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Best Braided Fishing Line Reviews, Benefits & Buying Guide

Ask any angler out there and they’ll confirm to you that a braided fishing line can be the difference between success and failure in trophy fishing. That’s why it is very important that you insist on quality over and above everything else. But in a world full of options, picking the perfect line from the pack can be a tough task.

So, don’t make the mistake of keeping your fishing line as an after-thought. Just the same way you work hard on finding the best reelrod, and fish finder, spare some time for the line as well.

In the following review, we’ll talk about quite a few things involved in identifying the right tool for the job. Some of the highlights include:

  • Different fishing line types
  • How to choose the right line for specific applications
  • How to take good care of your fishing line

To kick off this review, we’d like to first present you with a list of the leading fishing line options. Remember, no two lines are exactly the same. If you look close enough you’re likely to notice quite a few important factors worth paying close attention to.

10 Best Braided Fishing Line 2019– A Comparison Table

We have provided you with a list of 10 braided lines. The options may seem overwhelming at first but we’ve tried to break them down for you. So, you can grasp them on the go.






Check Price


KastKing Superpower Braided Fishing Line,Low-Vis...

KastKing Superpower Braided Fishing Line

Low-Vis Gray and others

7.1 Ounces


Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line, Moss...

Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line

Moss Green and others

1.6 ounces


Spiderwire SCS8G-500 Stealth, 500-Yard/8-Pound,...

Spiderwire SCS8G-500 Stealth

Blue Camo and others

1.6 ounces


Piscifun Onyx Braided Fishing Line Advanced...

Piscifun Onyx Braided Fishing Line Advanced Superline Braid Lines 547Yd 10lb Black

Black and others

2.2 ounces


Reaction Tackle Moss Green 50LB 1500yd

Reaction Tackle Moss Green 50LB 1500yd

Blue Camouflage

2.9 ounces


Piscifun Lunker Braided Fishing Line Black 12lb...

Piscifun Lunker Braided Fishing Line Black 12lb 547yards

Yellow and others

3.84 ounces


Sougayilang 500m/547Yards 4 Strands 12lb-72lb...

Sougayilang 500m


8.8 ounces


Spiderwire SCUC30IB-125 Ultracast Invisi-Braid,...

Spiderwire SCUC30IB-125 Ultracast Invisi-Braid


0.3 ounces 


Berkley NanoFil Uni-filament Fishing Line, 12...

Berkley NanoFil Uni-filament Fishing Line

Clear Mist

1.6 ounces


Berkley Fused Crystal Fireline, 6/2 Lb, 125 Yd ,...

Berkley Fused Crystal Fireline

5-Color Metered

1.92 ounces

Quick Answer: The Best Braided Fishing Line

1. KastKing SuperPower Zero-Stretch Braided Line

On Sale
KastKing Superpower Braided Fishing Line,Low-Vis...
3,322 Reviews
KastKing Superpower Braided Fishing Line,Low-Vis...
  • Strong knot strength - dynamically...
  • Low memory - helps you achieve a better,...
  • Greater abrasion resistance - of KastKing...
  • Ultra-high sensitivity & Zero stretch - for...

Known for its strong knot strength all thanks to its dynamically incorporated strands, this line has earned the reputation of being quite reliable. Its special kind of design gives you the freedom to create a firm clinch knot.

Besides that, its proprietary treatment gives it the extra grip needed for a supple hold. Other lines come with a waxy coating which provides a poor lure swimming action.

Product Description

The Kastking Super Power is best described as a low memory line. In that regard, it helps you cast far and leaves behind minimal chances of wind knots forming. A closer look at it further reveals that it is designed to provide top abrasion resistance.

This comes in handy especially when you need to really minimize the chances of losing a big one. So, when the stakes are so high, this would certainly be the winning combination for you to bank on.

Other Features and Benefits

Sensitivity is an important component to pay attention to when it comes to fishing lines. The last thing you want to end up is a line that hardly reacts when a fish nibs on your bait. On that front, the Super Power doesn’t disappoint.

The line is highly sensitive plus it offers zero stretch giving you a firm hold. Indeed, its special design goes a long way in providing you with a superior hook setting which significantly increases your catch ratio.

Yet another unique feature that sets this particular line miles ahead of the park is the fact it has a small diameter. Compared to other brands, its small diameter provides a great fit on the spool. This way, you can spool more line onto your reel. How cool is that?

  • Powerful knot strength
  • Low memory design, low risk of wind knots
  • Highly sensitive for easier hook setting
  • Has a small diameter making it easy to boost more line
  • Though powerful, it’s quite thin
  • Fades after several years of use

2. Power Pro 80LB Braided Fishing Line

On Sale
Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line, Moss...
985 Reviews
Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line, Moss...
  • Round, smooth, and sensitive braided fishing...
  • Enhanced Body Technology (EBT) boosts...
  • Constructed with Spectra fiber for incredible...
  • EZ Spool (on select models) lets you spool...

When it comes to listing down the best braided fishing lines on the market, nothing beats what the Power Pro has to offer. With options ranging from 0.0005-inch to 0.035-inch diameter, what you get here is versatility.

Depending on your style of fishing, you can start with a line as long as 150 yards or if you want to reach further distances, 3000 yards would be perfect. And no matter how far this line delivers your hook, you’ll always be assured to get the best in terms of line sensitivity.

Product Description

With more and more water bodies getting clearer, the PowerPro is a Microline designed to make all the difference. It has a thin diameter which means more of it finds its way onto the reel. While at it, its thin design provides it with the traction and action needed to land the lures on water with precision.

On top of that, it boasts a three-end braided construction along with a near-zero stretch, factors that make it quite sensitive. It also has a low-memory effect which makes it easy to cast no matter your level of experience.

Other Features and Benefits

One thing that we can proudly highlight about this line is that it’s of excellent quality. It is designed to provide you with a great cast which makes it an unbeatable choice for beginners and pros alike.

On top of that, this line boasts great integrity. So, you can use it for many years without worrying that it might accidentally break.  Add that to the fact that you have the freedom to choose the kind of thickness you want to use and you have what in our view is a winning formula.

  • Available in different thicknesses
  • Works smoothly
  • Low memory effect
  • Highly sensitive line
  • Pricier than other thicker lines

3. SpiderWire Superline Braided Fishing Line

Spiderwire SCS8G-500 Stealth, 500-Yard/8-Pound,...
1,115 Reviews
Spiderwire SCS8G-500 Stealth, 500-Yard/8-Pound,...
  • Sleek and durable braided fishing line...
  • Strong, smooth, and round Dyneema...
  • Color-Lock coating technology holds in color...

One thing that drew our attention to this particular braided fishing line is the fact that it’s made from what’s described as the world’s strongest fiber. Indeed, it’s made from the Dyneema PE Microfiber which is formulated from the Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene.

The idea behind this patented concept is that you get lots of strength with the line being of minimal weight. Yet another thing that makes this line stand out is the fact that it’s resistant to moisture, chemicals, and UV rays.

So, in fact, it’s quite long-lasting. As such, you can bank on it when it comes to long-term use knowing that it won’t break just because you’ve been fishing under the glaring sunlight.

Product Description

You have to start by appreciating the fact that this is a non-stretch braided fishing line. As such, it bestows you with the kind of accuracy you need even when casting over long distances. Apart from that, the line is incredibly sensitive to changes meaning it easily detects even the slightest of all bites.

What’s more? You can find it in varying colors ranging from black to white and blue. These are wonderful colors since they easily blend with different water conditions. This makes a lot of sense especially when you’re hunting for the highly sensitive fish species.

Other Features and Benefits

This line’s color-lock coating technology not only lasts long but also has the potential to cast really far away. In the end, you get a highly powerful yet smooth and round constructed microfiber ready to serve you well.

Yet another aspect of this line that really stood out is that it runs quietly on the reel. It’s, therefore, ideal for those stealth attacks. And for your flexibility, the line is available in 200 yards length plus you can choose between 20lbs and 100lbs.

  • Nice and smooth
  • Superb performance at long casting distances
  • Highly sensitive as it doesn’t stretch
  • Great hold of the hook
  • The manufacturer seems to be having quality control issues
  • Smooth but not slick

4. Piscifun Braided Fishing Line

On Sale
Piscifun Onyx Braided Fishing Line Advanced...
913 Reviews
Piscifun Onyx Braided Fishing Line Advanced...
  • Superior Abrasion Resistance and Durable -...
  • Strong Knot Strength - Unmatched strength...
  • Faster Cutting Water - Unparalleled...
  • Highly Sensitivity and Minimal Stretch -...

If you are looking for a highly durable fishing line that would withstand the pressure brought about by the heavier fish species, then the Piscifun Braided Line is here for you. It would suit you even better if you are on a tight budget as it is very affordable.

The Piscifun brand is famous for its high quality fishing lines, and once you are done reading our review of this particular product, you will realize that it is not an exception.

Product Description

The Piscifun Braided Line is designed to offer you incredible strength ranging from 12lbs to 150lbs. The materials used in its construction enhance its durability and give it an impressive abrasion resistance property.

You will also be impressed by its high sensitivity and non-stretching that will enable you to feel the slightest movement made by the fish.

Other Features and Benefits

To start with, this fishing line is extremely lightweight. This means that transporting and casting it does not bring about any complications. Therefore, if you intend to spend several days fishing, you will not necessarily experience any fatigue.

The powder coating of this fishing line dramatically contributes to its sturdiness and durability. The low tensile features four strands while the high tensile features eight strands.

It is smooth and round due to its high abrasion resistance. It will significantly enhance your capability of catching more fish as your catch will cut through the water at a higher pace.

Further, its sturdy construction means that the line will come out unscathed even after rubbing through rocks and other objects.

The last outstanding feature is its high sensitivity, and you will instantly feel the slightest touch of a fish.

  • Very durable
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • High sensitivity
  • Difficult to tie knots

5. Reaction Tackle High-Performance Braided Fishing Line

Reaction Tackle Moss Green 50LB 1500yd
918 Reviews
Reaction Tackle Moss Green 50LB 1500yd
  • Ultimate strength, near zero stretch,...
  • 100% UHMWPE, the world’s strongest fiber,...
  • Super thin and slick, pro grade, flies though...
  • Great value, high quality braid for a...

Are you planning to go fishing for some of the biggest fish species in the waters? If you are, then the Reaction Tackle High-Performance Braided Fishing Line should be your fast choice line. It is crafted from the most robust fiber material, and this means it can hold up against any resistance from the fish.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a pro because this line has zero stretch and comes in extra-long casting, making it suitable for just about everyone.

Product Description

This high-performance fishing line is made in the USA, and it is constructed out of UHMWPE, which happens to be the strongest fiber globally. It is available in different colors and is coated to enhance its durability.

It weighs 1.6 Ounces and measures 2.5 by 2.5 by 2.5 Inches, a very small diameter as compared to other lines in the market. Its strength ranges from 10lb to 200lb, making it a very reliable fishing line in the field.

The strength and durability will increase your chances of catching more fish.

Other Features and Benefits

First, this fishing line has zero stretch property, making it sturdy and durable and able to cope with the pressure that comes with larger fish species. It also has a longer casting action due to its smooth and round finishing.

Then, it has a color lock technology that reduces the rates of fading and makes the present color to last longer. This technology also gives it an impressive bleeding-resistance.

It has a high sensitivity such that the slightest touch by a fish will capture your attention. Its sturdiness means that it can crash through rocks and other objects and come out unscathed.

  • Crafted from the strongest fiber in the world
  • Has color lock technology
  • Has a longer casting distance
  • Lining a bit too thick

6. Piscifun Lunker Braided Fishing Line

Piscifun Lunker Braided Fishing Line Black 12lb...
267 Reviews
Piscifun Lunker Braided Fishing Line Black 12lb...
  • THINNER DIAMETER - Piscifun Lunker braided...
  • LOW MEMORY - Piscifun braided fishing line...
  • ABRASION RESISTANCE - Unique finesse...
  • SENSITIVITY - Thanks to its zero stretch, the...

Piscifun does it again with the Lunker Braided Fishing line. Sometimes all you need to hear is a particular reputable name, and we can assure you this time is no different. It is crafted from a combination of materials from the Netherlands to create braids with the kind of strength associated with the brand.

Product Description

The Piscifun Lunker Braided Fishing Line has a relatively thinner diameter, ranging from 0.1 to 0.7mm, giving it a high rating with regards to tensile strength. The weight capacity ranges between 10lbs to 80lbs and has a length ranging between 300 to 547 yards.

It is made of PE material from the Netherlands for unmatched strength and has virtually zero spool memory.

Other Features and Benefits

The PE Fiber material gives it incredible strength, and it can comfortably help in pulling the bigger fish species out of the water. It also makes it, and it emerges unscathed even after bumping into rocks and other objects in the water.

Then, this fishing line is highly sensitive, and you would not fail to detect the slightest touch of a fish. It also has a non-stretch property that enables it to maintain a straight line position throughout your fishing expedition.

The line has Nano Coating treatment which increases its abrasion and friction-resistance. As a result, it greatly enhances its durability and will serve you for a long time to come.

In addition to the small diameter, this line is extremely lightweight, and you will not have a problem storing it or carrying it around. You will also be able to cast it much more quickly and at a longer distance as a result of this design.

Lastly, it has very little spool memory which makes it the ideal fishing line for spinning reels.

  • Holds its knots well
  • Very sensitive
  • Impressive abrasion-resistance
  • Not suited for deep sea fishing

7. Sougayilang Multifilament PE Superbraid

On Sale
Sougayilang 500m/547Yards 4 Strands 12lb-72lb...
301 Reviews
Sougayilang 500m/547Yards 4 Strands 12lb-72lb...
  • 2. Exclusive long lasting color process....
  • 3. Thin diameter offers accurate casting....
  • 4. Superior abrasion resistance. Ultra...

If you are looking for a braided fishing line that is sure to brighten up your fishing experience and make you stand out from the crowd, the Sougayilang PE Superbraid is a sensible choice. It is a multicolored fishing braid comprising of Black, Yellow, Green and Gray colors and it is suited to operate in salty as well as freshwater bodies.

Is it worth it? Let’s see.

Product Description

The Sougayilang Braided Fishing Line is constructed out of high quality materials but remains very lightweight. The line is resistant to water absorption and has a thin diameter to allow for a precise casting process.

It has a carrying capacity of between 12lbs and 72lbs, implying that you can comfortably use it in pulling out the bigger fish species.

The manufacturer is so confident of this line such that you will be given a trial period of sixty days, after which you can get a full refund of your money if you are not satisfied with the service that you get.

Other Features and Benefits

To start with, this fishing line has extreme abrasion resistance and will withstand bumps from rocks and other objects in the water. Then, it has no stretch properties, and it can maintain a straight position necessary for a successful fishing trip.

It also has high sensitivity, and you will instantly be aware whenever the fish makes slight contact with the line.

As a result of being crafted from the PE Fiber material, this line is super strong. Further, it comprises four strands to make one solid line.

  • Sturdy
  • Resistant to water absorption
  • High sensitivity
  • Fades easily

8. Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi-Braid

On Sale
Spiderwire SCUC30IB-125 Ultracast Invisi-Braid,...
362 Reviews
Spiderwire SCUC30IB-125 Ultracast Invisi-Braid,...
  • 8 carrier braid
  • Innovative cold-fusion process
  • Translucency for near invisibility
  • High strength-per-diameter

One of the outstanding issues that face braided fishing lines is visibility. Most of the lines are too visible and only end up scaring away the fish. Well, the Spiderware Ultracast Invisi-braid attempts to deal with this issue. It is not exactly invisible but it is translucent, and this makes it difficult for the fish to spot it.

It is one of the priciest braided fishing lines of the Spiderware franchise, and we can attribute this to its various impressive qualities as we are about to see.

Product Description

The Spiderware Ultracast is constructed from high quality materials, including Nylon, PE Fiber, and Fluoropolymer. It also uses highly advanced technology in this construction to give you an extremely high quality product.

It is available in various lengths, ranging from 125 yards to 2800 yards and has a load capacity which ranges from 6lbs to 80lbs.

It is an 8-Carrier braid, and it arrives in a unique package which gives you a hint of its superior quality.

Other Features and Benefits

The main outstanding feature of this braided fishing line is its invisibility. This is due to its translucent color which makes it 'Invisible' once you cast it in the water. This should boost your chances of baiting some fish.

Then, it is robust and durable, and this is due to it being an 8-Carrier Braid. It is also smoother due to the small braiding of the line.

We can also attribute the durability of this line to the cold fusion process in the construction which bonds the braids together and enhance its strength.

Lastly, it has high sensitivity, and you will have an easy time detecting the presence of a fish.

  • Does not get wind knots
  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight and casts smoothly
  • Very expensive

9. Berkley NanoFil Uni-Filament Fishing Line

Berkley NanoFil Uni-filament Fishing Line, 12...
312 Reviews
Berkley NanoFil Uni-filament Fishing Line, 12...
  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Engineered to help anglers catch more fish
  • The most trusted name in all fishing gear
  • The first Uni-Filament fishing line - Not a...

According to the Berkley Company, this fishing line is the sturdiest and thinnest line that you will ever come across. It has a high level of sensitivity and will give you a greater casting distance. As with most of the fishing lines from Berkley, the Nanofil is constructed out of Dyneema Fibers although in this case the nano Filaments are molecularly linked with gel-spun polyethylene to form one strong fiber.

This should explain its strength. Let us explore other features of this line.

Product Description

This fishing line comes from the Berkley line of fishing lines and is one of the most reputable fishing lines in the world. It is a Uni-filament fishing line, comprising of hundreds of nanofilament fibers woven together into one.

It has a small diameter, and it should give you the farthest casting as compared to other Berkley lines. It has zero stretch and zero memory to provide you with a flawless performance.

Other Features and Benefits

The most outstanding and impressive feature of this fishing line is its unique strength that will never disappoint you even as you pull out the largest fish from the waterbody.

The zero stretch quality enhances its sensitivity, and you will have an easy time detecting the slightest fish bite. There will also be no tangling of knots as a result of the zero memory feature of this line.

It has a high abrasion and friction resistance to increase your casting distance.

  • Incredible strength
  • High sensitivity
  • Greater casting distance
  • Wears out easily

10. Berkley FireLine Superline Fishing Line

Berkley Fused Crystal Fireline, 6/2 Lb, 125 Yd ,...
306 Reviews
Berkley Fused Crystal Fireline, 6/2 Lb, 125 Yd ,...
  • Thermally fused FireLine Crystal is smoother...
  • The smooth handling superline - optimized...
  • Incredibly thin diameter for unbelievable...

The Berkley brand is one of the most popular brands globally as it continues to release high-quality products into the market. The Berkley Fireline is one of its outstanding braided fishing lines, and fishers highly rate it all over the world. 

Let us see if it is worth the hype.

Product Description

The Berkely Fireline is constructed from hundreds of gel-spun polyethylene microfibers to give it incredible strength. It has a small diameter, and this will enhance its invisibility once you submerge it in the water.

It has minimal stretch, and it has one of the most impressive abrasion resistance you will ever find. The line is super-smooth, and you will enjoy using it on spinning reels.

Other Features and Benefits

For a line of its diameter, the Berkley Fireline is exceptionally sturdy and has a capacity ranging from 4lbs to 30lbs. It also has an impressive range from as low as 125 yards to 3000 yards. 

It is highly sensitive, and you will be able to trace any maneuvers made by your target. This coupled with its invisibility will greatly increase your chances of catching more fish.

Lastly, the high quality construction makes this line very durable, and this will save you the expenses that come with constant replacement of braided lines.

  • Incredibly strong
  • Very sensitive
  • Amazing abrasion resistance
  • Tends to experience slippage on the spool

Why Insist on Braided Lines?

Compared to their fluorocarbon and monofilament counterparts, braided lines offer quite a few advantages. For starters, they don’t stretch easily. This way, they provide a reliable link between you and the bait.

By extension, this ensures that you get increased sensitivity and that way, you can also notice even the slightest of all nibbles. Also, when the line has no stretch, it’s easy to get a good look at the hook penetration. That’s of course alongside the fact that the hook sets quite deep in the water.

Resistance to Abrasion

Yet another benefit of going for a braided line is that it’s resistant to wear and tear. Indeed, braided lines tend to be extremely tough and durable. Therefore, you can use them in all kinds of conditions including in rocky places or at the docks.


Braided lines have great depths and, therefore, are perfect choices for deep water fishing. At the same time, just like the mono braid lines, braided lines still do a great job at topwater fishing. So, if you’re fishing in thick vegetation, they still would do a stellar job.

Thin But Powerful

For being thin, a lot of the line can be rolled around the spool which in turns makes it possible to cast for long distances. What’s more, this kind of thinness does not necessarily compromise on the strength of the line. In fact, you can in some cases have a 40-pound line packing up a 10-pound diameter.

A major advantage of having an extremely long line is that it gives you great footage. That equals to a better fighting chance even when dealing with feisty saltwater monsters. You can let the fish have a good run until it gets exhausted thereby increasing your chances of winning the fight.


Although expensive than average fishing lines, the braided line tends to offer better value for money in the long-haul. That’s because it’s weather-resistant and generally tough meaning fewer replacements are needed for it compared to the mono and fluoro lines.

Best Braided Fishing Lines Buying Guide

Buying a good line involves a bit of research and retrospection. You don’t want to end up with something that’s not usable with your reel, for instance. So, the following guide is meant to show you the dos and the don’ts of the whole process.

Reel Size

It’s important that you first understand the capacity of your reel. Different reels hold different line capacities. So, make sure you’re familiar with this requirement before making a purchase.

Reels usually have these detailed printed on their surfaces. It’s important that you double-check the stats prior to placing an order.

The Color of the Line

This might seem like a minor issue but the truth of the matter is that it counts. You basically want to make sure that the line you settle for is capable of remaining discrete as you fish. The level of camouflage depends on the kind of water you plan to fish from.

If you’re fishing in clear water, a white or blue line would be a perfect bet. Fishing in places with lots of vegetation? A green colored line would be your best bet.

Note that some people prefer to use bright lines especially those who fish at night. Bright colored lines are easier to spot.

Which One Is The Best?

While all the 10 lines reviewed above are great, our top-preferred braided line for fishing is the Power Pro 80LB Braided Fishing Line. It is available in different thicknesses meaning you can easily find one that works perfectly for your spool.

In particular, the line has a low memory effect. For that reason, it’s easy to cast with great accuracy. And that’s in addition to the fact that it’s incredibly sensitive even to the slightest nibbles.

Our second best choice would be the KastKing SuperPower Zero-Stretch Braided Line. It’s a powerful line which is capable of withstanding anything thrown at it. It, however, feels quite thin and delicate, and might just be less reliable for the long-haul compared to the Power Pro 80LB Braided Fishing Line.

Ultimately, different people have different preferences. But in our case, the strength of the string and low memory effect are the two most important features.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, we like almost all the braided lines we’ve reviewed. We picked them on the basis of quality, smoothness, and quietness. But of course, some of them are slightly better than others.

If you are looking for an affordable braided fishing line, we hope that this write-up will help you narrow down your options. Have you tried any of these lines? Don’t hesitate to drop us a comment on what you think about it.

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