Best baitcasting rod under 200 in 2019 – Here are some top options

Who said that baitcasting has to be a difficult and frustrating task? In our opinion, as long as you’re armed with the right fishing gear, there’s nothing so difficult about it.

Baitcasting gives you more control over your casting. In fact, it’s the best choice for using heavy baits or targeting medium-sized and heavy fish.

Ultimately, the journey to a successful baitcasting experience should always begin with an investment in the right baitcasting rod. In that case, the following review should come in handy in helping you make the right decision.

Top 6 Best Baitcasting Rod under $200 in 2019 - Comparison Table

Tables such as the one below are meant to make it easier and quicker for you to reach a final verdict. Be sure to check them out.

Best baitcasting rod under $200 - Review

1. Shimano Trevala Casting, Graphite Saltwater Jigging Casting Rod

Shimano Trevala Casting rods are saltwater jigging rods innovatively constructed to perform better than the previous generation models. They clearly are stronger, lighter, thinner yet more powerful than their predecessors.

They also have a pretty high recovery rate.

Each rod has a blank constructed with a TC4 tip and a high carbon butt. This construction produces a highly sensitive rod that can detect bites with ease.

What’s more? The blank is pretty light in weight and this means you can use it all day without worrying too much about fatigue.

The rods have diamond-polished, Fuji aluminum oxide guides. One thing we like about these guides is that they work pretty smoothly in addition to reducing line wear.

The Trevala’s handles are covered with EVA form rubber grips. These come in handy in adding much-needed comfort even in wet weather.


  • Powerful
  • Sensitive to bites
  • Great value for money
  • EVA foam rubber grips


  • You have to find other matching fishing gear because this is not a combo offer

2. Abu Garcia-IKE Signature Casting Rod

Abu Gracia rods were designed by Mike Iaconelli.  The rods have high sensitivity and medium to fast action. They’re suited for fishing medium-sized to large fish.

The rods are constructed from 36 Ton graphite. This material makes the rod lightweight and highly sensitive. In addition, the rod has a Fuji reel seat for comfort. The guides are stainless steel with Zirconium inserts.

On top of that, the rods have high recovery rates.

They have ten different sizes to choose from, all of them priced slightly different but falling well under $200.


  • Many sizes to suit different fishing needs
  • Highly sensitive rod
  • High recovery rates
  • Durable
  • Quite affordable


  • It is a great rod that requires great fishing gear to match with it

3. Daiwa-Tatula Casting Rods

Daiwa-Tatula Casting Rods are premium rods innovatively constructed to meet the needs of anglers. They are lightweight yet strong, reliable and affordable. The rods have a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The rod is manufactured using the Super Volume Fiber (SVF) graphite technology to produce an ultra-sensitive rod with strength and flexibility.

All the components are constructed for great performance and comfort. The rods have split EVA handles, for a good grip during fishing. The guides are Fuji Alconite, the reel seat is custom, and they have a machined aluminum reel clamp nut.

In addition, the rods are versatile to suit different fishing needs. An angler has eight rods to choose from.


  • Five-year warranty
  • It is a lightweight and comfortable rod
  • It is extremely sensitive to fish bites
  • It is sleek in style
  • Versatile
  • Many sizes to choose from


  • You still need to shop for other fishing gear, because this is not a combo offer

4. The Rod Q-Model Baitcasting Custom QRX Tournament Grade Rod

The Rod Q-Model rods are premium rods constructed using the latest technology. They are handcrafted using hand-picked materials to develop a powerful rod with many features offering many benefits to an angler. The rods are powerful, accurate and comfortable.

The rod is built using genQ graphite. The rod is light in weight. The 6' 9" Med Heavy comes with eleven Fuji guides. The tip is highly sensitive and therefore fast.

They have four sizes to suit different angling needs. The four models have slightly different features and pricing.


  • Affordable
  • Four sizes to choose from
  • Highly sensitive tip
  • It is lightly constructed


  • Not in a combo offer. You have to buy other fishing gear separately

5. UglyStik-GX2 Casting Rod

UglyStik-GX2 Casting Rod is innovatively constructed using the latest technology. The rods are comfortable and great performers. They are also durable and pocket-friendly. The sticks don’t easily break. They last for many years.

They are manufactured using the organization’s unique Ugly Tech construction. They are made from a combination of fiberglass and graphite. The result is a sensitive light rod. The Ugly Tuff guides are stainless steel. The handle is EVA grips to offer a comfortable and good grip.

They have different sizes to suit varying fishing needs.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Pocket-friendly, they are under $100
  • Many models to choose from


  • For a great fishing experience, the rods have to be matched with other excellent fishing gear.

6. St. Croix-Mojo Bass Casting Rods

St. Croix-Mojo rods are designed and manufactured in Park Falls, U.S.A.

Affordably priced under $150, the rod comes with many premium features. All the components are specially constructed. The rods are suitable for extreme fishing conditions.

The rod is manufactured from SCIII graphite premium using a unique technology called IPC (Integrated Poly Curve) tooling technology.

They have a Fuji ECS reel seat, split cord handle, Kigan hook-keeper.

Besides that, they have various collections of rods to suit different fishing needs.


  • Quite a balanced rod for a better casting experience
  • Highly sensitive
  • Comfortable handle
  • Quite affordable
  • Durable


  • You may need many rods if your target is different species of fish
  • Some anglers complain of the rod being a little stiff

How to Buy a Baitcasting Rod From Under 200 – Buying Guide

The $200 price range for baitcasting rod isn’t exactly the cheapest you can get. Fortunately, it’s awash with many wonderful rods to choose from.

The only way to settle for one that offers the best bargain, however, is by looking closely at the features it comes with. In particular, you should expect the rod to be well-made to an extent that it can bend without breaking.

Most importantly, the rod should be powerful enough to keep up with the demands of aggressive fish which may choose to put up a fight.

Lastly, the ideal rod for baitcasting is one that’s extra sensitive even to faint nibbles. That comes in handy in improving your accuracy as an angler.

Which One Is The Best?

If we were to choose one rod that offers the sweetest deal within this price range, we’d confidently go for the Abu Garcia-IKE Signature Casting Rod. As long as you have the right fishing gear, this rod would not let you down.

Final Thoughts

Fishing rods come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. But as it turns out, it’s not the flashiest of them all that always has the best value. It’s, therefore, our hope that the review and buying guide above will help you in your quest to get good value for your money.

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