Best Fly Tying Kit 2019 – Latest Review from Seasoned Anglers

Fly fishing is an excellent way to relax, focus and get a dose of fresh air. In order to get the most out of this fun activity, though, it’s important to invest in the best fly tying kit. Indeed, there are quite a few benefits to tying flies rather than just buying them (ready-made).

  • It’s pretty easy to tie flies provided you have the right kit
  • Home tied flies tend to be more durable
  • It’s a fun-filled way to enjoy fishing (fish or no fish)

Top 7 best fly tying kit in reviews

1. Deluxe WETFLY Fly Tying Kit with Book and DVD.

A good fly tying kit is what determines your overall angling experience. Deluxe WETFLY Fly Tying Kit has a complete set of fly tying tools and highly recommended for beginners and intermediate anglers.

It is everything you need for a fly tying adventure. The kit has over 20 items in it.

The tools are made from high-quality materials. Some of the tools include scissors, hackle pliers and vise.

The materials include chenille, hackle, dubbing among others. In addition, four hook sizes are included namely, 8, 12, 14 and an assortment of feathers.

Also, the tools are contained in a nice case, keeping everything in one place and neatly organized.

The package includes an instructional book and DVD.


  • Quality tools
  • Everything you need to tie flies
  • The package includes a book and DVD
  • Reasonably priced
  • It is a great gifting idea for a newbie angler


  • The kit may not meet the needs of professional anglers

2. Orvis 2BT10000 Fly-tying Kit

If you are looking for a durable kit that will serve you for many years, then, you may want to have a look at the Orvis Fly-tying Kit.

The kit is perfect for beginners because it includes an instructional DVD. The DVD has tutorials on how to use every tool in the kit and how to make every pattern.

The kit comes in a well-organized case. Some of what is included in the kit are hooks, bodkin, hair stacker, vise, whip finish tools. It features tying components for eight premium patterns and eight basic patterns.

Though it is expensive, it is a good bargain for money with what is included in the package and also because it will serve you for many years.   


  • Instructional DVD
  • Durable carrying case
  • Beginner friendly
  • The tools are durable because they are made from high-quality materials
  • The kit has everything needed for a fly tying adventure


  • It is not budget friendly

3. Dr. Slick TYER Fly Tying Tools

Dr. Slick is a surgeon and an enthusiast of fly fishing and tie fishing. He started the company in 1989 to try and match the quality of fly fishing tools to that of surgery.

Dr. Slick TYER Fly Tying Tools goes through a six-step quality process during manufacture. They are therefore quality, durable tools. The kit includes everything a seasoned or newbie angler would need for fly fishing.

The kit is well organized in a beautiful case and has seven essential fly fishing tools. Some of what you expect to find in the kit include bobbin, four-inch scissors, whip finisher, bobbin threader, hair stacker and hackle pliers.

Though the kit is perfect for beginners, no instructions are provided on how to use the tools, therefore posing a challenge.


  • Made by the reputed, Dr. Slick, manufacturers
  • Reasonably priced
  • Beautifully made with a beautiful case
  • Designed for durability
  • It is beautiful and therefore a perfect gift set


  • No instruction manual
  • Fly tying materials are not included. They have to be bought separately

4. Deluxe Scientific Anglers 909941 Fly Tying Kit

Deluxe Scientific Anglers 909941 is a perfect fly tying kit for both expert and novice anglers. More importantly, it has special features to suit the needs of novice anglers. The kit comes with everything to begin fly tying. In addition, it has a special instruction DVD featuring Greg Vinci.

The package contains about twenty fly tying items which are quality made tools, hooks and materials well packaged in a deluxe travel/storage case. You will find everything required to make wet flies, nymphs, streamers, and dry flies. Some of the tools you will find include a vise, bobbin, a pair of scissors, hooks, thread, wire, marabou, hackle feathers.

It is reasonably priced, yet it has everything required to tie flies.


  • Made by the manufacturer Scientific Anglers.
  • Durable
  • Special kit for fly tying
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Quality case ideal for storage and travel
  • Value for money


  • Unfortunately the item is not eligible for international shipping

5. Muskoka MUS525 Lifestyle Products Fly Tying Material Starter Kit

Muskoka MUS525 Lifestyle Products Fly Tying Material provides a great way to stock up fly tying materials. It is indeed value for money, and you will save a lot by ordering this kit. Each material comes in bulk and will last a long time depending on your usage needs.

The kit comes with essential fly tying materials in dubbings and feathers. The feathers are assorted and in bulk. In addition, they are multi-colored.

The feathers include peacock hurl, synthetic ice dubbing, hackle, marabou, synthetic rabbit hair-dubbing.

You have an opportunity to make many patterns for streamers, nymphs and dry and wet flies.

Though this item is about three times cheaper than buying from other sellers, however, the cost may be a bit prohibitive especially for beginner anglers who also have to budget for a toolset.


  • Quality materials
  • Quite affordable
  • Includes materials that are difficult to find
  • Up to three times cheaper than buying from other sellers
  • Multicolored


  • A beginner has to buy tools separately

6. Colorado Z797Anglers Standard Tool Kit

Colorado Z797Anglers is a standard toolkit with specialized tools that an angler needs to do the fly tying. It is a perfect kit for both newbie and seasoned anglers. In addition, it is quite affordable and ideal if you are on a budget.

All the tools are constructed with durability features, and they include one vise and seven tools. The tools are well packaged in a wooden storage and carrying case. The kit has a built-in base.

Unfortunately, the package does not include basic fly tying materials. Therefore not so convenient for those who don’t have because they have to be purchased separately.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Convenient to store and carry because of the wooden case
  • It is ideal for both beginners and veterans
  • The kit contains all the essential fly tying tools.


  • Fly tying materials have to be purchased separately.
  • No instruction manual

7. 5/6 9’Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete Starter kit Rod

Angling is so exciting and especially when you catch a big fish with your equipment. 5/6 9’Wild Water Fly Fishing kit will save you the headache of shopping around for fishing tools because it comes as a complete starter kit. Indeed it is a great value for money.

The kit has a large arbor reel, a 9 ft, 5/6 weight, four pc rod, preinstalled line, a rod case, a fly box, backing and leader, a rod sock, flies, and a detailed instruction book. It includes spare zinger, nipper/knot tying tool, and leader.

In addition, the kit comes with nine flies.

The tools are manufactured from quality materials.

 The 9’ adjustable rod, has a smooth drag, and is breakable into four pieces and therefore very portable. The fly fishing reel is made from Diecast Aluminum.

The kit is perfect if you have nothing and are starting out, most seasoned anglers, however, will have some of the tools.


  • The rod has a lifetime warranty
  • Starter booklet included
  • Reasonably priced
  • Perfect gift set for a beginner


  • Not the best pick for seasoned anglers

The Buying Guide


A good kit is one that comes in a nice packaging box that keeps everything in place. Besides that, it’s always a good idea to find a kit with a foam-padded interior with a compartment for all tools. Such a great package is always great for traveling with.

What Comes In the Kit?

We recommend going for a kit that has all the basic tools provided. Some important, must-have, tools include the grip dubbing spinner, grip head, all-purpose scissors, dubbing teased, and whip finisher among others. Don’t settle for less.


It goes without saying that quality is king. So, look out for anything that continuously seems to attract negative reviews. The good thing is that the market is full of awesome quality. In fact, the reviews provided above can help you find some of those.

Which One Is The Best?

All the fly tying kits included in this review are awesome. However, the Dr. Slick TYER Fly Tying Tools seems to have a clear edge over the competition. First off, it’s well-organized, well-packaged, and loaded with all the tools needed for successful tying. We, therefore, think it offers the best value for the money – any time.

Final Thoughts

Don’t take chances with your fly tying kit. Luckily for you, the review and buying guide above has all it takes to get good value for money. It’s our hope that you’ll apply the above-mentioned recommendations to make an informed choice.

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