10 Best Fishing Pliers For Freshwater & Saltwater

by Andrew

10 Best Fishing Pliers For Freshwater & Saltwater

by Andrew

by Andrew

Pliers are one of the ubiquitous tools in the angling world. In other words, you’re bound to need one irrespective of your style of fishing. Basically, with a good pair of pliers, you can easily unhook a fish without having to use your fingers.

What’s more? A good pair of pliers can help you to:

  • Flatten hook barbs
  • Tighten hooks
  • Grab lines
  • Cut fishing lines

And best of all, this handy tool can be of great help during emergencies. For example it can be pretty useful when you impale yourself on a hook. It’s our hope that this review of the best fishing pliers will help you find a good pair that you can take with you, everywhere you go.

Whether looking for a multifunctional pair or simply looking for sturdiness, the table below has something for you. Ultimately, the goal is to help you make a quick but accurate choice today.



Plier Model



Check Price


Madbite 7.5” Aluminum Fishing Pliers –...



6.4 ounces


Booms Fishing X8 ELFIN Aluminum Fishing...

Booms Fishing X07

Aluminum & Stainless Steel

7 ounces


Piscifun Aluminium Fishing Pliers Hook...


Aircraft-grade Aluminum 

5.4 ounces


Booms Fishing H1 Fishing Pliers Saltwater...

Booms Fishing H1

Stainless steel and ABS plastic

3.2 ounces


ZITRADES Fishing Pliers Aluminum Saltwater...

Zitrades FP-20 


3.2 ounces


Buck Knives 0030RDS-C Splizzors

Buck Knives 0030RDS

Stainless Steel 

13.4 ounces


Manley Professional Saltwater Fishing Pliers...

Manley Professional


5.6 Ounces


Piscifun Aluminium Fishing Pliers Split Ring...

Piscifun Freshwater

Aluminum & Stainless Steel

3.5 ounces


P-Line Adaro Aluminum Pliers (7.5-Inch,...

P-Line Adaro


8 ounces


T-REIGN ProSheath with Retractable Tether and...

T-REIGN ProSheath

Stainless Steel and Aluminum

10.4 ounces

10 Best Fishing Pliers ​Reviewed

1. MadBite kastKing

MadBite-Aluminum pliers would be a great addition to your fishing tools. It is designed with corrosion-resistant components and are great for both fresh water and salt water fishing. The pair is multifunctional and it can easily be used for hooks removal and line cutting. The device is moderately priced and comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Further, the MadBite is constructed with hard anodized aluminum for lightweight, sturdiness, and durability. And yet, the pliers don’t fade over time, instead, they retain their brightness.

They have tungsten carbide cutters which are super sharp also. In addition, the handles are made from silicone material which doesn’t retain odors or get corroded in addition to being grippy. The pliers are designed with conspicuous colors for easy visibility.

  • They have a five-year warranty
  • Ideal for both fresh water and salt water fishing
  • Durably constructed with corrosion resistant materials
  • They are available in various visible colors
  • The pliers are ergonomic. They are light and have non-grip handles
  • It features a split ring tool
  • A storage bag is included
  • They need to be maintained well when used for freshwater fishing otherwise they won’t last

2. Booms X8 ELFIN

Booms Fishing X8 ELFIN Aluminum Fishing...
  • Innovative quick-cut design ensures fishing...
  • Tungsten cutters for cut any type of fishing...
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel jaws...
  • Come with pliers sheath and self-coil...

Booms Fishing pliers are designed for longevity, performance and easy operation.  The medium priced-pliers are constructed from aluminum and stainless steel materials for sturdiness, lightweight and durability. They have an innovative quick-cut design. Additionally, they have a thumb lock feature which keeps them locked.

It has a hook for opening slit rings and also has crimpers. Further, they are light in weight and, therefore, easy to carry around in your backpack or belt. Their handles are designed with two thumb baffles for a firm and comfortable grip. Best of all, they come with a strong holder for wearing on your belt or putting on your fishing bag.

  • They are ergonomically designed
  • There are various colors to select from
  • They are quick-cut pliers
  • They are durably constructed
  • They have a thumb lock
  • They have no locking mechanism

3. Piscifun TL050-K

On Sale Today
Piscifun Aluminium Fishing Pliers Hook...
  • Add Piscifun fishing pliers to your fishing...
  • Anti-Corrosion Aluminum - The aircraft-grade...
  • Spring Loaded Pliers - Keeps the pliers open...
  • Tungsten Carbide Cutters - The Sharpest...

Piscifun-Aluminum Fishing pliers are great and make hook removal a breeze. They can be used in both fresh and salty waters. The pliers boast sharp jaws, lightweight and corrosion resistant features. The cutters are affordably priced.

The pliers are made from aircraft grade anodized aluminum which is lightweight, corrosion resistance, sturdy and rustproof. The jaws are stainless steel with a titanium coat for superior cutting power and corrosion resistance. They are fitted with tungsten carbide cutters, which cut easily through tough lines. In addition, the cutters are replaceable.

The pliers have a crimper tool. It also features a split ring tip for easy splitting of rings and removal of rings. The pliers' serrated jaws are designed to close tight, making them easy to use to remove hooks. The handle is manufactured from CNC for lightweight and durability. In addition, they have a spring-loaded handle for a non-slip and comfortable grip. They come with a come coiled lanyard, belt loop clasp and nylon sheath for portability.

  • They are affordable
  • They are durably constructed
  • The pliers are sharp
  • The pliers have various attachment options
  • They split load design makes them easy to operate with one hand
  • They have no locking system

4. Booms H1

Booms Fishing H1 Fishing Pliers Saltwater...
  • [Classic and Basis] H1 is the first fishing...
  • [Usable Pliers Jaws in Fishing] H1 fishing...
  • [Sharp Cutters with Pliers Lock] A fishing...
  • [Spring Loaded Small Size] The spring loaded...

Booms H1Fishing will suit you if you want fresh water fishing pliers and you are on a tight budget. The classic pliers are the original design of the manufacturer. They are constructed from stainless steel. You have a choice between black and white and also getting one with or without a lanyard.

The pliers have a split ring opener which makes it easy to change lures and hooks. They also have a coil lanyard and belt holder sheath for easy portability and convenient use. It also comes with a split ring opener and crimper.

Additionally, they have a lock to keep them safe when not in use. They feature a sharp line cutter and a small wire cutter. It is designed with a spring load handle to give you a good one hand-grip, and they also have plastic handles which are comfortable.

  • Original and classic design
  • They are very inexpensive
  • The pliers have two cutting options
  • They are ergonomically designed
  • They are quite portable, thanks to the lanyard 
  • It is not a heavy-duty device
  • They are not suitable for saltwater use

5. Zitrades​

ZITRADES Fishing Pliers Aluminum Saltwater...
  • Body of the Gripper is made of Special Deluxe...
  • Designed specially for fishermen.
  • High density skidproof handle. more portable,...
  • Lightweight and bright, Essential fishing...

Zitrades-Fishing pliers is an affordable device with many features to suit both saltwater and freshwater fishing. The pliers have a special deluxe aluminum construction with an anodized coating for a lightweight, durable and powerful cutting tool. The layer prevents corrosion of the device.

The pliers are lightweight and rightly sized, thanks to the aluminum body. They are therefore easy to carry and comfortable to use. The stainless steel jaws are strong and durable and make it easy to remove different types of hooks. Their cutters are made from carbide and are incredibly sharp to cut all types of fishing lines and wires.

It comes with a split ring tooth for split rings opening. The handle is high density and non-slip. They have a holder fitted with a belt hoop and lanyard to hook the pliers securely to your belt and for easy accessibility, and you also won’t lose them easily.

  • Quite affordable
  • They are suitable for both salt water and fresh water fishing
  • The components are durably constructed
  • There are various attachment options to prevent their loss
  • They have a split ring opener
  • They need to be maintained well when used in salty water

6. Buck Knives Splizzors 0030RDS​

Buck Knives 0030RDS-C Splizzors
  • Made of highest quality material
  • Manufacturer: Buck Knives
  • Buck Knives splizzors fishing multi-tool -...

Buck Knives Splizzors are innovatively designed and manufactured in the USA. The dual tool combines fishing scissors and plier functions in one device and are referred to as splizzors by the manufacturer. It is a versatile fishing tool suitable for trimming, shearing, cutting, hook removal and crimping.

The splizzors are expensive. The good thing is that they are risk-free because they are backed with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. The splizzors are crafted from 420HC steel for sturdiness, corrosion resistance, and edge retention. They have a long nose for easy hook removal, especially on large fishes.

The handle is fitted with a small and large split shot crimping tool. The crimping tool has a bottle opener and lanyard hole. The pliers have sharp and replaceable blades. In addition, the blades feature micro-serrations which make them able to cut through strong elements easily. The handle is dynaflex and rubberized for ergonomics.

  • They are backed with a buck forever warranty
  • A versatile tool with scissors and pliers capabilities
  • Heavy-duty nylon sheath
  • It has a crimping tool
  • The pliers have an ergonomic handle
  • They are quite expensive

7. Manley-Professional

Manley Professional Saltwater Fishing Pliers...
  • Spring-loaded and great for removing small...
  • Being 7.5 inches in length, these offer the...
  • Advanced surface coating protects the tool...
  • This great fishing gadget has tungsten...

The moderately priced Manley-Professional pliers are specifically designed for fishing. They are constructed from a blend of anodized aluminum and stainless steel for a sturdy, lightweight and durable fishing tool. They have a surface coating which make the pliers corrosion resistant and suitable for use in salty waters.

They are spring loaded making them great for removing small hooks and gripping fishing lines.  The handles open and close easily. The jaws are strong and offer a good grip on what you are cutting. The tungsten carbide cutters are efficient for handling the toughest fishing lines. The package includes a lanyard and free sheath which make carrying them easy.

  • They have a durable construction
  • They have sharp cutters
  • They are corrosion resistant and suitable for both salt and fresh water fishing
  • They come with a lanyard and sheath for carrying them conveniently
  • The pliers have strong jaws with a good grip
  • Small sized hands will struggle operating them

8. Piscifun​ TL050-L

On Sale Today
Piscifun Aluminium Fishing Pliers Split Ring...
  • Add Piscifun fishing pliers to your fishing...
  • Anti-Corrosion Aluminum - The aircraft-grade...
  • Spring Loaded Pliers - Keeps the pliers open...
  • Tungsten Carbide Cutters - The Sharpest...

Piscifun-Fishing Pliers are great fishing tools and a must-have in your tackle box. The components are corrosion resistant, and therefore the pliers can be used for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. The replaceable cutters are tungsten carbide for sharp, and durable cutters.

The handles have spring loaders and can be operated with one hand. The handles are made with a combination of TPR rubber and ABS plastic materials with an ergonomic design for a non-slip and comfortable grip. The jaws are titanium-coated stainless for strength, a firm grip, and durability.

More so, they are designed with portable features. They are lightweight and come with a woven nylon sheath, a coiled tether, and a belt loop.

  • The pliers have a one-year warranty, and also come with a 30-day money back guarantee for your peace of mind
  • They are affordably priced
  • They are great for both salt water and fresh water fishing
  • The blades are strong and sharp
  • They are designed with handling ergonomics
  • The pliers need to be well-maintained when used in salty waters

9. P-Line-Adaro

P-Line Adaro Aluminum Pliers (7.5-Inch,...
  • Made from high quality aluminum
  • Tungsten carbide line cutters cut 500lb...
  • Ultra-smooth Operation with convenient...
  • Nylon belt pouch with strong coil lanyard to...

P-Line-Adaro pliers are reliable pliers built with great functionality, durability and portable features. The moderately priced pliers are corrosion resistant, making them great for both saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing.

They are constructed from high-quality aluminum for a strong and durable tool. In addition, they have tungsten carbide cutters for cutting all types of lines easily. The jaws are carbon coated to prevent corrosion. The pliers have serrated blades for a good grip. They also have spring-loaded handles for a comfortable grip. They come with a nylon belt pouch and a sturdy coil lanyard to secure them and prevent their loss.

  • They are suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishing because they are corrosion resistant
  • They are durably constructed
  • The handles are ergonomic
  • They come with a lanyard and pouch
  • They are too big for small hands
  • A clip would have been a useful feature for those who don’t wear belts

10. T-Reign-ProSheath

T-REIGN ProSheath with Retractable Tether and...
149 Customer Reviews
T-REIGN ProSheath with Retractable Tether and...
  • Package quantity: 1
  • No batteries required
  • Country of Orgin: United States

T-Reign-ProSheath pliers are designed with the best attachment options to prevent losing them. The heavy-duty pliers come with a thermoformed sheath covered in 600 denier nylon. In addition, they are fitted with a 36 inches Kevlar self-retracting tether to keep the pliers within reach and also prevent their loss. You have two belt attachment options, two fixed loop straps or a stainless steel belt clip.

The pliers are constructed from aluminum for sturdiness, durability, corrosion resistance and lightweight. They have stainless steel jaws that has a crimper. They also have tungsten carbide for a powerful cutting tool that can cut all types of fishing lines. The blade and cutting surface are replaceable. In addition, they have a split ring tool for opening spring rings. For ergonomics, the pliers are lightweight and have rubber non-slip handles.

  • It is a low-risk purchase because the pliers have a five-year service policy while the sheath has a lifetime service policy
  • The pliers are durably constructed
  • They have various attachment options
  • The handles are ergonomic
  • They are suitable for both fresh water and salt water fishing
  • They are expensive

Fishing Pliers - The Buying Guide

So, which pair of pliers meets the cut? You might be wondering. Well, in our opinion, the following three factors are the ones that matter the most.


Almost all premium-grade pliers are made from stainless steel. However, there are different kinds of stainless steel metals. The 420 HC steel is the best, recommended one for angling. If not that, then consider getting a pair that’s made from aircraft grade aluminum.

Nose Length

The size of the nose matters. A shorter nose means coming into close contact with the fish while a longer one provides you with some distance. Therefore, longer noses are recommended for dealing with large, stubborn fish species.


It’s one thing to find a functional pair of pliers but another to ensure that it’s usable, all day long. So, you also want to make sure that the pair you settle for is comfortable to use and grip for long hours. And this way, you can a better chance of keeping your catch.

Which One Is The Best?

We’d go with the Booms X07 Aluminum Fishing Pliers, a medium-priced pliers that’s also highly ergonomic. Indeed, the Booms-X1 is made from high-quality aluminum which besides being lightweight is also quite durable.

Final Thoughts

To this end, we’d encourage you to begin by setting a budget for the pliers that you need. You want to invest in pliers that are not only powerful but also functional. At the same time, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find a good pair. Look closer and you’re bound to discover a few more affordable fishing pliers that can serve you pretty well.