Top 5 Best Fish Finder Under 100 - 2019 Cheap Fish Finder

Fish is quickly becoming a sporting activity; a fish finder is a device you can use to locate fishes quickly and within a short time regardless of the depth of water. The best fish finder under 100 depends on the quality of sound energy it uses to calculate the distance where the fish is from the reflected pulses of sound.

The review takes you through some of the best fish finders under 100 and still able to give you a full screen color display, the five products listed here should help you in decision making.

The Best Cheap Fish Finders 2019 - Quick List

Best Fish Finder Under $100 in Review

1. The VT-FF001 Fish Finder with Sensor

The VT-FF001 is one of the top sellers and is one of the portable models of the Venterior family. It has a wide sonar sensor and a 25-foot cable that gives a depth range of 100 meters. It is possible to see fish through the LCD screen. You can take this device to the lake, rivers, streams, and oceans for fishing.


  • Has a unit of measurement that uses both feet and meters
  • Has a battery saving mode and backlight feature


  • Has a small screen, which may not be reliable for perfect viewing

2. The RealSonar Smart Fish Finder

The RealSonar smart fish finder is one of the most affordable devices in its category. It is fitted with a 5-inch screen and a GPrS tracker. It runs on a 118 kHz frequency that makes it easy to understand how it works. It has a maximum depth of 135 feet, which is appropriate for using it as a cashable unit.


  • Patented sonar fish identifier technology
  • Charge led indicator
  • Integrates well into both iOS and Android Apps


  • Loses connection with connected Apps

3. FishTrax 1 with Vituview Display

The FishTrax 1 is good for an angler looking both affordability and ease of use. The Vituview LCD icon shows sonar data as icons giving valuable data that is easy to understand. It has a 5 level adjustable sensitivity levels, an audible alarm and backlit display appropriate for night viewing. Has a frequency range of 200 kHz and can measure the fish depth.


  • Bottom composition indicators with auto and manual sensitivity settings
  • Zoon capable for better ground viewing
  • Uses HD bottom landscape viewing


  • Water gets into batteries when placed near water because there is no seal

4. The Portable FishHuinter PRO

Get into the world of wireless fish finder ranging from 150 feet and with the same depth capacity and with a tracking distance of 100 feet. Can be trolled and cast from a boat or onshore. The three frequencies increase the device’s sensitivity by giving high-resolution information that improves its accuracy


  • Uses a rechargeable lithium polymer battery with up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Provides high-resolution ground images for quick analysis
  • You can view the bottom depth of water without necessarily drilling a hole
  • Utilizes Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Poor connectivity over a wireless connection
  • Picks up a lot of interference

5. Wired Sonar Lucky Portable Fish Finder

This fish finder has a colored TFT screen that detects contours, water temperature, and fish size. You can use either the Transducer or the Simulation mode. The transducer extends to 26 feet wired operating distance. The fish finder works in different fishing scenarios such as ice fishing, river fishing, sea fishing, kayak fishing, and offshore fishing. You can choose to view the underwater in three different displays as well as set up the sensitivity. When full the fish finder can last up to 5 hours.


  • The finder is rechargeable and comes with its USB cable
  • Supports different forms of fishing
  • Uses a bracket to attach the transducer to the boat


  • The temperature cable is weak and raptures when exposed to water
  • Reads inconsistent water temperature
  • Very hard to read in sunlight

The Buying Guide

You should not get excited and buy the first finder under 100 that comes to sight. Here are some of the things that you need to consider. We will not talk about the cost because they are all under 100.

Depth Range

How far the fish finder should detect depends on where the fishing takes place. You should be able to estimate the depth that your finder can go. For example, fishing from a dock or shore using a distance of 100 meters is perfect. If you are using a kayak or a fishing boat, a finder with more depth will be appropriate.

Display Size

The bigger your display, the more clear your field of view. Most finders in this range tend to have small to medium sized LCD screens. Some may have large displays, in most cases; a fish finder with a small screen can link up your mobile phone to get a bigger and brighter image.


There are cases where you will spend an entire day looking for fish. Therefore, you need a fish finder with long-lasting batteries. Most models in this category come with rechargeable batteries that help in the cost of maintenance or replacing with a new set.

Area of Coverage

The cone angle and the frequency range should determine your coverage area. To get the best from coverage look for a fish finder with a high frequency running between 200 kHz in shallow water and 50 kHz in deep waters.

What we think

Some of the best fish finders under 100 almost look similar in features; the best option should be to look for one with the best cone angle and at least a depth of 100 meters. Other things such as product warranty and other great features should also guide your decision-making. If you can get a fish finder with auto zoom features that can also detect rock and weeds, you will end up with the best choice if you are new into fishing.

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