The Best Fishing Fillet Knife 2019 - What You Need To Know Before You Buy

As an angler, getting a sharp knife that slices through your fish with no meat sticking to the blade can be an awesome and fulfilling thing. As you might be aware, though, there are no two knives that are built equally.

So, it’s always wise to widen your scope of research so you can find one that offers you the best bargain. Basically, such a knife should:

  • Have a non-stick coated blade
  • A balanced design for easy filleting
  • The ability to remain sharp for long

Regardless if you are prepping bait for the big day or simply filleting your catch, a sharp and strong knife is absolutely important. Only the best fishing fillet knife will make all the difference.

So, here’s a look at some 10 awesome options that you need to ponder upon. The list below is compiled on the basis of our editors’ research and the general user-feedback shared on various sites.

We’ve also included a buying guide to help you zero in on one or two brands so you can make a quick but informed choice.

Top 10 Best Fishing Fillet Knife on the Market in 2019 - Comparison & Ranking Chart

The following comparison chart is meant to help you compare the 10 knives reviewed below on-the-go. Don’t have the time to read the in-depth write-up? This chart is right up your alley.

10 Best Fillet Knives for Fishing in 2019

1. Rapala4 Soft Grip Fillet Knife

To start with, this Rapala Fillet knife comes with the signature Rapala stainless steel blade which is as flexible as it comes.

The handle is soft, while at the same time has a molded texture which ensures that there is no chance of slip-ups as well as gives you maximum control and comfort during use.

The effectiveness of a knife is determined by how much it maintains its sharpness. To achieve this, it comes with a single-stage sharpener which you will use to always maintain the sharpness and efficiency.

Its black sheath is small and light enough to fit in your belt and so you can easily move around with it.

The thin blade will make it easy for you to cut through the flesh and along a particular line or pattern. The tip is particularly very pointed to assist in piercing through a strip which you have identified for splitting.


  • It is light for portability
  • The handle has a strong grip
  • It comes with a knife sharpener to ensure it is always sharp


  • There is a gap between the blade and the bolster which allows accumulation of germs

2. Zwilling 7-Inch Stainless-Steel Fillet Knife

This is one of the highly popular knives of the four-star series. The first outstanding character of this model lies in the handles. They are made from the polypropylene material which is bonded all round to the blade. So you would never experience the accumulation of germs in these gaps.

Additionally, these handles do not break easily, are molded for extra grip and safety. The knife blade was specifically constructed to ensure that its precision is top notch.

 It has made use of the 1-piece technology which means that the blade would be of the highest stability, precision, and improved sharpness. The edge is laser controlled making it sharper and retains this sharpness for longer. The blade angle is also more consistent as a result of this technology.

It has super bolster which provides the necessary weight for the knife to be fully effective. On top of that, it provides the balance which will ensure that you will always be safe even when you exert more pressure on the knife.

The carbon and the stainless steel materials act as insurance for durability. It is also resistant to corrosion and pitting.


  • The handles have good grip and are unbreakable
  • It is rust-resistant
  • Maintains its sharpness for longer
  • It has a comfortable handle


  • The excessive sharpness may work against you

3. Rapala HD Corded Electric Fillet Knife

If you are looking for a knife which you can use to fillet quickly and efficiently, this is it. It comes with 7-Inch reciprocating blades. This length means that you can use it for small to medium sized fish.

An interesting feature of the blade is that it is quite flexible. This means that you can peel the fillet all through to the skin of the fish.  Even the rib bones and the backbones will not be any obstruction for this knife.

The power cord is 8 feet long meaning that you will not be restricted to a particular area to access power. The handle is comfortable and has an amazing grip to prevent slipping.

The motor is powered with an airflow design. You will notice that however long you use it, it will never become uncomfortably hot for your hands. It also operates quite silently without the occasional buzzing noises.


  • The blades are extremely sharp
  • The handle has a nice and comfortable grip
  • The long power cord aids in mobility and access to a power source


  • You will have to hold down the power button for it to operate

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4. Fishing Comfort Morakniv Fillet Knife

This comfy fillet knife has a high friction handle. This means that you will maintain a strong grip which is necessary especially when handling all the slimy components that come from fish.

The knife blades come in two sizes for you to choose from. The 6.1 Inch blade can be used to fillet and clean fish of different sizes. The other blade of 3.5-inch can be used to remove bones and also the smaller panfish.

It has a plastic sheath which gives a vibe of simplicity and is easy to clean and does not absorb any of the pungent smells that come with fishing.

The blade is made of Sandvik Stainless Steel which is re-known for its toughness, hardness, sharpness, and resistance to corrosion. All these aspects make it really durable and reliable.

The 6.1 Inch knife has two belt clips which you can either clip or loop through a belt. As for the 3.5-inch knife, it comes with a single belt clip. These clips will help you move around with the knife without feeling burdened.


  • The handle has a good grip
  • It is easy to clean
  • You can attach to the belt with a belt clip and move about easily


  • The sheath is fragile

5. Professional Grade American Angler Electric Fillet Knife

This fillet knife was designed such that bones will never come in your way while slicing your fish. It is the most powerful of all the electric fillet knives and its components and design ensure that it is much more durable.

This fillet has an advanced airflow technology. This helps in air circulation and so you can hold the knife for hours without your hands heating up. You will, therefore, work comfortably without any interruptions.

Whichever blade you choose; the 8-Inch Curved replacement Blade or the 8-Inch Curved Replacement Shark Blade, both will fillet through the fish with maximum ease and give you the best service.

The blades are interchangeable and you can easily swap them whenever the type of fish you want to fillet calls for it. You can comfortably use it in freshwater as well as salty water without worrying about hastened rusting and corrosion.

The final plus is that it comes with a mesh carrying bag and handset for easy carrying around.


  •  It does not get hot while using
  • The blades are easily interchangeable
  • It is durable


  • The power button tends to get stuck

6. Silver Creek Folding Buck Fillet Fishing Knife

This fillet knife has a combination of a classy yet simple look. The steel blade is titanium coated and this mix makes the blade to be extremely hard and resistant to corrosion. This blend also adds to its durability.

The blade is flexible and easily sharpened. This ensures that you will never have a dull moment just because the sharpness of the knife has died down. This blade is long and cuts through the backbone without requiring much pressure to be applied.

You can also move around easily with this knife. Even You can use it as a pocket knife for fishing time. It is foldable into a perfect size such that it can easily fit in any camping box as you pack up for travel. The lanyard loop that comes with it will facilitate this ease of carrying.

The handle has a rubber coating coupled with grooves for the purpose of ensuring that there is no chance of it slipping out of your hands.   


  • It is tough and durable
  • It is flexible
  • It is foldable and easy to carry around


  • It is too long

7. Stainless Steel Rada Cutlery Fillet Knife

This is one of the best fillet knives you will ever come across. For starters, the blade is really reliable for filleting. It is high-carbon stainless steel and manually sharpened to ensure that it has a razor edge. It is also flexible so it is very efficient for peeling off the meat from the bones.

When we go to the handle, it is made of non-slip rubber which makes it comfortable with the strongest of grips. So even in the wet environments, you can be guaranteed that this knife will always remain tightly in your hands.

You will not have any stress with storage or carrying the knife since it comes with a leather scabbard to serve this purpose.


You will also be guaranteed of a quality product when you look at the packet. The company has stated its motto of providing the kitchen knives which will give value for your money. Additionally, it comes with a lifetime guarantee whereby you can return any product to the company for replacement if you find any defects.


  • The blade is very sharp
  • The handle is made of non-slip rubber
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • The leather sheath seems flimsy

8. Superflex Rapala Fish n Fillet Knife

If you really value quality in the fillet knives that you use, then you should look no further. You will have two versions to choose from; the 6-Inch and the 7.5-Inch versions. Whichever that you will end up choosing, you can rest assured that you will have both control and flexibility when using it.

The blade is extremely sharp and is made from Swedish stainless steel which is handmade in Finland. Further, it is coated with a non-stick coating to ensure that the knife will easily slice through the fish without getting stuck or picking up chunks of meat along the way.

Still on the blade, it bends in a really cool manner and also retains the cutting shape later on. The handle is made of non-slip rubber to give it a strong grip even in the wettest and greasiest conditions. It is also textured to prevent accidents caused by slips and stickiness when filleting through the fish.

Finally, it has a leather sheath which will protect the edge from getting damaged when it is not in use. The sheath also serves to protect the user as well.


  • It has a flexible blade
  • The handle has a good grip
  • The blade does not get stuck when sliding through the fish


  • Meat tends to get stuck around the brass ferrule

9. Flexible Global Cromova G-21 Boning Knife

This boning knife is made out of high-tech molybdenum stainless steel, which will help you in peeling the meat off the bones much faster and smoother. Its length of 6.75 Inch will also make the knife more effective in removing the bones.

The knife has a curve steel which lies between the blade and the handle. This piece serves to protect your hands in case of a mishap such as slipping, which may be catastrophic.

The handle is constructed out of stainless steel which makes it extremely strong. However much pressure you will apply on the blade will never result in it breaking. The handle itself is filled with rounded holes which ensure that the grip will be perfect throughout its use.

To top it all up, it comes with a lifetime defect-warranty.


  • It is very sharp
  • It has an amazing grip
  • It is extremely lightweight


  • The handle is a bit too thin

10. Portable Boning BlizeTec Fillet Knife

This fillet knife is heavy duty yet easy to use. Once we go through all its features, you will realize that it is virtually impossible for it to disappoint you. To start with, it comes with three different blades which you can choose from depending on your needs.

It also comes with a nylon case which you can easily strap on to your belt and you can move around with it comfortably. The handle is constructed from a thermoplastic material, making it strong and with a strong grip.

The blades are made from stainless steel which is rust resistant. To top on that it is coated with titanium to increase its durability.

The knife is not restricted to boning. You can just take it to your kitchen and use it to cut up your cutlery. Away from the kitchen, you can use it for fly fishing and cutting up meat.

The design of the knife means that both men and women will be comfortable using it. Finally, it comes with a lifetime warranty such that if you discover defects, you can always return it to the seller; in this case


  • The blade is resistant to rust
  • You can use it for more than one function
  • It comes with a lifetime defect warranty


  • The blade is loosely attached

How to Buy the Best Fishing Fillet Knife – Factors To Consider

As we have already stated, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find two fillet knives that are created equally. Fortunately, there are countless alternatives available varying in design, quality, raw materials, and size. Still, it’s always important to choose with care.

To speed up your journey to the best fillet knife on the market, we recommend sticking to the following key points.

Different Types of Fillet Knives

There are two main types of fillet knives and these are manual and electric-power knife models. The manual knives are the most common ones on the market.

They’re loved by most people because they give one the power to control the precision of the cuts. On top of that, they make it easy to extract a maximum amount of fish from the fish.

Electric fillet knives, on the other hand, are preferred by many for the simple fact that they require less effort to operate. They also come in handy when one is required to fillet greater quantities of fish.

Corded vs. Cordless Fillet Knives

Generally, there are two common categories of electric knives namely corded and cordless variants. Some people prefer corded fishing knives owing to the fact that they never run out of juice and have higher RPMs.

Cordless knives, on the other hand, come in handy when one is operating in an area that’s far from power outlets. This category of knives is also typically easier to maintain since they don’t feature the maddening tendencies getting entangled around the blade.

Blade Type

The blade is probably the most important part of any knife – that’s because it’s located at the business end of this all-important tool. For that reason, you always need to take a close look at the kind of blade you settle for.

In particular, we recommend blades that are thin yet durable. Your blade should be capable of holding a sharp edge at all times. Most importantly, it should be of the right length so it slices through the fish with ease.

Another important blade feature is that it should have an awesome amount of flex. Enough of the theory, let’s delve deeper into the specific stuff to consider when selecting the right blade.

Blade Material

The best kind of blade material, hands-down, is the stainless steel type. That’s because it doesn’t corrode, warp or tarnish. In particular, we do recommend knives made from high carbon steel material.

That’s because the material generally tends to be extremely easy to sharpen. It’s also quite resilient to a point that some gurus refer to it as being “indestructible.”

But with that said, this material wouldn’t win a beauty contest as it generally has a poor stain resistance score. It, therefore, requires frequent scouring to keep it clean and shiny.

High Carbon Stainless Steel

This is an awesome alternative to high carbon steel. That’s because it’s equally durable and has the tendency to maintain a sharp edge. But on top of that, this caliber of blades tends to perform better in terms of stain resistance.

That said, we happen to think that high carbon stainless steel materials are less resilient. They require frequent sharpening compared to their high carbon steel counterparts.


Blade construction is an important factor that sets the best fillet knives from the rest.  We’d single out the full tang blade design for being the best for filleting.

The term “full tang” simply means that the blade is designed to run for the entire length of the handle. And another thing, this kind of blade tends to provide an enhanced level of balance. It further increases stability, strength, and control.

Blade Length

What’s the best blade length for a fillet knife? You might be wondering. Well, from experience, most blade lengths fall within the range of 4 to 10 inches.

We’d recommend going for shorter blades if you mainly target small fish species such as sunfish, crappies, and perch.

However, if your typical catch comprises trout and eater-sized walleyes, we’d encourage you to go for the 6 to 8-inch range of knives.

Lastly, if you normally bring home bigger fish like supersize salmon and broad-shouldered pike, go for the 9-inch to 10-inch caliber of knives. These kinds of knives are also generally popular among people who mainly target saltwater species.

There’s no harm in owning 3 different knives from each one of these categories especially if you’re a versatile angler.

Looking to try your luck with only one knife? We’d encourage you to go for the 7-inch category of the knives. This is easily the most dynamic blade length on the markets.

The Handle of Your Knife

Comfort is a pretty big deal especially when one is faced with the task of filleting the fish. Therefore, a good handle is one that’s ergonomically designed especially to fit your hand.

Remember, the moment a knife fits comfortably on your arm, you also get a greater control over the blade. This is particularly important because it’s so easy to get in contact with fish slime, blood or even water.

Most importantly, a well-made blade is one that reduces fatigue. This is such an important feature especially when one is faced with the enormous responsibility of filleting and cleaning the fish for long hours.

Above all, a good grip is an essential safety component. Let’s zoom in to some awesome fillet knife handle options worth pondering upon.

Handle Materials

There are three common types of knife handle materials namely rubber, plastic, and wood. Wood is a pretty common choice but the main challenge with it is that it tends to become slippery when wet. It’s also prone to drying and cracking.

Plastic handles can be a fantastic choice to settle for especially when completed with rubber grips. Otherwise, plain plastic handles can also get dangerously slippery.

The rubber material is generally good but rubber alone may not last long. So, it’s always a good idea to go for composite handles e.g. the one made from a combination of rubber and plastic.

Glass-reinforced nylon is yet another popular handle material alternative. This works great especially when accompanied by a tactile grip.

The Sheath of the Knife

The sheath is, unfortunately, one of the most overlooked, yet important parts of a knife. This component is extremely important since it safeguards the blade and adds security during transport or storage. There are different types of sheaths but we’d like to narrow down to the three most popular ones.

Plastic Sheath

These kinds of sheaths are not only durable but also relatively easy to maintain. Also, plastic is generally easy and convenient to work with. And just because it tends to be cheap doesn’t mean it’s total crap.

Nylon Sheath

Nylon sheaths can be equally great especially when made with multiple draining ports and ventilation. The good thing with nylon is that it’s a pretty versatile material. It also works best for large knives which often require custom fitting sheaths.

Leather Sheaths

Leather is a great material especially due to its authentic looks and durability. The material is also moldable which makes it quite accommodative to different types of knives. Unfortunately, the material can easily soak up and retain odor making it difficult to maintain.

Which Is The Best Fishing Fillet Knife in the 2018-2019 Period?

Without further ado, we’d like to present you with the knife that we think is the best overall. This is the Rapala4 Soft Grip Fillet Knife. Known for its well-made blade, a grippy handle and an accommodative sheath, the Rapala4 presents one with a complete package.

If you’re searching for the best electric fillet knife, we’d recommend going for the Rapala HD Corded Electric Fillet Knife. It’s handy, resilient, and powered by a reliable motor. Its 7 1/2-inch design makes a perfect, and versatile pick.

How to Choose The Right Fishing Fillet Knife

Final Thoughts

Fixing shore lunch in the midst of your fishing trip? Or maybe you’ve gone fully commercial and want to prepare some fish fillet for your clients. Having the best fishing fillet knife is always important.

We, therefore, hope that the review and how-to guide above will inspire you to make an informed decision.

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