Looking For the Best Spinning Reel Under 150? 10 Must-See Suggestions

For a long time, spinning reels have won the battle against baitcaster reels as the reels of choice for many. That’s probably because they’re extremely easy to use and maintain. But what exactly are the features to keep in mind when shopping for a reel set?

Well, we’d narrow down to the following:

  • Overall housing quality
  • Reel size
  • Gear ratio
  • The drag system
  • Ball bearings

2019's The Best Spinning Reel Under $150

1. Daiwa-BG Spinning Reels

Daiwa-BG Spinning Reels are built with the latest technology for the best spinning experiences. The reels are corrosion-resistant and suit both saltwater and freshwater fishing. The reels are in a series varying in sizes to suit small, medium and big game fishing.

All the components boast a solid construction. The housing is manufactured from Black Anodized Machined Aluminum.

The gear system is fitted with an over-sized Digi-gear component for increased power in the apparatus. It has an air rotor which is lighter than regular rotors.

The reels have 6BB+1RB to provide smooth retrieves, and a gear ratio of 5.6:1. On top of that, the Daiwa has an infinite anti-reverse system while the larger sizes that are over 4500 have an infinite dual anti-reverse system, to prevent back plays. In addition, The reel has an ABS spool which manages lines efficiently preventing line tangles.


  • The reels are affordably priced
  • It retrieves fast and smooth
  • Anglers have a choice between seven models
  • The components of the reel are durably constructed
  • They have an anti-reverse system


  • The reel has to be cleaned and maintained well when exposed to salt water

2. Penn-Clash Spinning Fishing Reel

Penn-Clash Spinning reel features sturdy components for an efficient reeling system. Anglers have a range of 7 models to choose from. The reels have different gear ratios and different maximum drag pressures.

The reels feature a full metal body, and CNC machined gears. The handles are easily interchangeable, left hand and right hand retrieve to suit your personal preferences. They also use the Dura-Gear system for durability.

It has incorporated the Leveline Oscillation system which balances the spool. The reels have eight ball bearings that make the unit perfect for saltwater fishing. In addition, the reel has an anti-reverse system to stabilize the handle and prevent back plays. Further, the reels are equipped with Penn's patented HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers.


  • The reels are competitively priced
  • Different models to cover all species of fish
  • The reels have solid and durable components
  • They feature an anti-reverse system
  • They have eight ball bearings for a smooth retrieve


  • Other models feature a sealed system to prevent water from getting into the gearbox and drag system
  • The  reel has to be cleaned and lubricated when used in salty waters

3. Pflueger-Supreme XT Spinning Fishing Reel

Pflueger-Supreme is constructed with the angler’s needs in mind. The body and rotor are constructed from magnesium for an ultra-light and strong unit. There are four models in the Pflueger-Supreme series.

The reel comes with ten stainless and corrosion resistant ball bearings for smooth retrieves. The ball bearing system is strong and makes the reel a perfect saltwater and or freshwater tackle. The reel also has an anti-reverse roller bearing system to prevent playbacks.

It comes with a braid-ready spool a system where the braid is tied directly to the spool. It has a slow oscillation gearing system to minimize line tangles. The gear system is sealed to sustain its lubrication.

The handle is carbon material, which is lighter than aluminum. Additionally, it has an EVA knob for a comfortable fishing experience.


  • The reel is affordable
  • Four models to suit different fishing needs
  • It is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing because of having corrosion resistant features
  • It is lighter for a better fishing experience
  • It has ten ball bearings for a smooth retrieve
  • Line tangles are minimized by the slow oscillation gearing system
  • It has a sealed gear system
  • The handle is ergonomic


  • The manufacturer needs a quality control system to ensure consistency in their products, some customers get quality products while others get defective reels

4. Penn-Squall LevelWind

Penn-Squall LevelWind boasts of an elegant design with highly functional and durable components. It is an improved version of the Penn-GT series reels. The reels are corrosion resistant and ideal for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. The Penn-Squall LevelWind series have six models to suit different fish species.

They have a shielded 2BB+1RB system for efficient retrieving. The reel’s body and side plate are manufactured from graphite to keep the unit light. The reel has an instant anti-bearing system to prevent playbacks conveniently.

It is fitted with bronze gears, and a stainless steel pinion to give the unit smooth performance and durability. It has the Dura-drag gearing system for longevity and HT-100 drag washers for smoothness.


  • It is competitively priced
  • There are six models to choose from to suit different fish sizes
  • It has an instant anti-reverse system
  • It is lightweight
  • It retrieves smoothly


  • None of the components are sealed to prevent salt water from getting in, therefore the reel has to be maintained well when exposed to salty waters

5. Shimano-Ultegra Fishing Reel Freshwater Spinning

Shimano-Ultegra is aesthetically built with sleek looks. There are nine models of reels in the Shimano-Ultegra series. The reels are competitively priced.

It features the latest technology systems for efficiency. The gear system is equipped with Shimano’s Hagane gearing that is strong and durable and also X-Ship technology which provides an improved friction free gear system. The  Coreprotect technology seals the reel from grime and water for smooth casting and durability of the unit.

The reels have differing yet strong ball bearing systems for smooth retrieves. In addition, the gear ratio is effective for quick retrieves.


  • The reel is elegant to look at
  • The Shimano-Ultegra  series has 9 model options
  • The reels are affordable
  • The components are constructed using the latest technology
  • The reel has a durable construction


  • It is not recommended for saltwater fishing

6. Penn-Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel

Penn-Battle II is a sturdily built spinning reel designed for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. Penn-Battle II series has eight models to suit varying fishing preferences and needs.

It features solidly built components that are corrosion resistant for durability and to suit saltwater spinning. The bodyside plate and rotor have a metallic construction. The reel has a heavy duty aluminum bail wire which contributes to the strength of the reel.

The reel comes with super line braid ready spool with line capacity rings for your convenience. The line capacity rings enable the angler to know how much line is left.

The reel has five sealed stainless steel ball bearings for smooth retrieving. Further, it has an instant anti-reverse system to prevent playbacks conveniently. More so, it has Carbon fiber HT-100 drag washers.


  • It is affordable
  • There are eight model options
  • It is corrosion resistant and works in both saltwater and freshwaters satisfactorily
  • The components are solid and durably constructed
  • The ball bearing system ensures smooth retrieves


  • The reel has to be maintained well when exposed to salty waters.

7. Okuma-Cedros High-Speed Spinning Reel 

Okuma-Cedros is a ruggedly constructed pocket-friendly spinning reel. There are four models in the Okuma-Cedros series. The reels have high gear ratios for quick retrieves. The frame and side-plate are engineered from die-cast aluminum, and it has an anodized Machined-aluminum spool for durability.

Some of its components are engineered using the latest technology for high performance and durability.

The reel comes with the patented Elliptical Oscillation system for outstanding line lays. In addition, it is fitted with the Dual Force Drag System for overall efficiency. The Quick-set anti-reverse system prevents pullbacks.

Further, it has a hydro block watertight drag seal. It also has an AlumiLite Frame Construction which provides accurate gear alignment, better casting, and longevity of the unit.


  • There are four models to choose from
  • It is competitively priced
  • The components feature the latest in technology
  • The reel is solid and durably constructed
  • The reel has an anti-reverse system


  • Inconsistent quality, the manufacturer needs to do quality checks

8. Penn Spinfisher V & VI Spinning Fishing Reel

Penn Spinfisher VI features IPX5 sealing to prevent saltwater from getting into the drag system or gearbox.  The fully sealed spool accommodates the HT-100 drag washers for powerful dragging of big fishes.

Penn Spinfisher VI comes with a 5+1 sealed stainless steel ball bearing system. The body and side plate are made of metal material for a sturdy unit. There are many sizes to choose from.

Penn-Spinfisher V, on the other hand, features a full metal body and side plate for efficient management of heavy catches. It is fitted with the Water Tight Design which prevents water from getting into the gearbox and drag system.

There are various models in the Penn-Spinfisher V series to suit different fishing needs. In addition, it has the Slammer Drag System, a sealed drag system with three HT-100 drag washers.


  • It is available in various sizes
  • The gearbox and drag system is sealed to prevent corrosion by salty waters
  • It retrieves fast and smooth
  • The components of the reel are durably constructed


  • The bigger sizes are a bit on the heavy side

9. Shimano-Caesan A, LowProfile Baitcasting Freshwater Fishing Reel

Shimano-Caesan boasts many features for a reliable fishing reel. The reel is affordably priced. There are three models in the Shimano-Caesan series to choose from.

The gear system is strong and rigid for a perfect gear management and durability. The reel has a Variable Brake System (VBS), which is reliable for proper line management. The drag power suits small and medium-sized fish species.

The reel employs the Stable Spool Design(SSD) for smooth casting and retrieving. The handle is large and contoured for a comfortable grip.


  • It is affordable
  • It is elegantly designed
  • There are three models in the series
  • The components are durably designed
  • The reel has an efficient line management system


  • It has a low drag power and therefore it cannot manage big fishes
  • It is not suitable for saltwater fishing

10. Abu Garcia-Revo SX Spinning Reel

Abu Garcia-Revo is an upgrade of the previous generation Revo SX. The reel is lighter but comes with the rigidity of the previous generation reel. The reel is designed elegantly and adds aesthetics to an angler’s tackle box.

There are four models in the series of Abu Garcia-Revo SX to provide you with a reel that suits your needs.

The combines an alloy frame, X-Craftic gearbox and a C6 carbon body for durability. It comes with a slow oscillation to assure you of even line lays. The rocket spool lip efficiently manages the rate at which the line is released for precise casting.

It is equipped with an efficient gear management system. The reel is fitted with the powerful Carbon matrix drag management for power. The AMGearing system is sturdy for a comfortable fishing experience.

The reel has eight stainless steel hpcr Bearings and one roller bearing for quick retrieves. Additionally, the reel has a K-clutch anti-reverse bearing system for efficient management of back plays.


  • The components use the latest technology systems for efficiency
  • The handle is ergonomic
  • It is affordable
  • There are four models to choose from
  • It has an efficient gear system and an equally good line management system
  • It has an anti-reverse system


  • None of the components are sealed from corrosion

The Buying Guide

As we’ve already mentioned, there are quite a few factors to keep in mind when ordering for a spinning reel. To put these into perspective, we’d like to say that the best housing is one that’s made from aluminum or graphite. The ideal reel size is one with a superb line capacity e.g. one rated 6, 8, or 10-pound line capacity.

Not sure about the best gear ratio to go for? We’d recommend starting out with the moderate 5:1. What about the drag system? We’d suggest a front-drag system for large fish and a rear-drag one for fighting fish.

As for the ball-bearings, we’d recommend settling for the extremely smooth ones. But generally speaking, the greater the number of bearings, the smoother the reel tends to be.

Final Thoughts

It’s our hope that the buying guide and reviews above will help you make an informed choice. Ultimately, it’s only by investing in the best reel that you’ll be able to stay put and bring the best catch home.

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