Which is the Best Baitcasting Reel for the Money? Reviewing Under $200 Options

Long gone are the days when anglers had to entirely rely on their imaginations to catch fish. The entry of the baitcasting reels into the markets changed things once and for all. Today, we will share insights into some of the best reels available that cost well under the 200 US dollar mark.

The 5 Best Baitcasting Reel under 200 – Comparison Chart

Before reading the in-depth review, feel free to take a look at our detailed comparison chart. This one will help you make an informed decision based on real data.

Best Baitcasting Reel Under $200 - Reviews

1. Abu Garcia-Revo SX Fishing Reel Baitcast Low-Profile RVO-3SXHS

Abu Garcia-Revo SX is a reel that’s affordably priced, versatile, and highly accurate. Beyond that, it’s pretty light in weight and ergonomic meaning it’s convenient for all-day use.

The reel is purposefully designed to be 25% lighter than the preceding generations of reels under the Abu Garcia brand.

Indeed, the Revo SX is designed with X2-Craftic alloy frame and C6 carbon side plates. It has 9+1 ball bearings for a smooth caster. It is fitted with a MagTrax brake system in addition to a wide Infiniti II spool design.

Because of these features, the reel can cast heavy loads accurately.

Besides that, it has an upgraded D2 gear design and clutch. The new design aims to take out a lot of friction from the reel and make it smoother.

The only issue we could pick with this otherwise perfect reel is that it comes in 4 different models. Each one of those models comes with different features to choose from. Picking the right Abu Garcia reel would ordinarily be a tough call especially for newbies.

Fortunately, we have provided a detailed buying guide toward the end of this article. That should help you find your footing in case you feel lost in your quest for the best reel for the money.


  • Affordable
  • Light-weight
  • Ultra-Smooth
  • It can cast heavy loads accurately


  • Four models to choose with different features is quite confusing to a newbie.

2. Shimano Curado-K CU200K, Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel

The Shimano Curado-K CU200K is an affordable reliable reel. It is a left-hand retrieve. The reel features many new innovations. It is fitted with a HAGANE Body. A HAGANE Body is a strong metallic body with high rigidity.

It also has Shimano’s newest efficient, super smooth and durable gearing technology of MicroModule. In addition, it is installed with the SVS Infinity braking system for consistent spool control, easy management of the reel and accurate casting. It has a super-stopper anti-reverse system.

Besides that, the reel uses X-ship technology to improve its durability.

It has 6+1 ball bearings, for smooth retrieves with a gear ratio of 6.2:1.

It is a right-hand retrieve.

They have six models to choose from. The models have the same features, except having different gear ratios and different line retrieve per crank in addition to a slight difference in price.

The product has no warranty.


  • Latest MicroModule gearing system
  • Affordable
  • Stainless steel ball bearings
  • Suitable for both fresh water and salt water fishing


  • No product warranty

3. KastKing Maximus Spartacus Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel

KastKing Maximus Spartacus is a pocket-friendly reel below $100 dollars.

It is a powerful reel with a 25 Lbs of carbon fiber drag, and therefore, excellent as a saltwater reel.

It is made from aluminum alloy zero flex body and frame. The spool is made from CNC machined aero-grade aluminum. While the main shaft and the rest of the components on the reel are made from stainless steel anti-corrosion.

It is a smooth reel with 10+1 ball bearings, with a one-way anti-reverse system.  It has a gear ratio of 6.3:1. The handle has EVA knobs for a firm grip.

They have two models to choose from. One is a left-hand retrieve while the other is a right-hand retrieve.

Unfortunately, the product has no warranty.


  • Very cheap reel and good quality
  • Available in left and right-hand retrieves
  • Excellent for both fresh water and salt water fishing
  • Durable
  • 10+1 ball bearings


  • No warranty

4. Daiwa CT Tatula Baitcast Type-R Fishing Reels 

It features a light reel with an ergonomic design. Daiwa CT Tatula has an Aluminum Frame and an A7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Spool.

The reel is constructed using state of the art technology including Magforce Z Cast Control and Daiwa’s advanced TWS T-Wing system. It is fitted with 8 ball bearings to provide an ultra smooth retrieve. 

The reel also has a large and strong gear to manage big fish. The new design features have reduced friction and harsh line angles when casting allowing for a smooth line flow.

They have various models to choose from with differing prices and slightly different features, including gear ratios.

The reel is quite affordable but comes with no warranty.


  • Affordable
  • Light
  • Ergonomic design
  • Eight-ball bearings
  • Strong and large gear system
  • Good customer reviews


  • No warranty

5. KastKing Royale Legend-Whitemax Low Profile Reel

KastKing RoyaleLegend-Whitemax is a very affordable reel that is priced well under $50. The reel comes fitted with 11+1 shielded MaxiDur corrosion resistant bearings for a smooth retrieve. In addition, the reel has a 17.5 Lb Carbon Fiber Drag.

The reel comes with state of the art dual brakes, which have a reliable centrifugal and magnetic brake system for excellent casting control.

Unfortunately, the product does not come with a guarantee from the manufacturer.

There are four models to choose from. The four models are the same price but have different gear ratios and a few other features.


  • Under $50, therefore very affordable
  • 11+1 ball bearings that are corrosion resistant
  • State of the art dual brakes
  •  MaxiDur corrosion resistant ball bearings


  • No warranty provided

The Buying Guide – How to Get the Right Baitcasting Reel for the Money

The first factor you need to consider is the gear ratio. Basically, the gear ratio should be smooth and easy to use. A gear ratio that’s too slow might cause you to lose the catch. On the other hand, one that’s too fast might be difficult for less-experienced anglers to manage.

Besides that, always make sure your reel has a spool that can keep a decent amount of line. It doesn’t matter whether the spool is a low profile or round profile one.

Last but not least, your reel should come with a dependable braking system and a decently sized handle with a secure grip.

What Reel Should You Use?

Which One Is The Best?

The Abu Garcia-Revo SX Fishing Reel Baitcast Low-Profile RVO-3SXHS is, no doubt, the best choice for budget-conscious shoppers looking for good value. We particularly chose it because it is quite well-made, light in weight and amazingly easy to use. We also felt that it offers an unbeatable value proposition compared to the other five.

Final Thoughts

Only the best baitcasting reel will help you be the best angler you can be. That’s because a well-made reel gives you a great level of control over your lure and enables you to pinpoint your lure placements. Ultimately, this gives you the freedom to pull slaunches out of cover and even from the deep waters.

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