Informational Guide

How To Choose The Best Fishing Shoes

by Andrew

Informational Guide

How To Choose The Best Fishing Shoes

by Andrew

by Andrew

Yes, you read it right. Fishing shoes are actually a thing. Gone are the days when all fishermen would go fishing in dull boots. Rather, as a fisherman, you actually have options regarding the types of shoes will wear when going on fishing expeditions.

The fishing shoes are meant to protect your feet from a number of factors which you are likely to come your way during fishing, including loosely lying tools as well as the fish themselves. The fishing vessel is always wet, so the fishing shoes should also protect you from slipping and hurting yourself.

You should also select the shoes based on your level of comfort. Select the one which will leave your feet without any blisters or any other causes of pain or the pain itself. You should also factor in some of your personal issues such as your taste and preference.

When to Use Fishing Shoes?

It is advisable to use the fishing shoes in all your fishing trips. They not only guarantee your safety but they also enhance your performance. You are likely to catch more fish when you are comfortable and not prone to slipping and tripping. The shoes should also be ready for excessive drainage especially if your vessel is going to be a canoe. It would not make sense for you to be in sandals in such a case.

You are also likely to find yourself in a slippery situation when you are casting nets and when docking. You would find yourself in a hopeless situation if you go through such experiences while in improper shoes since you are likely to lose balance. So, if you really value your safety, always have the fishing shoes on during fishing.

How to Choose the Best Fishing Shoes?

There are a number of factors which you should consider when selecting your fishing shoes. These factors will help you end up with the ones that suit your preferences.

The price

When it comes to price, we should alert you of the distinction that comes in between specialty and utility items. The specialty items tend to cost more and fishing shoes land in this category.

Therefore, the best criteria you can use in choosing the shoes is by looking at how frequently you would be using them. You should also go for the shoes which are likely to last for a longer period of time, to help you avoid replacement costs.


Although the fishing shoes are primarily meant to be used in fishing and other related activities, there are some which you can use away from this field. For instance, some of the sandals have features which can allow you to use them in running or even hiking.

However, you should avoid subjecting them to rough surfaces since they are normally designed for the softer and friendlier surfaces.


Everyone has a particular style that they would always like to flaunt. You may find the fishing shoes which are meant for the rugged surfaces as being less flashy as compared to the sandals for friendlier surfaces. If you do not want to worry about your shoes falling off, then you should go for the lace-tied shoes. These always ensure you are comfortable at all times.

If you feel like giving your feet some aeration, then you can use the slip-on shoes. These are quite easy to put on and you might therefore find them to be quite convenient. However, you will always have to be on the lookout as they may fall off at any time. Whatever the case, when it comes to style, the final decision rests with you.

The material

This is probably the most important factor that you should consider. Since fishing, especially deep sea fishing, involves a lot of wetness. For this reason, it would be appropriate for you to get shoes made from waterproof material. As for the soles, they should be made from material that would prevent you from slipping easily. In this case, thick rubber would be the best.

The experts suggest three main materials which they deem to be the best for fishing shoes. They are synthetic mesh, canvas and leather. All of them have distinct functions. The synthetic mesh help in keeping your feet dry just like leather does. As the canvas is strong, it protects you from various actors in the sea such as strong currents and items being thrown against your feet.

The Best Types of Fishing Shoes

Your safety and comfort on the fishing vessel is largely determined by the fishing shoes which you will have worn. For this reason, we are going to point out to you some of the best fishing shoes which you may acquire.

The Aleader mesh shoes

As the name suggests, this type is appropriate if you want to keep your feet dry. These shoes are made out of hydrophobic mesh and so water rarely lasts in them. They use FluidFlow technology to pump out the water which gets in the shoes. This type of shoes also provides adequate aeration for your feet.

Columbia Bahama vent

This is for those who prefer stylish slip-on shoes. They are made from a combination of canvas and leather, which enhances their durability. The midsole is made in a way such that the stability of your feet is guaranteed.

The thick sole protects you from the impact which you are likely to encounter in the course of your fishing expedition. It contains two ports; for air circulation and draining water out of the shoe. Additionally, the sole has a strong grip and protects you from slippery surfaces.

Olukai Nohea Moku

If you are looking for shoes which guarantee comfortable and stable feet, then this is for you. The interior has been designed to specifically ensure that your feet are stable. The polyurethane that has been used to make the footbed guarantees that your shoes will be rally light.

It also has ports which allow for air circulation as well as temperature regulation. Additionally, you are guaranteed of having dry feet.


Of course there are numerous other fishing shoes to choose from. We have just given you the best three according to our research. So use the information we have provided you and choose the best fishing shoes. Lastly, stay safe and enjoy your fishing adventure, won’t you?