Buyer’s Guide & Information

Best Fishing Rod Racks Reviewed

Looking to store your fishing gear securely? We have found the best rod racks on the market. Our reviews cover a range of sizes & materials for rod storage.

by Andrew

Buyer’s Guide & Information

Best Fishing Rod Racks Reviewed

Looking to store your fishing gear securely? We have found the best rod racks on the market. Our reviews cover a range of sizes & materials for rod storage.

by Andrew

by Andrew

After coming home from a long day of fishing, it can be tough to remember to clean up and store your fishing gear. You should always take care of your fishing gear since it can be quite expensive.

One investment that can help is a fishing rod rack. This will protect your rods from any damage. Take a look at this buyer’s guide to find the best solution to store your fishing rods.

Why Use a Rod Rack

Your fishing pole is the most important tool out of all your gear. It should be maintained to lengthen its life, as well as help you catch more fish. The best way to keep your rods in tip-top shape is to buy a fishing rod rack.

A rod rack will keep your fishing poles straight and neatly put away. It will keep them accessible and within reach. By standing your rods up in a safe place, you will prevent damage to the reels and blanks. It will also prevent your rods and reels from becoming tangled.

If you usually throw your fishing rods in the garage after you’re done, then you’re taking a risk. Read on further so that you can start storing your rods properly. 

Common Types of Fishing Rod Racks

For the Home

When your fishing poles are not in use, they’ll likely be sitting at your house. It is essential to keep your rods in a safe place so that other family members don’t bother with them.

One type of fishing rod rack for the home is a wall-mounted rack. It can be screwed into the wall to keep your fishing rods off the ground. Freestanding floor racks are the most popular. They keep your rods upright. Ceiling mounted racks are normally put in the garage, and the rods are kept overhead.

For the Boat

When you're on the boat, a lot is going on around you. You're trying to reel in a big fish, steer the boat, and stay focused. This is when your fishing rods are likely to get lost in the scuffle and get damaged.

Fishing rod racks for the boat are the best way to prevent damage. They come in many shapes and sizes, such as clamp-on, threaded, and flush mount.

For Bank Anglers

If you don’t have a boat, then you probably often fish from the banks. You need to keep your fishing rods accessible while you are setting bait and adjusting lures. The best options include standard stake, tubular stake, and screw in models. The stake versions mount into the ground for a secure stand.

How to Choose a Quality Fishing Rod Rack

Rod Rack Type

Ideally, you should have a rack for every place that you store your fishing rods. If you are searching for a specific type of rod rack, then you should check out the buyer’s guide below for either a home, boat, or bank fishing rod rack. Ensure that you have enough space to fit the dimensions of the rack you choose to purchase.

Minimal Footprint

The whole point of fishing rod racks is to help you save space when you store your rods. The rack that you buy should save as much space as possible, both vertically and horizontally. Fishing rod racks should have a minimal design so that they fit within the space allotted. 

Rod Rack Capacity

One crucial question to ask yourself is, how many rods do you intend to store? Most avid anglers have more than one rod that they use regularly. Fishing rod racks can generally hold from 5 to 20 rods. You should also have a few empty spaces in case you get new fishing rods.

Design and Positioning

Fishing rod racks are normally horizontal or vertical. You should check the spec sheets before purchasing to ensure that you'll have enough space to accommodate the rack. You should also decide if you want your poles lying down or standing up. Depending on where you plan to keep the rod rack, you might find one to be better than the other.

Durability and Features

Fishing rod racks are made of aluminum, steel, plastic, or wood. All of these materials are durable and should last for a long time. Aluminum, plastic, and steel are immune to the elements. Wood, on the other hand, may warp when it gets wet. Some of the great features of fishing rod racks include shock cords, clips, and rubber feet.

Ease of Assembly

Most fishing rod storage holders are easy to assemble and require minimal tools. Depending on the mounting style that you chose, you may need a drill to attach it to the wall or roof of your car. Since all rod racks are different, read the instructions for your model carefully before installing it.

Price and Warranty

All of the products that we reviewed below include a manufacturer’s warranty with purchase. Make sure that you activate the warranty when you receive your product.

We have included a fishing rod rack to suit everyone’s budgets and needs. Keep in mind that the value of each rack will differ depending on the material, durability, and design.

6 Best Fishing Rod Storage Racks Reviewed

1. KastKing

Our Top Pick

Rod Capacity

12 or 24



Mounting Style



12 Rods: 15.5 ×17 ×12 inches; 24 rods: 28.5 ×29 ×13 inches


12 rods: 3 lbs; 24 rods: 4.8 lbs

KastKing has dominated the fishing world by making top-notch products to suit everyone’s needs. This KastKing fishing rod rack is our top pick in this category. It comes in multiple different sizes to suit every fishing pole collection.

This model features a lightweight aluminum frame. It will keep your rods vertical with its freestanding design. It occupies little floor space, so there’s no need to clear out the garage completely.

The largest model can accommodate up to 24 fishing rods. KastKing also makes a 12 capacity model. It is suitable for small diameter freshwater bass fishing rods. There is adequate spacing between the rods so that there’s no tangled mess. These fishing rod racks won the ICAST award for design, which is no surprise.

There’s a reason that this model was my top pick. I liked that the aluminum frame was so lightweight. I could move it around between my garage and boat with ease. I tried out the 12-rod model, and it was easy and functional for what I needed. The cushioned holders were also a bonus, so the ends of my rods were protected.

As Christine Krueger stated, “These rod racks have a small footprint and hold tons of rods without touching each other!”

  • ICAST award for best design
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Comes in a 12 and 24-rod model
  • Some people had trouble with assembly

2. Rack’em Overhead

Best Roof Rack for Fishing Rods

Rod Capacity

6 or 12



Mounting Style

Ceiling or wall


28 x 5.2 x 1 inches


6 rods: 1.1 lbs; 12 rods: 2.2 lbs

One of the best ways to keep your rods out of the way is to mount them on the ceiling or wall. This keeps them out of reach of children and clutter-free. The Rack ‘Em Overhead is the best roof rack for fishing rods. It is simple and easy to assemble.

The Rack ‘Em Overhead model comes in a 12 and 6-rod configuration. It is constructed of heavy-duty steel that resists corrosion from sun and salt. You can easily mount it on your wall or ceiling. The ceiling mount is the best way to keep your rods above heads and safe. The length is adjustable so that you can extend it to fit the space that you have available. The rod holders are wider so they can accommodate any rod size and shape.

My favorite feature of this model is the overhead mounting option. I mounted it on the ceiling in my garage, and it was completely out of the way. It also kept it out of reach of the kids in the house. Since most of my rods still have the hook attached, out of reach is best.

As Rick stated in his review, “Very easy to install. Holds 12 rod and reel combos. Well designed and well built.”

  • Can be mounted on the wall or ceiling
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Adjustable length
  • Not as much space between rods

3. Berkley

Cheap Fishing Rod Rack for the Home

Rod Capacity

4 or 6


Plastic with foam holders

Mounting Style



4 rods: 9.4 x 1.3 x 2.4 inches; 6 rods: 14 x 5.1 x 1.4 inches


4 rods: 5.4 ounces; 6 rods: 9.6 ounces

Every angler likes a bargain, especially when it’s simplistically designed and low profile. This model from Berkley is the best cheap fishing rod rack for the home. It can be mounted on any wall in your home with ease.

Berkley offers a 4 and 6 rod model for all of your fishing needs. It is ideal for anglers who only have a few rods in their collection. The 4-rod model comes in a horizontal design. It can be mounted to the wall, and poles can be laid flat. The 6-rod model comes in a horizontal and vertical style.

The vertical model is mounted on your wall so the rods will stand up straight. The best choice for you will depend on how much wall space you have. It is made of plastic with foam holders, which ensure the rods will stay in place.

I thought that Berkley did a great job of making a rod mount that was cheap, simple, and easy to install. I liked the addition of the foam holders. They made the rods secure against the wall. Since there isn’t much of a price difference, I recommend going with the 6 rod version so that you can expand.

Mike gave it 5 stars and said, “Works great for holding rods while pulling boat or fishing.”

  • Budget price
  • Easy to mount to a wall
  • Foam holders
  • The included screws are not very durable

4. ColdTuna Ultimate

Best Fishing Rod Wall Rack

Rod Capacity



ABS plastic

Mounting Style

Wall or ceiling


22.5 x 3 inches


1.1 lbs

Versatility is key when it comes to storing your rods. The reason we chose this model as the best fishing rod wall rack is that you can mount it vertically or horizontally on any wall or ceiling. The unique design allows your rods to sit perfectly in any position.

ColdTuna has created an innovative product that is lightweight and simple. This rack includes circular holes for holding your rods if you choose to mount it on the ceiling. It includes a unique T-shaped slot for holding your rods horizontally.

The T-shaped holders are perfect for vertical mounting as well. You can easily remove the poles just by sliding them slightly. It is made of lightweight ABS plastic. It is corrosion-resistant so that you don’t need to worry about salt and sun damage. It comes with a shock cord to hold the rods in place.

 I thought this was the perfect rack for mounting on your wall or ceiling. I was impressed with ColdTuna’s innovative T-shaped holders. It was so easy to remove and sore the poles in any position. All of my fishing rods sat nicely when I mounted it horizontally on my wall.

Mitch from ColdTuna’s website noted, “Great product! Super easy to install.”

  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Corrosion-resistant material
  • T-shaped slots
  • The shock cord locks were not very durable

5. Organized Fishing Round Floor

Best Freestanding Fishing Rod Storage Rack

Rod Capacity



Steel and wood

Mounting Style



17.72 x 17.72 x 26.00 Inches


10.20 lbs

If you don’t have a lot of wall space, then your best option is a floor rack. This Organized Fishing model is the best freestanding fishing rod storage rack. This is the only round floor-standing model that we’ve reviewed. It can hold up to 15 rods using a circular floor base.

This model comes with either a camo or oak finish. It has a sturdy steel pole in the middle to connect the top and bottom wooden bases. It features a molded clip strap that works to keep the clips in place. It includes rubber feet on the bottom to prevent slippage. With its unique round design, you can quickly see all of your poles at a glance.

This model is meant to sit on your garage floor and display your rods. It isn't very portable, so I don't recommend taking it out on the boat or shore. I liked this model for its freestanding design. I used it to display my poles so that I could see what I had. It held the fishing rods in place securely with the included clip strap. It is best for at-home use.

According to one customer, “This pole holder was perfect for all of my fishing poles that have been leaned in the corner of the garage.” It will help you keep your poles out of the corner and on display.

  • Unique round design
  • Holds up to 15 rods
  • Includes a clip strap
  • Much heavier than other models

6. Cobra Storage

Best Fishing Rod Rack for Garage Storage

Rod Capacity



ABS plastic

Mounting Style

Garage door or wall


4 x 8 x 21 inches


2.5 lbs

If you’re like me, then you probably store your rods in the garage. This is a unique model that is specifically made for your garage. We named the Cobra Storage model as the best fishing rod rack for garage storage.

Cobra Storage did a fantastic job of identifying a space in most people’s garage that is not used. This fishing rod rack connects directly to the back of your garage door. Even as the door opens and closes, the rods will stay put.

This rack is designed to be mounted horizontally so that when you open the garage, the poles stay put. It is made out of ABS plastic that won't warp from the garage heat. The mounts are designed to fit standard size garage doors, but make sure you measure before purchasing.

I thought that this rod storage holder was brilliant in its design. The back of your garage door is quite a lot of unused real estate. I think Cobra Storage did a wonderful job of utilizing this space. I thought these were easy to mount on my standard garage door panels.

One satisfied customer claimed, “This product is excellent and creates space where there was none. I have had these on my garage door for a couple years now and works great.”

  • Utilizes unused space in your garage
  • ABS plastic construction
  • Fits most standard size garage doors
  • May put stress on the garage door if you add too much weight

Common Rod Holder Materials

  • Steel
    This material is usually used for fishing rod roof racks to endure the elements while driving. It is corrosion-resistant and extremely durable. Steel is not nearly as lightweight as aluminum. It is among the heaviest materials, so it isn't very portable.
  • Aluminum
    This material is very durable, and it is also the lightest. It is able to withstand the elements of salt and sun. Aluminum is incredibly easy to transport since it is lightweight. In general, fishing racks made of aluminum are more expensive.
  • High Strength Plastic/ABS
    This material won't rust or corrode from the elements. It is often used for bank rod racks so that you can move it around on the shore. Plastic is normally the cheapest option available.
  • Wooden Racks/Customized
    This is among the heaviest materials used. It is often used for custom-built or DIY racks. It is the most aesthetic material since you can stain or apply varnish. It should be used for indoor home use so that it doesn’t warp from the sun or rain.

A Guide to Mounting Fishing Rod Racks

Now that you’ve picked out a product from our top-notch list, you need to know how to install it. Since there are a few different mounting options, we will provide guidelines that will cover the ceiling, vertical, and horizontal mount. The process is similar for all three options. Before you begin, you will need a screwdriver or drill and a level.

  1. 1
    Remove the upper and lower rack components from their box. Make sure you have all of the required screws before starting.
  2. 2
    Hold the bottom rack holder against the wall and place your level on top. Ensure that it is even and screw it in.
  3. 3
    Measure up about 42 inches with your tape measure, and mark the position on the wall.
  4. 4
    Take the top rod holder and screw it into the wall.
  5. 5
    Place each rod into the rack with the bottom first, then place the top into the holder.

The above instructions will work for all mounting options. The only thing that will change is the direction in which you place the rod rack holders.

Care, Maintenance, and Storage

All of these fishing rod racks will come with a warranty in case something breaks. In general, these rod racks should last a long time without much maintenance. When you store your fishing rods, make sure that they are dry and cleaned off with fresh water.

You should always keep your fishing rod racks out of the sun or salt water if possible. This will increase their life immensely. The best place to keep your racks is in a cool, dry area.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is it safe to store fishing rods outside?

In my opinion, you should always keep your fishing rods indoors. If they are left outside, then they will be exposed to harsh sunlight, rain, and wind. The rod holders above are designed for indoor or garage use.

How long do fishing rods last?

If you properly maintain your fishing rods, then they should last for a minimum of 5 years. If you invest in a fishing rod rack, then you can store your rods upright so that they won’t be damaged prematurely.

Do I need to completely dry a fishing rod before storing it?

Yes. I recommend rinsing the rod off with fresh water and drying it thoroughly before placing it in the fishing rod rack. You should ensure that all of the corrosive saltwater is completely removed. Then, use a dry towel to dry off the rod and reel.

Can I build a DIY fishing rod rack at home?

Yes. There are many options online for building your own rod rack. You can build one with some wood and hooks. You will simply need some screws, a drill, and elbow grease to make it work.

Where can I buy fishing rod rack plans for building a custom rack?

There are a few websites that offer free fishing rod rack plans that you can follow.

Where is the best place to buy these fishing rod racks?

I recommend shopping on Amazon for all of your fishing rod rack needs and accessories.


In this article, we have reviewed the top six fishing rod racks available on the market. We have also provided you with tips and tricks on how to mount your rod racks easily.

You're probably wondering which product you should choose to keep your rods safe. Our top pick is the KastKing model. The durable and lightweight aluminum design is hard to beat. It can also hold up to 24 rods.