Informational Guide

How To Make A Fishing Rod Holder

Keeping rods secure is vital when storing poles and also when trolling on the water. Learn about rod holders and how to easily make them.

by Andrew

Informational Guide

How To Make A Fishing Rod Holder

Keeping rods secure is vital when storing poles and also when trolling on the water. Learn about rod holders and how to easily make them.

by Andrew

by Andrew

A fishing rod holder is an important piece of equipment that all anglers should consider adding to their collection. These help to keep the rod safe when it is in storage and can go on the boat with you when you want to cast out more than one line at a time.  

While many fishing rod holders are expensive, it is possible to get the materials and make one of your own. With a DIY fishing rod holder, you will have the exact type you need, without all the costs. This guide will help you learn how to make your own DIY fishing rod holder in no time.  

When creating your own fishing rod holder, there are so many ideas that you can use. But first, consider how you plan to use the fishing rod holder and where it will get the most use overall.

Will you use it on your boat, will it stay in the garage to keep the fishing rods picked up, or do you need it to work on the banks while you fish?

Some of the ideas you can consider when making your own fishing rod holder include: 

DIY Garage Wall Fishing Rod Holder 

If you need to store your fishing rod in the garage, then having a fishing rod holder that will fit into that area will make a lot of sense. You can build a simple garage holder for less than $10 and have it fit into a corner. 

No more worrying about the lines getting caught up or the fishing poles being all over and in the way. A PVC construction can look nice and last a long time while keeping the garage looking nice and tidy.  

DIY Garage Wall Fishing Rod Holder

DIY Ceiling Fishing Rod Holder 

When you are limited on space, it may be a good idea to consider making your own fishing rod holder that can go on the ceiling. This will keep the fishing rods out of the way, with easy access and less tangling and brokenness in the process, like what happens if the rods are left on the floor.

Choose a durable material and keep it screwed into the ceiling, so the rod holder does not come crashing down.  

DIY Ceiling Fishing Rod Holder

DIY Car Or Truck Bed Fishing Rod Holder 

A rod holder for your car or truck is a good option for those who are ready to hit the road at any minute and want their fishing rods to be available at all times.

You can create one that fits nicely in the trunk of your car or truck or even attach one to the top of the inside of your car without a lot of hassle along the way. If you would like it to become permanent, just add in a few screws to the top, and you are ready to go.  

Truck Bed Fishing Rod Holder

DIY Bike Fishing Rod Holder 

This can be a small fishing rod holder that may only hold a few light fishing rods. It will also need to be detachable, so it is not in the way all the time. With this fishing rod holder in place,  you will be able to grab the fishing rods and hit the water in any weather.

You can have it hold onto the rods all the time or choose to have the bike just transport the rods to your fishing location.  

Bike Fishing Rod Holder

DIY Boat Fishing Rod Holder 

Ready to go out in the boat and get as many fish as possible? A boat fishing rod holder is a great idea.  You can choose how to design this to fit in your boat, making it dual purpose for storing the rods when you are not out on the water and for holding the fishing rods as you trail them behind the boat to catch some of the big fish.

PVC pipe is a good option for this type of rod holder because it can last and will not get ruined if you leave the rod holder in the boat.  

Boat Fishing Rod Holder

DIY Canoe Fishing Rod Holder 

It is possible to make a canoe fishing rod holder. You will need to be careful with the dimensions and size since a canoe is going to be so much smaller than any other boat. But this is a great way to hold onto several fishing rods while you row the canoe around the river.

Find one that can easily attach to the side of the canoe so that you will not have to worry about it falling over all the time.  

Canoe Fishing Rod Holder

DIY Roof Rack Fishing Rod Holder  

How often are you really using the roof rack of your vehicle? If you are like most people, the answer is not that often. So why not put it to use and turn it into a fishing rod holder? You can measure out the length and width of the top of your vehicle to make this work.

Just be careful about making the rack too tall, or it could make it hard for you to get under some areas when you drive. Stainless steel and PVC piping are good options to do this. Make it secure on the car to avoid problems when you drive.  

Roof Rack Fishing Rod Holder

DIY Bank Fishing Rod Holder 

Bank fishing is a great place for you to catch some fish and not have to worry about getting a boat or drifting around on a canoe. You can make your own fishing rod holder that will help you to bank fish with as many fishing rods as you would like.

Consider how many rods you would like to have on the bank, and then create a rod holder that is able to hold onto the number you like. You will likely want to choose weatherproof materials and make sure that it is properly weighted or balanced to not tip over.   

DIY Bank Fishing Rod Holder

DIY PVC Pipe Fishing Rod Holder 

PVC is a great material to use when you want to put up the fishing rod and keep it out of the way. It is durable, can handle all sorts of weather, and will last a long time.

Whether you want to keep the fishing rods in your garage or need something that can hang out on your boat without getting ruined, a PVC fishing rod holder is a great option to consider while also being affordable.  

PVC Pipe Fishing Rod Holder

DIY Ice Fishing Rod Holder 

When it comes to ice fishing, it is possible that you will want to drop a few lines to really entice the fish to come up and take a look in the cold. A simple fishing rod holder can get it done. Pick a material that is sturdy and will be able to withstand the cold.

Most of the time, ice fishing poles are smaller, so the stand will need to be a bit smaller than you are used to. Add the poles to the rod holder and go warm up while you wait 

DIY Ice Fishing Rod Holder

Why Fishing Rod Holders Are So Important For Anglers 

One of the accessories that is often overlooked when you get ready to go fishing is the rod holder. There are many benefits to choosing this product, and it can help you when trolling. Trolling is simply when the angler is using several fishing lines at the same time that are baited with baitfish and lures before being drawn through the water behind the boat. Rod holders can make this process easier.  

Rod holders will also help with live bait fishing, especially when the angler plans to work with floats or with multiple rods. The rod holder is a good way to keep the rods in place, allowing for organization while keeping them within reach. The more rods that you can use, the higher chance you have of catching fish. And a rod holder will help get this done. 

When you are done fishing and need to put the rods away somewhere safe, then a rod holder can help with this too. You can create a rod holder in your garage or in another area to ensure that the rod is picked up and will not get tangled in between uses. This makes the area look nicer and helps prevent the fishing rods from being broken when they lay on the floor.  

When you make your own fishing rod holder, you will be able to design it to fit in the exact area you want to place it. If the area is small or unique, then some of the options you can purchase at the store just will not work for your needs. You can get creative with the size, with how many fishing rods can fit into the rod holder and the materials that you use for creating the rod holder. This makes it more unique and versatile for all of your needs.  

People also Ask (FAQs)

How do you use sand to hold your fishing rod? 

You can also use sand to hold the fishing rod. You will need to dig a hole deep enough to hold onto the base of your rod so that it will stay in place. Pack the sand down tight against it to keep the rod there, and then repeat with as many rods as you would like. You can continue with this or add another material that will support the rod and keep it from moving if a fish does latch on. This is an excellent temporary fishing rod holder, but if you need a holder more often, it is worth creating one of your own.  

Is wood a good material for a fishing rod holder? 

Wood is a great material for a fishing rod holder. Just make sure the wood is not old or too bent, or it may not provide some of the support that you need. Pallets and other types of wood will do a great job helping you hold onto the rods while fishing.  

How do you make a fishing rod holder out of pallets? 

You can use a pallet as a rod holder if you would like to have several near one another. This is a simple and inexpensive option to get the work done. Simply take the pallet, remove the wood in the middle, and add some holes to the bottom where the rod will go through. You can decide how many holes to add there. Leave some crevices on the top for the rod to lean on, and you are ready to go.  


A rod holder will help make fishing more enjoyable. You can sit back and relax with one rod while the rod holder does all the work. Or bring along multiple rods and let the rod holder help with some of the organization that you need. And when you make your own rod holder, you can design it to work exactly the way you want for any fishing occasion.