7 Best Fishing Bobbers Reviewed & Compared

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As their name suggests, bobbers are meant to bob up and down thereby alerting you when fish bites of nibbles on your bait. This ultimately helps increase your accuracy enabling you to only respond when it’s necessary.

Therefore, by eliminating the guesswork, bobbers stand out with their unique ability to provide in-depth information without the need for advanced technologies. In fact, bobbers are simply spring loaded and then attached to your fishing line using a clop. Afterward, they are tied directly on the line effectively allowing the line to slip for slip-cork fishing. On top of that, bobbers or simply floats can be used to keep the baits from the bottom, so nothing goes to waste.

But while at it, it’s important to keep in mind that not all bobbers work exactly the same way. When the float is too large, the fish may detect it and, therefore, avoid the hook. So, you want something that’s designed based on years of research regarding fish behavior.

Worth keeping in mind is that bobbers come in different shapes as well. These include:

  • Round shape
  • Pencil like
  • Quill
  • Oblong
  • Popping

Without further ado, we’d now like provide you with a detailed review of some of the leading fishing bobbers. Take a closer at each one of them and hopefully, you’ll find something that resonates with your needs.

Don’t have the time to go through all these reviews? The table below has all your considerations taken into account.






Check Price


Eagle Claw Snap-On Round Floats, 12 Floats,...

Eagle Claw 07030-001

Red & White

3.5 ounces


Eagle Claw Balsa Style Oval Fixed Float with...

Eagle Claw Balsa


3.2 ounces


South Bend Push Button Float Assortment

South Bend Push

Neon Yellow/Neon Orange

1.6 ounces


QualyQualy 5 Pcs 30g EVA Floats + 10Pcs...

QualyQualy EVA


1.9 ounces


Billy Boy 94 Weighted Snap-On Float Asst, 6...

Billy Boy 94

Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, White

0.32 ounces 


FishingAmmo Fishing Shell Bobber (3-Pack),...

FishingAmmo Shell


0.8 ounces


QualyQualy Fishing Floats and Bobbers Wood,...

QualyQualy Paulownia Balsa


2.1 ounces

7 Best Fishing Bobbers Reviewed

1. ​Eagle Claw 07030-001

Eagle Claw Snap-On Round Floats, 12 Floats,...
875 Customer Reviews
Eagle Claw Snap-On Round Floats, 12 Floats,...
  • CLASSIC: This Eagle Claw Float is THE...
  • EASY TO USE: The top and bottom clip-on...
  • ASSORTMENT OF SIZES: No need to use...

The Eagle Claw-Snap-On Floats can be an excellent addition to your tackle box. The floaters are manufactured by Eagle Claw, which is an experienced fishing accessory manufacturer. Further, the floaters work by suspending the bait. When a fish bites the bait, the floaters duck under, alerting you of the catch.

What’s more? They are easy to set up, they have a hook at the top and bottom where the angler sets the fishing line.

The bobbers are also quite affordable with a pack priced at well below $3. A pack contains 12 pieces, three of each of the sizes on offer namely 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1-3/4". The different sizes are ideal for targeting different species of fish. The floaters have a conspicuous color for easy visibility to the angler. There are three color assortments to choose from.

  • A product of Eagle Claw
  • They are affordable
  • There are three color assortments to choose from
  • There are four different sizes in each pack
  • The bobbers are twelve pieces in total
  • The color is luminous and therefore visible to the angler
  • They are not so durable

2. ​Eagle Claw Balsa

Eagle Claw Balsa Style Oval Fixed Float with...
56 Customer Reviews
Eagle Claw Balsa Style Oval Fixed Float with...
  • Highest quality angler gear for all...
  • Trusted for reliability, durability, and...
  • Quality and field tested to ensure you...
  • 2 hooks per pack

Eagle Claw-Balsa is a product of Eagle Claw. Eagle Claw has over 85 years history of manufacturing reliable fishing accessories. The bobbers are great for catching panfish and other small species of fishes.

Eagle Claw-Balsa floats are constructed from Balsa wood for durability and also lightweight. The lightweight gives the tool the ability to float in water. Each float measures about 6 inches. The floats are great for hooking on a fishing rod and fishing reel but can also be used for handline fishing. They are highly sensitive to fish bites.

They are designed to be conspicuous for visibility even when the waters are wavy. A package comes with two pieces.

  • They are a product of Eagle Claw
  • Sensitive to fish bites
  • They float due to their lightweight
  • They are colored for visibility
  • They are easy to set up on a rod and reel or handline fishing
  • They are more expensive than plastic floats
  • They are the same size and can mainly target one size of fish

3. South Bend Push

South Bend Push Button Float Assortment
185 Customer Reviews
South Bend Push Button Float Assortment
  • Pack of 10 fluorescent floats.
  • Easy to push release button.
  • Color: Neon Yellow and Neon Orange.

South Bend-Push Button floats are simple, old-fashioned bobbers and affordable bobbers. The floats have an easy to push button, and they are therefore easy to set up on a fishing line or used as a slip float. They are easy to use and very ideal for children and newbie anglers learning float fishing.

The bobbers have visible colors and will be ideal if you are fishing in a low light situation or you are casting at a long distance. There is a pack of ten neon yellow and neon orange floats. The ten floaters are different sizes to suit baiting different species of fish.

  • Quite inexpensive, ten floats at under $3
  • They are easy to set up and use
  • The floaters are different sizes
  • The floaters have visible neon yellow and neon orange colors
  • Some anglers complain that some sizes are too small to serve any purpose

4. Qualyqualy ​EVA

On Sale Today
QualyQualy 5 Pcs 30g EVA Floats + 10Pcs...
121 Customer Reviews
QualyQualy 5 Pcs 30g EVA Floats + 10Pcs...
  • 1.Sensitive Fishing Float: The fishing...
  • 2.Specification:Flotage-30g/1.1oz,Length-...
  • 3.360 Degree Bottom Rolling Swivels:Firm...
  • 4.Ideal for Most Types of...

Qualyqualy Fishing Bobbers will take your night fishing activities to the next level. They are top quality floaters made from EVA foam for durability. In addition, the floaters are designed to be sensitive to fish bites. The floats are luminous for easy visibility, making them suitable for long distance casting and also night fishing.

The glow sticks make the floaters suitable for night fishing activities. There are three floater sizes available of 10gms, 20gms, and 30gms to suit different angler needs. A package includes five fishing floats of one size and ten pieces of fishing glow stick set.

  • Three sizes available
  • Ideal for night fishing
  • Very sensitive to fish bites
  • They have a luminous color for easy visibility
  • The tube can get detached from the float and fly off during casting

5. Betts Billy Boy-94 ​

Billy Boy 94 Weighted Snap-On Float Asst, 6...
66 Customer Reviews

Enhance your float fishing activities with the Betts Billy Boy floaters. The floaters are made from a combination of materials. The body of the floats are made from cork which is more preferred than plastic floats by experienced anglers because they offer a better fishing experience than plastic floats. In addition, they are weighted snap-on floats meaning they have a little weight, making them ideal for long distance casting.

You will receive an assortment of 6 pieces, which are of different colors, sizes, and shapes. The assorted collection is suitable for targeting different species of fish. The assortment will eventually save you money when you have to keep changing fishing conditions and when you have to target different species of fish.

  • An assortment of color, design, and size
  • They are weighted
  • The body is made from cork and not plastic for better fishing experiences
  • They are affordable
  • Some anglers find them to have a cheap look

6. FishingAmmo Shell

FishingAmmo Fishing Shell Bobber (3-Pack),...
71 Customer Reviews
FishingAmmo Fishing Shell Bobber (3-Pack),...
  • Real Shotgun Shell Fishing Bobbers
  • Made In America
  • As Seen In The Tank - Mark Cuban...

Fishing Ammo-Fishing Shell Bobber are floaters made with real shells of shotguns. The inventors came up with the idea when they found a used shell floating on water. The floaters are red and visible at a distance. Unfortunately, their color may not be visible in low light conditions, and they are therefore suitable for day fishing only. A pack has three bobbers.

Unfortunately, they come only in one size. This limits their use to target different species of fish.

  • A unique floater made from the shells of real shotguns
  • They have a durable construction
  • Affordable at below $4.
  • An excellent gift idea for anglers who are also hunters
  • They are one size only
  • The red color may not be visible in low light situations and limits their use to daytime fishing

7. QualyQualy ​Paulownia Balsa

On Sale Today
QualyQualy Fishing Floats and Bobbers Wood,...
78 Customer Reviews
QualyQualy Fishing Floats and Bobbers Wood,...
  • 1.SUPER SENSITIVITY: Bass fishing...
  • 4.MIXED STYLES :2 Kinds of different...

QualyQualy- Wood Fishing Floats are unique floats made from super lightweight Paulownia Wood for excellent buoyancy attributes. They also have a water-based varnish. The floaters have visible and yet environment-friendly colors.

The floats are very sensitive to fish bites and therefore very reliable floaters. Each of the floaters is well designed and inspected for quality. They are designed with an eyelet for easy and secure fastening on fishing lines. There are two different designs available to meet different fishing needs.

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • They are manufactured from Paulownia wood for durability and lightweight
  • They have visible environment-friendly colors
  • The floats feel fish bites at the slightest pull
  • The floaters are inspected for quality
  • There are two sizes available
  • They are slightly more expensive than plastic floaters

Factors To Consider When Buying a Fishing Bobber

The rule of the thumb is to always find the best bobber for the job. But how can one go about that? Here are some key pointers to keep in mind.

The Type of Fish You’re Targeting

If you’re targeting big fish species, then it makes sense to invest in a big bobber. However, if you’re fishing in small lakes, ponds, and rivers, then you should consider getting moderately-sized bobbers. That’s because, the bigger the fish, the more the tension exerted on the bobbers.

Accuracy & Precision

A good bobber is one that’s highly sensitive and capable of mimicking the subtle movements caused when a fish bites or nibbles. Such a bobber would make it extremely easy for you to react in good time and prevent the catch from escaping with your bait.

How Visible Should a Bobber Be?

Planning to use your bobber at night? Whichever the case, you always want to make sure that it’s visible over long distances. Yellow and orange colored options are always good ones to go for.


For beginners, plastic and wooden bobbers can offer you the value you need. However, the choice of material may vary depending on your preferences and experiences in fishing.

Which One Is The Best?

The Eagle Claw-Snap-On Floats Bobbers Assortment set is what in our opinion ticks all the right boxes. The bobbers are not only effective but also good looking and durable. And with different color assortments to choose from, we believe this is where true value rests.

Final Thoughts

As seen from the fishing floater reviews above, you don’t have to break the bank for some good bobbers. So, all you need to do is focus on the subtle features and qualities that matter. Of course, your fishing style and level of experience should also influence your final choice.