Best Fish Mouth Spreaders: Reviewed & Compared

by Andrew

Best Fish Mouth Spreaders: Reviewed & Compared

by Andrew

by Andrew

If nothing else, a good fish mouth spreader is a must have if you love fishing. This simple accessory will protect your arms from the jaw of the fish when you are retrieving the lure. Even better, you can use it to hang stainless steel water bottles when you need to sterilize your water over open fire when camping.

For it to work, it has to be strong enough to keep the fish jaw open. The quality also needs to be right to ensure that it serves you well for a long time.

Below we look at five of the best fish mouth spreaders available on the market. We will go over their key features and discuss the reasons why they stand out and are among the fish mouth spreaders that money can buy.






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Booms Fishing Z1 Galvanized Spring Steel...

Booms Fishing Z1 

10 inches 

3.04 ounces


Baker MS8 Mouth Spreader (8-Inch)

Baker MS8 

8 inches

1.6 ounces


Eagle Claw Fish Mouth Spreader

Eagle Claw

6 inches

0.32 ounces


Eagle Claw Jumbo Fish Mouth Spreader

Eagle Claw Jumbo 

6 inches

4 ounces


AZXAZ 2 Pack Fish Mouth Spreader Stainless...

AZXAZ 2 Pack 

6 inches

2.4 ounces

 5 Best Fish Mouth Spreaders ​Reviewed

1. Booms Fishing Z1 ​

Booms Fishing Z1 Galvanized Spring Steel...
  • Strong galvanized steel spring make sure...
  • Work great for toothy fish like pike, lock...
  • Necessary when dehooking the fish with sharp...
  • Work great for the opening of a stainless...

This fish mouth spreader features a galvanized steel spring that is sure to keep the fish mouth open. The spreader is designed to work great for fish that are toothy such as spike. At 10 inches, it is long enough to cater for larger fishes and it helps that it is also heavy duty. Other notable features include:


This spreader’s construction makes it easy to use with a stainless steel bottle. You can use it to hang your bottle to sterilize your water when you go camping aside from using it while fishing

User Friendly

The spreader is simple and easy to handle. The spreader locks when opened and this is sure to keep the fish mouth open for as long as you want.

Key Features
  • galvanized steel material
  • 10 inches long

2. Baker MS8 ​

Baker MS8 Mouth Spreader (8-Inch)
247 Customer Reviews
Baker MS8 Mouth Spreader (8-Inch)
  • The Baker Mouth Spreader is a must for your...
  • This 8” Mouth Spreader is made of genuine...
  • It instantly locks fish mouths wide open
  • Instantly locks mouth wide open

This is an eight- inch spreader made using galvanized spring steel. The spring steel is hand-drawn and is designed to lock the mouth open instantly. The spreader can be used for all fish regardless of the shape of the tooth. Other features include:

Comfortable Grip

The T-handle grip fits comfortably in the hand while the corrosion resistant material used to make it ensures durability.

Easy to handle

The spreader is easy to work and easy to store and carry. 

The only downside is that because of its size, it may not work well for larger fishes. Other than that, this high quality piece that works and this explains why it has made it to the list of top mouth spreaders.

Key Features
  • Galvanized spring steel
  • 8 inches

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3. Eagle Claw ​

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Eagle Claw Fish Mouth Spreader

This spreader is designed to suit small to medium sized fish. Though it is just 6 inches, the spreader is perfect for reaching deeply hooked fish and will work great for salmon, bass, and cat fish among other fish species. The spreader also features:

Metal finish

It comes with a coated metal finish that makes it both corrosion and rust resistant. 

Easy to use

It is light and durable and it helps that it locks easy and anyone from a beginner to a seasoned fisher can use it.

Key Features
  • Coated metal finish
  • 6 inches

4. Eagle Claw Jumbo ​

Eagle Claw Jumbo Fish Mouth Spreader
  • Highest quality angler gear for all types of...
  • Trusted for reliability, durability and...
  • Quality and field tested to ensure you can...
  • 1 hooks per pack

As the name suggests, this mouth spreader is made with the larger fishes in mind. The spreader comes with a solid construction. It is also among the few spreaders that have been tested and proven to ensure optimal performance in the field.

The fact that this is an Eagle Claw creation is a plus. This Company is a pioneer in this industry and has been at the forefront in creating high quality and durable fishing accessories. Notable features here include:

Durable Material

The coated stainless steel material used to make this mouth spreader is both rust and corrosion resistant

Easy to handle

The spreader weighs a mere 4 ounces, which makes it easy to handle.

Key Features
  • Stainless steel
  • 4 ounces in weight

5. ​​AZXAZ

AZXAZ 2 Pack Fish Mouth Spreader Stainless...
  • Effectively open the mouth of the fish and...
  • Head staggered design, can be closed when not...
  • Made of 304 stainless steel, high strength...
  • Size: Length: 22cm, both upper and lower...

This is a simple, light, and strong fish mouth spreader. This is as practical as it gets where this accessory is concerned. The spreader works to make your fishing easy and ensure that your hands are protected when you are handling toothed fish. Features include:


The prompts open with relative ease when you squeeze so that the mouth will be wide open until you retrieve the lure.

Solid Construction

Thanks to the stainless steel material and the overall construction, this is a useful accessory that you can even when you are not fishing. You can use the spreader to hang a stainless steel water bottle container over an open fire when you are in need of hot water and the spreader will remain undamaged.

Key Features
  • Locks easy
  • Solid Construction

Fish Mouth Spreader Buying Guide

There are a few factors that you should consider when shopping for a mouth spreader. These factors include:


The first thing that you need to consider when buying a fish mouth spreader is the size of fish you want to fish. If you are not sure, then you are better off with a spreader that can work for both small and larger fish sizes. Fortunately, more than enough spreaders in the market are suited for both small and large fishes.


Another thing to consider is quality. The fish mouth spreader will not only function as required but it will also stand the test of time. Buying from a reputable brand helps as these usually make high quality products. You can also check the quality when you are buying the spreader. Ensure that the construction is solid and the material used to make the spreader is high in quality.

If you plan to go fishing in salty waters, ensure that the spreader you buy is corrosion resistant. Most spreaders are actually made of corrosion resistant material but it does not hurt to ask and ensure that the spreader you buy comes with corrosion resistance qualities.


The last thing to consider is price. Mouth spreaders are quite affordable and you can get a quality one for such a few backs. In some cases, the spreaders come in a pack of two and this is something you need to consider if you want to get value for money. Just do not compromise on functionality and quality when considering the cost.


Fish mouth spreader shopping can be quite daunting given the numerous options in the market. To make your work easier, we have compiled the above list of best fish mouth spreaders and highlighted their key features.

You can also go through different reviews available online to see what users have to say about the spreaders that you have in mind. This way, you will be sure to get a functional accessory that will prove to be worth every penny and so much more.