edge
  • Its birch handle doesn’t seem tough and grippy

6. Rapala PTFE Coated Presentation

RapalaPresentation Fillet Gray Laminate Handle 6
48 Reviews
RapalaPresentation Fillet Gray Laminate Handle 6
  • Updated Nordic design creates a modern...
  • Grey laminated handle features a polished...
  • Grey laminated handle has a PTFE coated...
  • Progressive tapered blade for concentrated...

Rapala has clearly set its sights on the quality-conscious markets with the entry of such knives. Right off the bat, this knife stands out with its varnished birch handle. The handle is laminated for longevity.

What’s more? You get a hand-ground European stainless steel blade which besides being sharp is also quite flexible. On top of that, this blade is coated with PTFE and this makes it easy to use at all times.

The highlight of the entire set is its sheath. This is a leather sheath that’s designed to provide you with the safety and protection needed for long-term use and convenience. As far as safety and convenience are concerned, you also get what’s known as a through-tang construction. Its job, besides safety, is to add noticeable leverage to the cutting.

Unfortunately, the blade is only available in one size variant and that is 6-inch. This is shorter than the average 7 ½ inch length which we have come to associate with most tasks. That said, for most basic filleting tasks, this 6-inch long blade should be able to get the job done.

  • Great blade construction
  • The blade is made of birch and laminated
  • Through tang construction makes it even friendlier to use
  • Protected by a leather tooled sheath
  • The flexible is too flexible and may not work for anyone looking for a fairly stiff one
  • The snap closure of its sheath easily pulls out

7. Rapala EZ

Rapala EZ Glide Fillet 7 Inch
25 Reviews
Rapala EZ Glide Fillet 7 Inch
  • Non-stick PTFE treated blade.
  • Scalloped Edge
  • Easy-clean open sheath.

If you’re really on a tight budget and looking for a knife that’s just enough to get the job done, the EZ glide would just be the ideal one. It comes with a scalloped edge for enhanced user experience. On top of that, the Rapala features a non-stick PTFE treated blade. It’s not only durable and flexible but also quite easy to slice through.

For added convenience and even safety, this knife comes with an easy-to-clean open sheath. As if that’s not enough, its handle is textured thermoplastic. This makes it relatively easy to handle and also prevents it from absorbing odor over time.

  • Its scalloped blade slices through different types of fish with ease
  • Comes with an easy-to-clean sheath
  • Its handle has a good grip
  • Its non-stick PTFE blade is durable and powerful
  • The blade isn’t as flexible as the one found on top-grade knives
  • Feels cheap

8. Rapala 7 ½ Inch

Rapala Electric Fillet Knife
32 Reviews
Rapala Electric Fillet Knife
  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Built for performance and durability
  • Made in China
  • Includes Fillet Fork

If the Rapala Electric Fillet Knife – Heavy Duty is not your type and you’re hellbent on working with an electric knife, you should try this one. Besides being crafted from high-quality materials it comes with an ample 7-foot cable along with a fillet fork.

Its stainless steel blade is relatively sharp although it could have been a bit more flexible. We generally like its relaxed grip and the fact that its blade measures 7 ½ inch which is quite generous.

  • Comes with a long power cord
  • Its pronged fillet fork comes in handy
  • Has a quiet motor
  • Has a quiet motor
  • Reasonably priced
  • The blade isn’t thin plus it’s quite stiff compared to the average, ideal fillet knife

9. Rapala 4-Inch Serrated

Rapala 4-Inch Bait Knife
92 Reviews
Rapala 4-Inch Bait Knife
  • 4" Stainless Steel Blade
  • Serrated Upper Blade
  • Molded Comfort Grip Handles Molded Comfort...
  • Finger Guard

This knife holds quite well in the marine environment. However, it is mainly designed for cutting bait which means that it’s a bit stiff. Nonetheless, if you don’t have a choice, it still can do a good job of filleting your catch.

It’s a relatively affordable knife and can handle almost anything thrown at it. Its corrosion-resistant design makes it ideal for use in different kinds of conditions. With an extremely sharp blade, you can never go wrong if you choose to have this bait knife with you at all time.

  • Has a sharp and sturdy blade
  • Its serrated edge easily saws through bait
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • Reasonably-priced multi-purpose knife
  • Not specifically made for filleting
  • Not quite flexible

10. Rapala Deluxe Falcon Fillet

On Sale
Rapala Deluxe Falcon Fillt 4 w/shrpnr
16 Reviews
Rapala Deluxe Falcon Fillt 4 w/shrpnr
  • High Strength Polymer Handle
  • Molden Resin Sheath with built in sharpener
  • Stainless Steel Blade

This is an entry-level kind of fillet knife – the type that is affordably priced and just good enough to handle basic tasks. It has a stainless steel handle which is corrosion-resistant although we wish it was a bit more flexible.

Its handle is made from polymer and has been molded to provide a good grip. Plus it has an all-round tang for extra safety. One thing we like about this kind of handle is that it doesn’t retain odor even after many weeks of use.

  • Easy-to-use contoured handle
  • Well-made finger guard for extra safety
  • Comes with a handy sheath
  • High-grade polymer handle
  • Not a lot of flex although it’s fairly usable

Buying Guide - Rapala Fillet Knives 

The task of finding the ideal fillet knife doesn’t have to be a daunting one. In general, the following are the key factors to always pay attention to.

  • Size of the Blade:
    The ideal blade size is one between 4 and 9 inches. The 7 ½ blade length is the average size.
  • Blade Material:
    The stainless steel material is the most common material as it’s durable and corrosion-resistant.
  • Flexibility:
    A knife that combines durability with flexibility is most of the time the perfect choice for filleting.
  • Handle Type:
    Comfort and grip are the two most important factors to consider. While at it, keep in mind that wooden handles tend to soak up smell unless they’re laminated.

Which One Is the Best?

Our top choice is none other than the Rapala4 Soft Grip Filleting Knife with Sheath & Single Stage Sharpener. It’s well made plus it comes with all the necessary add-ons namely a sheath and a sharpener.

The first runner’s up position belongs to The Rapala Electric Fillet Knife – Heavy Duty. It’s a heavy-duty, electric knife that’s also quite easy to use.

Final Thoughts

The best filleting knife to invest in is one that gives you total control over the entire process. It is our hope that the 10 reviews above plus the buying guide will help you arrive that that verdict. Otherwise, each one of the 10 above made it to the list through merit.