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10 Best Rapala Fillet Knives Reviewed

Best Rapala Fillet Knives

We all know the fact it’s the Rapala brand of knives that introduced an entirely new chapter for the world of filleting. These popular knives are renowned for their razor-sharp edges, premium steel, and full-tang design. You know, when it comes to filleting, you want to make sure that every part of your catch ends up […]

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15 Best Fishing Knives Rated & Compared

Best Fishing Knife

The knife is perhaps the most important tool for any angler apart from the fishing line and the bait that is. Fishing knives play different roles. Some are used for preparing the bait while others come in handy during filleting. At the end of the day, choosing the ideal fillet knife isn’t always an easy task. […]

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6 Best Fishing Rod Racks: Reviewed & Compared

Best Fishing Rod Racks

It’s important to always have a fishing rod rack with you. That’s because this tool effectively takes the guesswork out of organizing and storing your rods. It’s no wonder these handy tools are also known as the fishing rod saver. One thing you need to know is that proper storage can significantly extend the life of your fishing […]

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