Buyer’s Guide & Information

Best Braided Fishing Lines Reviewed

Get the best braided fishing line for your rod and reel. We review the top brands in fishing equipment so you can catch more fish.

by Andrew

Buyer’s Guide & Information

Best Braided Fishing Lines Reviewed

Get the best braided fishing line for your rod and reel. We review the top brands in fishing equipment so you can catch more fish.

by Andrew

by Andrew

Anglers don’t only need the best rods and reels for their fishing excursions. A lot of thought and consideration needs to go into quality fishing lines that match each fishing style and type.

Braided fishing lines are beloved by anglers all over the world. This review will give you all of the information you'll need and tons of suitable braided lines that are on the market today.

Why Use Braided Lines?

Braided fishing lines were one of the first lines to come to the scene, and with new woven, manmade materials, it's still beloved by anglers. Some high-quality braided lines are known for their high knot strength and lack of stretch. This gives a ton of sensitivity through the rod, so anglers won't miss a bite.

Braided lines also have a smaller line diameter so you can fit more on a reel, making it an excellent choice for fly rods and reels. They perfectly matched for anglers hoping for a longer casting distance, so you won't have to worry that your line isn't long enough.

Factors to Consider When Buying Braided Fishing Lines

Reel Size & Type

If you’re wondering if braided lines are used for spinning reels or baitcasting reels, it's both. Many novice anglers have a personal preference for spinning reels that are between 200-3500 in reel size when using braided lines.

Whereas, some experienced bass anglers use braided lines to improve their long casts with their baitcasting reel, too. Be sure to match your reel's braided line in terms of line weight and lure weight to guarantee that your line will perform well during casting.

Fishing Method & Style

Many anglers love braided fishing lines as they are extremely resistant to environmental changes. You can fish through ultraviolet rays, or experience a sharp temperature drop, and you won't have to worry about changing your line. It's an excellent line for saltwater, too.

In terms of the type of fish you're hoping to catch, this is determined by the number of cords that are on the line. If you use a line with 3-4 cords woven together, you should expect to catch small fish species, like trout. Whereas, a denser line with up to 8 cords is capable of pulling in sea bass, big trout, and salmon.

Line Color

When shopping for fishing braided lines, you will probably find an enormous selection of fishing lines in nearly every color imaginable. You may think this is to attract the fisherman's attention, but the color of the fishing lines has a much more significant impact on the bite than you may first think.  Some of the most common colored lines are green, red, and yellow.

  • Green Braided line:
    This color is the most common braided line bought by anglers. From river waters to deep lakes and oceans, green braid lines can blend with plants easily and algae in the water.
  • Red braided line:
    Red or “neon fire” as some brands like to call it, is great for fishing in waterways that are 20 feet or below. Above this depth, red becomes very light gray, which also helps with the line to mingle into the background.
  • Yellow braided line:
    Yellow lines are also known as ‘high visibility’ lines and are commonly manufactured by big brands in the market. A wide range of game fish in both saltwater and freshwater are caught with yellow lines.

Line Strength & Durability

Modern braided lines have advanced over time and can achieve a high level of tensile and knot strength while remaining very thin. They’re often less than one quarter the diameter of mono or fluorocarbon of the same pound-test rating. Due to the narrow diameter, anglers can fit double the line capacity on a reel, which comes in handy with large, strong fish that might pull enough line to empty a spool of mono or fluoro.

The durability of braided lines can range from brand to brand and from price to price. Cheap braided lines may unravel or cut by a small, uneven, sharp rock, whereas high-quality braided lines can withstand a lot of force and will remain durable for seasons instead of a simple trip.

Buoyancy & Sensitivity

If you're looking for a line that improves a rod and reel's sensitivity, then a braided line could be your line of choice. As there's is a lot less stretch in braided lines over monofilament and fluorocarbon, it allows anglers to feel every nip and bite with ease, and a thin yellow line proves to be the best fit for this.

In terms of buoyancy, a braided line with a pound test of 15 lbs will give you a lot of ability to float on top of the water. Some anglers like monofilament for buoyancy, too, but this is down to an angler's personal preference.


Like any of your fishing equipment in your arsenal, the more research you do, and the higher your budget is, the better chance you'll find a braided line that can cater to most of your fishing needs. Braided lines can be quite versatile, and if cared for correctly, they can last seasons, not day trips.

Many anglers buy 1-2 braided lines in different diameters and will bring both on a fishing excursion. If you know what fishing environment you'll be in and what fish you're hoping to catch, you'll be able to find a line within your budget, especially if you check out our reviews on the best braided fishing lines. 

8 Best Braided Fishing Lines Reviewed

We have selected the top brands of braided lines below and reviewed each in detail.

Read more or watch our YouTube video to find the best option for your fishing needs.

1. Power Pro Spectra Fiber

Our Top Pick

Available Colors

Moss green, Green, Hi-Vis Yellow, Yellow, Multi, Vermilion Red, White


Braided Spectra fiber

Pound Test

20 lbs

Spool Size

1500 yards

Line Diameter

.005 inches/.13 mm

When choosing a high-quality braided line, you'll need to focus on more than just the lbs of mono you'll use. Instead, you'll need to focus on the construction of the line and the application it'll be used for.

The Power Pro Spectra fiber braided line can withhold a lot of harsh water conditions in both fresh and saltwater fishing. This braided line feels strong, yet is relatively limp so it can be used in many environments at ease.  It comes in 3 different colors and a wide range of pound tests, so there's no doubt you'll find the right line for your rod and reel. 

The construction of the line is pretty straightforward. It uses 4 cords or strands of fiber to form a regular diagonal pattern down the entire length of the spool. Usually, braided lines that have such little cords come off the spool at a flat angle; the Spectra fiber braided line appears relatively round due to its thin profile giving a cleaner, more smooth cast, and upon retrieval.

The Power Pro Spectra braided line has enhanced strength due to each cord being individually coated before it’s bound together. Coating the line gives it a harder and thinner profile and helps prevent the line from digging into the spool when casting.

Overall, the design works extremely well, and you won't have to worry about this line creating problems for your rod, like cuts appearing on your guides. The pricepoint is pretty good, too, making it our top pick for the best braided fishing line suitable for spinning and baitcasting reels.

  • Very fine diameter line
  • Excellent in freshwater and saltwater
  • Doesn’t damage guides
  • Strong coated finish on each cord
  • Watch your fingers as it’s thin and sharp
  • Color can rub off over time

2. KastKing SuperPower

Best Value for the Money

Available Colors

Low-Vis Grey, Moss Green, Multicolor, Ocean Blue, Yellow


Polyethylene Braid Fiber

Pound Test

10 - 150 Lbs

Spool Size

150 – 300 Yards

Line Diameter


If you've got a budget in mind for your next braided line, then considering KastKing's SuperPower braided fishing line is your best bet. It's designed to increase an anglers casting distance with the help from a durable line.

You don't have to worry about fraying or break-offs with this line; it's constructed of 'Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Braid Fiber.' The exact fiber that bulletproof vests are made from. You'd expect this braided line to be at the highest price point, but luckily for you, it isn't.

The affordable KastKing SuperPower Braid fishing line comes in test strengths, ranging from 10 to 150 Ib tests. It comes in 2 diameter sizes, a 4 strand strength, and 8 strand strength. The thinner diameter has a higher tensile strength of 65lb-150lb, whereas the 8 powerful strands are great for anglers who want some smooth, extra power. Don’t worry about fitting less line on your spool with the 8 strandline, KastKing has excelled at giving this line a tighter finish.

With many fade resisting colors to choose from, it's hard not to consider KastKing's SuperPower braided line as a top competitor that's on the market today. Especially since anglers can use it while fishing freshwater or saltwater, it's also perfect for surf fishing, ice fishing, trout fishing or bass fishing.

  • Zero stretch- giving it revolutionary high sensitivity
  • Very thin diameter
  • Great for strong knots
  • A great option if you’re on a budget
  • It can only be shipped within the U.S

3. SpiderWire Stealth Superline

Best Color Braided Fishing Line for Bass

Available Colors

Moss Green, High-Vis Yellow, Blue Camo, Green Camo, Translucent, Pink Camo, Glow-Vis


Dyneema polyethylene microfibers

Pound Test

30/10 lbs

Spool Size

 200 yards

Line Diameter

0.30 (MM) 0.012 (IN)

Fishing for bass fish can be tough on your rod, reel, and especially your line. Many professional bass anglers have experienced what it’s like to lose a hefty catch due to the line snapping. You’ll need a line that’s strong durable yet thin so it won’t be seen.

The Stealth Superline Braid fishing line is one of the best-braided fishing lines for bass. It's designed to cast further and last longer. It kept the noise of the line being cast into consideration, too. It's constructed of strong, smooth, and round Dyneema polyethylene microfibers for very quiet performance.

SpiderWire Stealth offers color patterns that other manufacturers don’t consider. That goes a long way when blending into your environment. Each color is suited for a specific fishing environment. The green camo or blue camo are the perfect colors for casting and staying unnoticed if you're fishing for bass. You'll also have a choice between a  4-strand or an 8-strand line with a nice range of different spool tests and lengths. So you’re bound to find a line to fit your needs.

One of the biggest benefits of braided lines for fishing is its high level of sensitivity. And the SpiderWire Stealth stays sensitive and rigid thanks to its Dyneema weave construction. Anglers can feel every bite knowing that they've got the power within the line to withstand a tackle with a bass fish.  If you're set too tight on your spool, a strong bite can pull the hook right off, but it should not break the line.

  • Many colors available to suit your environment
  • 4 Or 8 Strand Dyneema Braid available
  • Smooth, silent casts each time
  • Doesn’t dig into the spool
  • Less abrasion resistant than other lines

4. Reaction Tackle

Best Braided Fishing Line for Saltwater

Available Colors

16 +



Pound Test

10 - 100 lbs

Spool Size

150 yards

Line Diameter

0.11 inches/ .28 mm

If you are a saltwater fishing enthusiast who wants a line that's certified as "ultra-strong," then the Reaction Tackle is for you. This high performance braided fishing line is designed for almost any fishing situation with great results every time.  They have everything from 10 lb. (150 yards) up to 8 strand 300 lb. (1,000 yards) lines. So, finding the perfect strength won't be an issue.

This line offers as close to zero stretch as you can find. It’s made with 100% UHMWPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene), which is the world's strongest fiber type. This braided fishing line also offers incredibly high sensitivity with a solid amount of abrasion-resistance. And in case you're wondering about its durability, Reaction Tackle also coats the line to finish for added strength and durability.

If you’re hoping to catch some Bass, Trout, Walleye, or Muskie, the Reaction Tackle is the best saltwater braided fishing line on the market. You could also use it for freshwater, surf fishing, ice fishing, or bowfishing. Many anglers love and trust Reaction Tackle for a range of fishing trips, and with both their baitcasting and spinning reels.

  • Zero stretch, high sensitivity
  • Smooth long casts
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Color lock technology, color lasts long
  • Not the thinnest line diameter- harder to tie specific knots with it

5. Berkley FireLine

Best Braided Fishing Line for Baitcaster

Available Colors

Crystal, 5-Color Metered, Flame Green, Smoke, Smoke/Flame Green


Thermally Fused FireLine

Pound Test

6 - 30 lbs

Spool Size

125 yards

Line Diameter

.012 inches/ .30mm

If you want the perks of a braided fishing line, but with a twist, check out the FireLine by Berkley. Berkley uses advanced technology and a thermal process to fuse the individual fibers (Dyneema) with their Fireline together. The result is a fishing line that's smoother than braid, but with virtually the same characteristics.

The Fireline's Dyneema and Fireline infused line has a finishing coat giving it a waxy feel. This treatment acts as a reassurance that your knots won't slip. If you’re fishing with moving baits and vertical presentation baits, you won’t have to worry about a premature need to retie a knot or experience any unexplained break-offs during a set or while fighting a fish. This coating also helps with the longevity of the line. 

This line is particularly useful for baitcasting rods and reels as it’s extremely thin yet very strong.  The FireLine has a unique combination of easy handling, castability, super strength, and sensitivity, which are all perfectly complemented with a baitcasting reel.

You'll also have a choice of 5 colors, but the best color to suit most environments is smoke. Smoke is pretty much undetectable in most waterways. Partner this line with your best baitcasting rod and reel, and you'll be catching 20lbs bass fish in no time.

  • 3-4 times stronger than mono lines
  • Great for long and fast casting
  • Superbly sensitive
  • Good lure action and low visibility
  • Higher price point than its competitors

6. Piscifun Onyx

Best Braided Fishing Line for Spinning Reels

Available Colors

Black, Green, Multi-color, Ocean Blue, White, Yellow



Pound Test

12 - 150 lbs

Spool Size

150 - 547 yards

Line Diameter


When you’re on the hunt for a braided line for a spinning reel, you’ll need a line with a small diameter that casts far and has no stretch. It needs to be incredibly strong and extremely durable, and, most importantly, have virtually no line memory. All of these attributes make Piscifun Onyx Braided Fishing Line a dream come true for spinning gear.

The fiber materials used in this braided fishing line come with abrasion resistance property and are finished with new epoxy coatings technology. Making it very durable and keeps the braided lines far away from being damaged. Due to the round design and enhanced smoothness, the line is a sure choice for serious spinning anglers. Another fantastic feature is its sensitivity and zero stretching, which allow you to feel every bit of the fish's movement underwater.

It’s perfect for almost all knots and strong knot strengths. The 4 Strand fishing line can easily hold a more substantial knot with ease. As it has high abrasion resistance,  it will avoid fishes coming off the lure, giving you more power in return.

If you're looking for a line with a higher tensile strength of 65lb up to 150lb, then the 8 powerful strands have even more power with a smaller profile resulting in better casting and knot strength. And with 6 colors available in both 4 and 8 strands, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your fishing environment.

  • Abrasion-Resistant
  • Very sensitive braided line
  • Minimal stretch
  • Great for spinning gear in saltwater or freshwater
  • Novice anglers may need some practice tying knots as it’s very thin

7. Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi-Braid

Best Braided Line for Musky Fishing

Available Colors

Translucent, Low-Vis Green


Polyethylene Fibers

Pound Test

15, 65, 80 Lbs

Spool Size

125 yards

Line Diameter

0.11 inches/0.25mm

When you're out on the water searching for muskies fish, you’ll need the right rod, reel, and line to catch these large fish species. A line that buries into the spool reel won't work, and you'll need a line that won’t snap on a backlash as well.

The Ultracast Invisi-Braid fishing line is an excellent choice for musky fishing as it can be cast confidently without worrying about its strength and longevity. Being able to cast well is extremely important when musky fishing, and this line can really help with an anglers’ castability.

The Ultracast Invisi-Braid fishing line is constructed of polyethylene fibers which have eight strands in the braided line. These fibers make it very durable and give more strength while keeping a small line diameter.

The materials used in this fishing line are translucent, and Spiderwire provides a clear spool to save you on space and weight in your tackle box. If you want a line with some color, there's only one other color available, and it's a translucent, low-vis green. It's also a good choice if you're musky fishing in low water clarity.

Overall, this is an exceptional line for technic-specific fishing. So, if you want to catch more muskies with a low visibility line, this fishing line should be on your wish list.

  • Very strong and won’t fray over time
  • Excellent casting distance
  • Can be used in freshwater and saltwater
  • No need to attach a leader
  • The invisibility of the line can make it difficult to tie knots

8. Sufix 832 Advanced SuperLine

best 20 lb braided fishing line

Available Colors

Camo, Ghost (white), Hi-Vis Yellow, Low-Vis Green, Neon Lime, & Coastal Camo


one GORE Performance Fiber and 7 Dyneema Fibers

Pound Test

6 - 80 lbs

Spool Size

150 yards

Line Diameter

0.009 inches/ 0.23 mm

Last on our list is a great line that’s well suited for 20lb pound tests, the Sufix 832 Advanced SuperLine. If you’re hoping to catch some good-sized and heavy species, you’ll need a good line to cater to your needs. This 8 fiber line is a great option as it’s constructed of one GORE Performance Fiber and 7 Dyneema Fibers, making it unbeatably strong with minimum stretch.

The 832 Advanced Superline is thinner than other braided lines on your list. It has 32 weaves per inch, yet its line diameters are an incredible 0.23 millimeters, and only 0.009 inches wide. The result is a braided line with a much tighter weave pattern than most of the competition on this list. A tighter weave adds some stiffness to the line, and testing reveals even more advantages. It has 20% more tensile strength than competitive lines and up to 30% more knot strength.

Anglers love this line for its smooth casting ability. There's minimal vibration as the line passes through the rod guides so you can cast away confidently without any backlash from the line. Finally, there are 6 different color options available to give anglers a better ability to match their line to their perfect environment. It's just a bonus that Sufix offers amazing colors in all ten tests, including the 20lb test,  with five different spool lengths available for you to choose from.

  • Great for smooth, long casts
  • Very strong and durable
  • Composed of 8 fibers made with high-quality patents
  • Great for heavy fish species like muskies
  • Sinks fast, not as versatile as other lines

Comparing Braided vs. Other Fishing Line Types

The big three fishing lines on the market today are braided line, fluorocarbon line, and monofilament line. As we mentioned earlier, braided lines offer the most strength with the least stretch with the smallest diameter.

This line also floats very well, just like a monofilament fishing line. Monofilament line is often the cheapest of the three options and has a larger diameter than both braid and fluorocarbon. It is less visible than braid but has way more stretch.

The last line is the Fluorocarbon fishing line, and the biggest difference with this from the others is that it sinks. It makes it a great option for some presentations where mono just won’t perform well, like deep-sea fishing. Fluorocarbon fishing lines have slightly more stretch than braided lines, but considerably less than mono.

Braided fishing lines are superior to other fishing lines for its range and versatility. Throw a heavier bait on your line, and it will sink, or stick a buzzbait at the end, and watch it float. This line can withstand a lot of environments, as long as you buy the right one!

Where Braided Lines Perform Best

  • Low Visibility Water
    If you are concerned about fish being able to see your line, especially in muddy waterways, camo-braided fishing lines are a great choice for you. While the properties of fluorocarbon may make it less visible underneath the surface, a braided line that’s the right color works very well in areas where visibility is low.
  • Heavy Cover/Thick Foliage
    Braided fishing lines are a great choice when you’re pitching or dropping heavier lures under the surface of thick foliage. With the right lure, you will have no problem casting your line into a specific area, and heavy cover won't be a thing in your mind.
  • Top Water
    As mentioned previously, monofilament and braided lines can float on the top of the water with the right lures and baits. A braided line is a perfect match if you enjoy topwater lures like shallow crankbaits or swimbaits. It also cuts through the water better and efficiently, giving you less drag in return.
  • Deep-Sea Fishing/Jigging
    When you’re deep-sea fishing or jigging, you’ll need a reel that can hold a lot of line. Braided line is the thinnest in diameters, and as you can see from our reviews, there's a ton of line that comes on the spool. Braided fishing lines are also very flexible and can be easier to cast long distances, which is essential in a line for these types of fishing trips.

Tips & Techniques for Using Braided Lines

Now that you know which braided lines are good for different fishing environments and styles, it’s important to focus on how to use it effectively. There are three tips that anglers should know before buying their perfect braided line.

  • Line Size vs. Lure Weight
    You’ll need to determine the type of species you’re hoping to catch before you narrow down the perfect line weight. A typical line to cast for small fish species would be for a 4 to 15-pound test. A braided line with a 30-pound test or more is better suited for large game fish.
  • Spooling Braided Line onto your Reel
    When you’re preparing your line to be spooled onto your spinning or baitcasting reel, be sure to use a wet cloth to run up and down the line when spooling. This helps your line to stick to the spool the way you want it to. Always leave about 1/8 on an inch free, especially on your spinning reel for maximum casting and performance.
  • Tying Knots for Braided Line
    When you’re using braided fishing lines, you'll be happy to hear that it's an excellent choice for tying strong knots. You may think you won't be needing to tie knots in your line, but you never know what situation you may be in. A Palomar knot is one of the most popular knots as it’s strong and relatively easy to tie. You may also want to tie a leader onto your line to help in high visibility areas. The Uni-to-Uni Knot is a simple and strong way of attaching a leader to a braided line.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do I need a leader with a braided line?

In most scenarios, you'll need a leader at the end of your line. A lure just may not be enough. That being said, more and more lines are coming onto the market, so anglers will have to worry about attaching leaders less and less. The Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi-Braid on our list was created with this in mind, and you don't need a leader for this braided line.

What type of fishing is braided line best for?

Braided fishing lines are great for a range of fishing environments. Most experienced anglers will use braided lines for deep-sea fishing, fly fishing, or simply to cast long distances in salt or freshwater. It performs at its best when its paired with the right color for the fishing environment.

What is the best knot for a braided fishing line?

Some of the most common and easy to learn knots you can use on a braided fishing line are the Palomar knot, the Uni knot, the Surgeon’s knot, and the Trilene knot. These knots are all useful in many ways, like the Palomar knot is great to tie fluorocarbon onto a braided line. And a Uni knot works perfectly to attach a leader. You can learn how to tie knots from some videos on YouTube.

How long does braided line last?

Braided line may lose its color of time, but that doesn't mean it's becoming weak in strength. In reality, a braided fishing line can last for years. Some anglers still use their braided lines that they’ve purchased 8 years ago. If you have a braided line and you’re not sure if it should be changed, simply remove it, wash it, and inspect it carefully when you’re putting the line back onto the spool.

Is braided line suitable for ice fishing?

Braid can be used for ice fishing reels since it's incredibly durable and has little to no stretch. These are great characteristics when ice fishing, as it means you've got a better chance of feeling a bite with ease. If you want to improve the sensitivity even further, use your braided line in conjunction with a fluoro leader tied to a swivel.


When you’re buying a new braided fishing line, you now know there’s a lot to look out for. Knowing your fishing environment and which species you’d like to catch will help you tremendously when buying the best-braided line for you.

Our top pick, Power Pro Spectra Fiber, can withhold a lot of tough water conditions in both fresh and saltwater fishing. It's versatile, strong, and a great all-rounder line, especially for those that are new to braided lines. Why not get introduced to them with the best!