5 Best Fishing Rod Racks 2019 – A Review & Buying Guide

It’s important to always have a fishing rod rack with you. That’s because this tool effectively takes the guesswork out of organizing and storing your rods. It’s no wonder these handy tools are also known as the fishing rod saver.

One thing you need to know is that proper storage can significantly extend the life of your fishing tools. On the other hand, careless storage can lead to premature damage and deformation, effectively making your rod of little to no use.

So, to help you get optimal value from your upcoming purchase, this review covers a list of top rod racks. It also talks about the factors to consider so you can make an informed choice.

5 Best Rack Fishing Rod Holder – Comparison Table

Don’t leave your rods susceptible to damage. The following table makes it easy for you to make an on-the-point choice.

The Best Fishing Rod Racks in 2019

1. KastKing-Fishing ICAST Award-Winning Fishing Rod Holder

The KastKing-Fishing Rod Rack boasts an ICAST Award-winning design. The holder is made from aluminum material for a high-quality, sturdy, rust-resistant, light and durable unit.

Generally, the rack has a carrying handle for portability and is great for trade shows, exhibitions, and conventions. What’s more? The rack holds all brands of fishing rods.

Depending on your style of fishing and the size of your rod collection, you can choose from two different holder varieties. These are the 12-rack and 24-rack variants.

What we particularly like about this organizer is that it holds all your rods in an upright position. That’s beside it providing lots of space in between the rods and some cushions which play a major role in protecting your rods from premature damage during storage.

Last but not least, we like the fact that the KastKing holder is pretty easy to assemble. In fact, you need no tools to put it together and when it’s up and running, you’ll notice that it eats up a very tiny portion of your floor space.


  • The rack is an Award Winning design
  • There are two models on offer
  • It is a great gift idea for an angler
  • The rack has a durable construction
  • It is easy to assemble the rack
  • The rack organizes up to 24 rods of different designs


  • Moving the rack around with the rods is cumbersome
  • The rack occupies some floor space

2. Berkley-Rod Rack

Berkley-Rod Rack is a black unit manufactured from quality materials that are corrosion proof, lightweight and durable. The rack has foam grip pads which hold the rods firmly in place with each rod having its own holder.

The rods are very inexpensive.

There are three models available. Option one stores six rods vertically, option two stores six rods horizontally and option three stores four rods horizontally.


  • They are affordable
  • The racks don’t occupy floor space
  • Various models to choose from
  • The racks are durably constructed
  • They have foam grip pads to protect the rods


  • They are not portable
  • They have a small capacity of up to six rods only

3. ColdTuna- Rod Rack Ultimate Rod Sitter 10 Fishing Rods

ColdTuna- Rod Rack is designed to meet the needs of anglers who need to store their rods in a moving vessel including a motor home, camper, RV, a boat or trailer. The rack can also be mounted in your house ceiling or garage. It is a high-quality corrosion resistant unit.

The rack is easy to mount, and there are various mounting options to use on any flat surface including horizontal, overhead or vertical.

The rods are organized by simply placing the rod butt in the hole and securing the tip into the T-shaped slot. The rack holds up to 10 rods.


  • The rack is perfect for moving vessels and also home use
  • The racks are space savers, they don’t occupy floor space
  • It is quite easy to mount it
  • It organizes ten rods well and neatly
  • It protects the rods by holding them firmly


  • Other rod holders take up to 24 rods

4. Organized Fishing- Rod Racks Round Floor, Corner, Spinning Fishing

Organized Fishing-Rod Racks are uniquely designed rod holders. There are three models to choose from namely Corner Design, Spinning Design, and Stationery Floor Round Design.

You have a choice between Pine, Camo, Oak and Mahogany wooden racks.

The racks are easy to assemble, and they hold the rods firmly in place protecting them.

There are eight models in total. All the eight models have different prices.

The Corner Rack has a 12-rod pine design.

The Spinning Model has only two designs, a 20-rod Camo holder and a 24-rod Oak holder.

The Stationery Floor Round design has five models, a 15-rod Camo holder, a 15-rod Oak holder, a 24-rod Camo holder, a 24-rod Oak holder, and a 24-rod Mahogany holder.


  • Eight different types of racks regarding size, shape and wooden type
  • Four wood types to choose from
  • The racks are easy to assemble
  • They hold the rods securely


  • Prices vary depending on the model, and some are quite pricey

5. Rack'em-Overhead Fishing Rod Rack

Rack'em-Overhead Fishing Rod Rack, organizes the rods well and makes their accessibility easier.  The pocket-friendly rod holders are great for indoor and outdoor use. They can be mounted in cabins, boats, basements or garages. The rods are constructed from steel for a heavy-duty and sturdy unit, and they are not affected by sun or salt. They hold all types of rods with different shapes, sizes, and styles.

There are two size options, six-rod racks, and 12-rod racks. The dimensions of the six-rod rack are Adjustable Length x 4.8"W x 28"H. While the dimensions of the 12-rod rack are 28"L x Adjustable Width x 4"H.


  • They are quite affordable
  • They don’t take up any floor space
  • There are two sizes to choose from
  • They are sturdy units
  • They hold different types of rods
  • They are great for indoor and outdoor use


  • The 12-rod capacity is limited because other brands have a larger capacity

6. Wealers- Fishing Rod Wall Rack

Wealers- Fishing Rod Wall Rack is constructed from durable plastic materials. The racks hold the rods in a neat and horizontal position. The racks are easy to mount.

Each rack is designed to store up to three rods.

The racks are the perfect space savers because they organize the rods by preventing them from occupying any space in the house.

Maintaining the racks is a breeze because they are easy to clean with mild soap and water. The racks are mold and mildew resistant.

The racks are inexpensive, additionally, buying two sets come at a discounted price.


  • They are durably constructed
  • They are easy to mount
  • They are easy to maintain
  • They organize the rods well and save floor space


  • They have a small capacity of storing only three rods

The Buying Guide for Rod Racks

There’s nothing like a perfect rod. And for that reason, we generally recommend looking deeper into your unique needs so you can make an informed bet.

One factor to ponder on is the capacity of the rod. Basically, you want to work with a rod that can hold a relatively large number of rods especially if you have quite a few of them. A rack that can hold at least 20 rods would be an ideal one for the average angler.

The second aspect that matters quite a lot is the overall design of the rack. It should be made in such a manner that it doesn’t overlap. At the same time, the rod should have ample room for assorted accessories.

And to top it all up, you want to simply settle for a rack that won’t take too long to assemble. So, with all those preferences in mind, it’s our hope that you’ll be able to make an informed bet.

Which One Is The Best?

All the racks reviewed on this list are nearly perfect. However, if we were to settle for one of them, we’d go for the KastKing-Fishing ICAST Award-Winning Fishing Rod Holder. Depending on your level of prowess, you can always find a design that suits your needs.

For instance, you can go for the 12-unit holder if you’re just getting started or are a hobbyist who wants to keep a small number of rods. Likewise, you can go for the 24-unit holder if you’re really looking forward to growing your collection of rods.

Final Thoughts

Some top questions to ponder on when selecting the ideal fishing rod rack include, the number of rods it supports and the overall quality of its design. Fortunately, the reviews provided above are meant to help you reach an informed choice. So, go ahead and be confident with the decision you’re about to make.

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