Informational Guide

How To Repaint A Fishing Rod

If you have been wondering how to repaint a fishing rod, this guide will help you get the process right the first time for great results.

by Andrew

Informational Guide

How To Repaint A Fishing Rod

If you have been wondering how to repaint a fishing rod, this guide will help you get the process right the first time for great results.

by Andrew

by Andrew

You might have a new pole that you want to repaint or an old one that needs a little attention to get back to its former condition. Painting a fishing pole is not that hard, and you will find that you can undertake this process on your own with ease. 

If you have been wondering how to repaint a fishing rod, this guide will help you get the process right the first time. You will be glad that you took the time to learn to do this since you will get many more years out of all of your fishing poles once you know the process. 

There are some simple products that you will need for this repainting process. Make sure that you have them all on hand before you start working on the project. 

  • Primer
    Primer is needed for any paint that is not a 2-in-1. You can easily look this up when you buy your paint, and you can get your primer at the same place as your paint.
  • Paint
    You can choose from a few types of paint for this kind of job. You will want to think about what you are most comfortable with before you buy. You can pick from a DupliColor paint which will dry quite fast and is like a lacquer, or you might want to use automotive paint. You will get more paint color selection in the automotive paint section, but you will have to verify whether or not you need a primer for these paints.
  • Scuff Pad
    Your scuff pad will be used to clean existing primers and paint off the rod before you paint. You will want to be sure to smooth the surface that you will be painting, so that paint flakes and other debris will not mar the new paint.
  • Clear Topcoat
    Topcoat is used to protect the paint once it has been applied, and you will want to consider getting a fast-drying topcoat for this need.
  • Paint Strippers
    A paint stripper can be needed if you are working on a new rod that you are removing paint from or if there are still lingering layers of paint on your old rod. Be careful to use these strippers per the directions so that you do not spill or get the stripper on other surfaces.
  • Additional Items
    You will probably want a paint mask, and you might want to wear gloves. You will probably also need a block or brick for your rod to lean against as it dries. Many people use newspapers to protect the surface they are painting on, but you could get a drop cloth as well.
How To Repaint A Fishing Rod (Revive Your Old Pole)

How to Repaint a Fishing Rod (Step-By-Step Guide) 

Following these steps will make sure that you get the best final product for your needs. Make sure not to skip steps along the way, or you might not like how the finished product looks. Sealing and prepping paint properly makes a big difference in the durability of the paint. 

1. Sand the Rod Down 

Make sure that you use the scuff pad to remove all coatings and paint that is left on the rod. When working with a new rod that you are repainting, you will have to scrub a lot more to prepare for the rest of the process. 

2. Wipe Down

Wipe off the dust and other debris with a soft rag. You will want to make sure there is no primer dust in the way of the paint, or it will not stick. 

3. Use the Primer

You will now prime the rod if you choose a paint that does not have a built-in primer. You will spray this on lightly, and you might need to apply 2-3 coats. 

4. Sanding

You will not sand the primer smooth. Make sure to remove all the dust again when you are done, just as you did in step 1. 

5. Paint

You will now apply your paint in even layers that you allow to dry for at least 20 minutes in between in each coat. You will need to be careful to wear your painter’s mask when doing this, particularly if you are using a spray application paint or lacquer. 

6. Clear Coat

The final step is to add a clear coat. This is usually applied with a spray application method. No matter which way you apply this layer to the paint, be sure to move quickly before it dries and look out for streaks and blemishes. 

fishing rod repainted

Fishing Rod Paint Options Explored 

There are some basic choices that you can pick between for your paint. You will want to consider whether these options include a primer or not. 

Automotive Paint 

You can get many colors of automotive paint, and these paints are very durable. You might find that these paints will not include a primer which means that you will want to also get the right primer for your needs. You will get a really nice, glossy finish with this kind of paint. 

Krylon Paints 

These are versatile paints that are considered to be household paints. You can get them at household goods stores or online. Most of these paints are applied without sanding or priming, but they can take a very long time to dry between coats. 

Aerosol or DupliColor Paint 

These paints are easy to apply and come in many colors. You will also be able to use this kind of paint as a primer if you cannot find a primer for your other paint layer. 

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Painting A Fishing Rod FAQs

What are the benefits of painting a fishing rod? 

You will want to be sure that your fishing rod is painted to keep it from being damaged or rusting when exposed to moisture. Your fishing rod will last much longer when it is protected by a quality layer of paint. 

How long do paints last on fishing rods? 

If you are careful with the way that you store your fishing rod, you should get many years out of your paint job. Storing your fishing rod where it can rub against other items will reduce the life of your paint job greatly. 

How much does it cost to paint a fishing rod? 

Fishing rod paint is not that expensive, and if you pick one of the primer-included paints, you might not even have to do any prep work before painting. You will find that most paint jobs will be less than $40 in total. 


If you were worried about repainting a fishing rod, thinking that you could not take care of this process on your own, you should be reassured by now. Anyone can repaint their fishing rod to help it last for years to come! Taking care of your fishing rod is easy with this guide!