5 Best Boat Lift Jacks: Reviewed & Compared for Stability

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As a new boat owner, you may not be sure whether to buy a boat lift or not. Most buyers find themselves in such situations because they do not know what a boat lift is.

A boat lift jack has a wheel system that aids in the installation and moving of your free standing water vessel or boat. The immediate benefit of choosing the best boat lift jack is increasing the craft’s lifespan. Installation and moving the boat should be easy and quick because the wheel system is designed to work with most freestanding models, regardless of size or location.

Boat Lift Jacks Compared



Product Name


Shipping Weight

Check Price


Quality Mark 28199 Smarte Jack - Pair

Quality Mark Smarte

38 x 13 x 7 inches

39 pounds


Prairie Metal Inflatable Boat Transom...

Prairie Metal Transom Launching


11.6 pounds


Drift Boat Trailer Kickstand

Drift Boat Trailer Kickstand

6 x6 x 48 inches

17 pounds 


Seamax New Deluxe 4 by 4 Boat Launching Dolly...

SEAMAX Deluxe 4

25 x 7 x 13 inches

17 pounds


VeVe Inc. BLJ-60; Boat Lift Jack (with Out...

VeVe Inc. BLJ-60


28 pounds

5 Best Boat Lift Jack Reviewed

1. Quality Mark Smarte Jack Boat Lift Jacks

Quality Mark 28199 Smarte Jack - Pair
58 Customer Reviews
Quality Mark 28199 Smarte Jack - Pair
  • Made from aluminum
  • Fits on most boat lifts
  • One-time, easy installation
  • 700 lb. capacity per Smarte Jack

The Smarte Jack Boat Lift makes moving your boat lift easy and quick. It has a retractable wheel that offers efficiency when moving your boat of docking by yourself. Most reviewers see this as a perfect solution for boat owners and installers due to it maintains the same level of movement.

The wheels are attachable, therefore; your boat will be way above the ground while moving. You may need a wrench or a cordless drill to move this boat lift 20 inches up or down. The wheels are sold separately.

  • Easy to adjust the boat up to sit flat on the ground
  • Fits most boat lifts
  • Easy to adjust using the wrench or cordless drill
  • One person can operate the boat lift
  • Jackscrew hardware is not reliable due to soft materials
  • You need at least two sets of wheels to operate the boat lift

2. Prairie Metal Inflatable Boat Transom Launching

Prairie Metal Inflatable Boat Transom...
  • 【Two 12 "rubber tyres】- You can...
  • 【Easy to Storage】- Easy to put...
  • 【Extra long handle 】- For moving...
  • 【Black powder coated finish】

The Prairie Metal Inflatable Boat is a heavy-duty trailer with a strong construction that enables you to move boats, trailers and any other craft through tight spots. Their ease of assembly and disassembly makes them desirable to most boat owners.

The long handles made of black powdered finish are made extra-long for easier handling and moving trailers safely and easily. The coating protects the aluminum parts when using the boat lift in salty water. The boat lift has a spring locking pin for both wheel and arm positioning and adjustments. It also has quick load buttons for wheel length adjustments.

  • The frame is durable due to steel construction
  • Can be used in a salt water environment due to the coated finish
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Possible to make adjustments when afloat
  • The screw holes are prone to damage if exposed to water for long

3. Drift Boat Trailer Kickstand

Drift Boat Trailer Kickstand
2 Customer Reviews
Drift Boat Trailer Kickstand
  • A safe and reliable method for propping...
  • Eliminates worry about kids or pets...
  • This stand installs in about 10 minutes...
  • When not using all you do is pull the...

The Drift Boat Trailer Kickstand is made of high-quality standard steel gauge. It is a perfect replacement of the saw horse when it comes to lifting your boat. The Trailer Kickstand is an ideal machine will keep the boat from filling up with water in the absence of the draining plug.

Using the Drift Boat Trailer Kickstand should be safe because you no longer have to worry about the safety of kids and pets. It is also perfect for storage and cleaning the boat. Installing the Drift Boat Trailer Kickstand is easy as long as you have the 9/16 wrench.

  • Made of high gauge tube steel making it durable in all conditions
  • Takes less than ten minutes during installation
  • Easy to move with it as long as you lock the leg in travel position
  • Free from rust or corrosion because of the coated powdered finish
  • You have to prop the nose upwards to drain water because the drain are positioned higher than the bottom of the boat.

4. SEAMAX Deluxe 4 by 4 Boat Launching Wheels

Seamax New Deluxe 4 by 4 Boat Launching Dolly...
56 Customer Reviews
Seamax New Deluxe 4 by 4 Boat Launching Dolly...
  • Designed by Seamax and now it is the 2nd...
  • BENEFIT of its new design - With the 4...
  • The wheel arm has 60° and 90° locking...
  • The transom bracket installation area is...

The 4 X 4 Deluxe Boat Launching Wheels have a 3D design model made from marine grade aluminum alloy suitable in a salt-water environment. Most of the other construction parts are made of sturdy metal like the stainless steel.

The length and arm position of the boat lift can be change while afloat making it easier for you to launch the boat. Adjusting the wheel positions frees up more space to the side and on top of the transom.

  • Lowering the wheel levels can turn the entire device into a prop guard on a rocky beach
  • The transom bracket size allows easy installation of boat types
  • Guaranteed triple heavy duty product including solid spring load locking pin, spring load buttons, and wheel bearing
  • You need at least four wheels to use it on sand without sinking

5. VE-VE Inc. Boat Lft Jack (Shown with OPTIONAL Mud Plate!)

VeVe Inc. BLJ-60; Boat Lift Jack (with Out...
4 Customer Reviews
VeVe Inc. BLJ-60; Boat Lift Jack (with Out...
  • Boat Lift Jack ONLY! ( BLJ-60 does not...
  • Use to lift hoist by its lower framework...
  • Use to raise the hoist frame to install...
  • Also, the jack tool can be used to raise...

The VE-VE inc. boat lift jack is made of a light aluminum frame mounted on thick aluminum plates that keeps the boat stable. The boat lift jack works best when used up to a depth of four inches deep water; this will lift the lowest part of the boat to at least five feet high.

The lower framework is used to lift and adjust corner posts to level. The hoisting frame is used during the installation or removal of the wheels. The jack tool is necessary when you need to lower or raise your dock depending on the water levels

  • Light in weight despite the sturdy aluminum construction
  • Zinc plated steel to protect the boat lift from weather elements
  • Boat jack lift does not come with a mud plate
  • May not be suitable for softer water bottoms

Boat Lift Jack Buying Guide

After reading about the top five of the top boat lift jacks and you still need further convincing, here are some of the reasons why buying a boat lift is the best thing you will do before 2018 comes to a close.

Water Absorption

You may have thought that having the boat stay in water is the natural thing to do. However, this leads to corrosion and deterioration of the boat. Without a boat lift, the paint or coating on the lower part of the boat will decay faster. Keep your craft in pristine condition to save money on maintenance and increase possible resale value.

Changes in Water Levels

Those living in storm prone areas may experience storms that can cause severe damage to the boat. A boat lift with a good clearance will keep the craft away from debris. In rough seas, a boat lift is used to stabilize the craft movement to avoid possible accidents

Easy to Get in and Out of Water

By simply lowering your craft and drive off. Without a boat lift, you will need to do a little more extra to start using your boat. As a boat owner, you will have an advantage of checking the vessel for cracks and leaks on the hull.


There is only one sure way of protecting your investment – using the best boat lift jack. We have already highlighted five of the best from Amazon and explained to you why each could be worthwhile depending your budget. You no longer have to ask “Which one?” but go through the list to eliminate confusion.