Informational Guide

How To Prevent Sea Sickness While Fishing

Nobody wants to get ill out on the water. Discover how to stay upright and sick-free on your next fishing trip.

by Andrew

Informational Guide

How To Prevent Sea Sickness While Fishing

Nobody wants to get ill out on the water. Discover how to stay upright and sick-free on your next fishing trip.

by Andrew

by Andrew

When you’re looking forward to a day out on the boat for a fun fishing adventure, the last thing you want to deal with is sea sickness. Unfortunately, it can occur at the most inconvenient moments when you want to enjoy yourself, catch as many fish as possible, and have a memorable experience.  

So, learn how to prevent sea sickness while fishing so that it doesn’t get in the way of you having a good time and doing what you love.  

Sea sickness is something that many of us experience while out at sea, whether they're on a cruise, tour boat, or charter fishing boat. Even some of the greatest fishing enthusiasts of all time experience this sickness at times, which often occurs due to the impact the motion has on the inner ear. 

It’s the reason why rough waters often make this sickness, a form of motion sickness, even worse. These are some of the symptoms that can occur in those who experience motion sickness while out at sea. 

  • Dizziness
    Perhaps one of the most common symptoms of sea sickness, people often tend to feel dizzy and lightheaded while out on the water. It can come in waves and progressively get worse, making it difficult to concentrate or enjoy themselves while they’re trying to enjoy themselves.
  • Nausea
    As the motion sickness gets worse, which can happen after spending an extended period on the boat, nausea may develop. It’s not uncommon for people to feel the urge to vomit, even if they don’t end up vomiting while they’re fishing or spending time out at sea.
  • Sweating
    While experiencing sea sickness, you may begin sweating. The sweating can come and go periodically or stick around the entire time while you’re on the boat. The sweating often occurs under the arms, around the back, and on the forehead, but you can start sweating profusely throughout your body when you’re feeling sea sick.
  • Headache
    Unfortunately, a headache can begin to develop. And, in some cases, the headache can turn into a debilitating migraine that makes it difficult to enjoy the experience of being out on the water. When you have a headache, it’s hard to have a good time with loved ones while trying to go fishing and do what you love.
  • Cold Sweats
    The cold sweats are slightly similar to regular sweats, but you may start to feel cold while your body continues to sweat. If this happens, you may feel like you need to bundle up or wear a blanket despite all the sweating your body is doing.
  • Vomiting
    With constant nausea from being out on the boat comes vomiting. When the sea sickness gets to a certain point, it's not uncommon to start vomiting. You may have trouble holding anything down, even water, while trying to keep yourself hydrated on the boat.

How To Prevent Seasickness While Fishing 

If you want to know how to prevent sea sickness while deep sea fishing, you’re in the right place. While it’s a problem that many people experience, there are ways to combat the symptoms that occur, including the vomiting, dizziness, and headaches that often develop. If you want to control the severity of the problem, start by making sure you’re hydrated with plenty of water available to you throughout your time on the boat.  

In addition to drinking water to keep yourself hydrated, take Dramamine, an anti-nausea medication that helps people with motion sickness and sea sickness. When taking the medication, you can expect the symptoms of seasickness to go away at such rapid speed. These techniques work well while offshore or deep sea fishing, whichever you prefer to do. 

Some people also like to bring ginger ale with them. Ginger has stomach-soothing properties that make it great to drink while you're on a boat, especially when you want to keep your stomach calm while avoiding that feeling of nausea. 

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Motion Sickness Remedies (Be Aware!)

If you’re looking for additional remedies, you’re in luck. Learning to prevent sea sickness when on a fishing charter or cruise is important because you want to enjoy yourself. You may love being out on the water but hate the feeling of sea sickness because it makes it hard for you to have a good time. The good news is that there are many ways to remedy the situation. 

Plant Based Cures

If you’re the kind of person who likes taking a natural approach to treating different conditions, try a plant-based protein bar for help with motion sickness. In addition, you can chew on peppermint leaves and drink peppermint leaf tea to avoid symptoms, including nausea and vomiting.


Not only does eating peppermint leaves help combat vomiting and nausea, but so does smelling it. The scent of peppermint can soothe your stomach and make you feel at ease, ultimately helping you get through your time on a cruise or fishing charter without feeling sick.

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Pressure Points

Some people find relief from sea sickness by massaging their pressure points. If you’d like to give it a try, be sure to apply some pressure or gently massage the P6 acupressure point for best results. You can watch videos on how to do this to get relief from motion sickness. There are also special bracelets that help with this that you can purchase at most local big box stores. 

Over-the-Counter Medicines

Dramamine is the #1 best-selling medication for motion sickness and sea sickness. Be sure to consider trying it after buying it from the grocery store or a pharmacy. In addition, you can find motion sickness bracelets available for purchase over-the-counter that can help you with your sea sickness.

Prescription Medications

If you have a severe case of sea sickness, consider talking to your physician. You’d need to explain the situation to see if your doctor could prescribe medication to you, such as scopolamine or meclizine. Of course, before you take any prescription medication, be sure to ask your doctor about the potential side effects and the specifics, such as how often you should take it.

How Long Does Seasickness Last For? 

While seasickness is frustrating to deal with, some people experience it for longer periods than others. It can last from anywhere to a few minutes to several hours, depending on what you’re doing to try to control it.

It also depends on how much time you’re spending on the boat. If you’re on a cruise, for example, with no relief, you can experience sea sickness the entire time! 

People also Ask (FAQs)

Can you train yourself to not get seasick?  

It’s not necessarily possible to train yourself not to get sea sick, but you can take measures to avoid the symptoms, such as staying hydrated, chewing on peppermint lives, or even bringing Dramamine with you. Some people naturally tend to experience more motion sickness than others. 

How do you prevent sea sickness when on a cruise?  

Be sure to bring all the essentials with you on a cruise, including Dramamine or any prescription medication for sea sickness. In addition, it's a good idea to have motion sickness wristbands, peppermints, and any other extras that will help you keep the symptoms under control. 

Do apples help with motion sickness?  

Some people have success with eating apples to eliminate motion sickness symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting. Green apples are the best choice because they neutralize stomach acid to keep your stomach calm! 

Will a fishing charter captain have seasickness pills onboard?  

Some fishing charter captains will have these pills available. However, it depends on the situation, so it's best to bring your own. You wouldn't want to assume that the captain will have them and then end up out of luck when you need relief the most. 


There is nothing quite as frustrating as dealing with sea sickness while you’re trying to enjoy a fishing adventure. However, you can take steps to prevent motion sickness and keep yourself feeling your best. Use these different remedies to get the relief you need to enjoy time spent deep-sea fishing, offshore saltwater fishing, and much more.